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Hi anyone/everyone

Ive been running for 2 and half years and for most of that time wanted a 4 hour marathon (best 4.12) My problem is time. My half and 10k times suggest I can go sub 4. (Best 10K 44.02 half 1.42.30) y problem is time due to work and family I just cant get out for lots of very long runs, although Ive followed the FIRST 3 day prog its not been enough. Ive entered the Robin Hood marathon in Sep and have started my own prog which is as follows.Sprint work mainly 800 repeats at 7 min mileing tempo runs at 7.45 up to 10 K and long runs up to a max of 15 miles (2 hours at 8 min mileing) the plan would then be on the day run 15 at 8 min mileing then slow run/walk the rest.Am I crazy or do you think I have a chance?


  • To give people hope forgot I posted this, The answer was yes ran a 3.52. Biggest thing its in the head. After the first now have 3 more sub 4 and 4 ultras including a beautiful bronze comrades. In other words


  • well done martin ! nice to know it can be done if you commit to a plan. did you continue on the plan you mentioned in 2008?
  • MM- Yes I did still run more miles at marathon pace than most would suggest but gives me confidence. Average week 10-15 long sundat 5k treadmill session and a sub 50 10k.

    On the day I ran slower than 8mm but it felt slow first walk was at 21 miles which was also 3 hours in. Therefore new I was in and just relaxed. Hope that helps

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