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I've just been to Up and Running in Swansea - was an incognito trip because my husband thinks it's a waste of money spending lots on Running shoes and thinks I should just use the cheap ones I got from JJB or somewhere......

Anyway, it seems I overpronate, which I had no idea I did and I've come away with a pair of Brooks Adrenaline GT8 or something, which feel really nice on my feet. Is it reasonable to buy the same pair online and wear out two pairs before going to have gait analysis again? Or should I have gait analysis everytime I need a new pair? Thanks


  • Buy another pair and use them in rotation?
  • TwoTinNicTwoTinNic ✭✭✭

    Hi Kate,

    Cant answer your question but have a question for you!!  How long do they make you run on the treadmill for when doing your gait analysis? I have horrible images of me going down to get tested and i cant even run on the treadmill for as long as they ask and completely embarassing msyelf hahaimage!!!

  • Kate SpeedKate Speed ✭✭✭
    Just a few seconds that's all! Just long enough so they can see what your feet are doing! And they let you go slowly as well.
  • If the shoes work for you and are comfortable then stay with them as long as you can still buy them.  It's a real hassle when they stop making the shoes you love and you have to find different ones.
  • I wouldnt' have thought you would need another gait analysis unless you are running in a particular way due to an old injury that is being worked on with physio etc, in which case your running technique may change.

     I have changed shoe manufacturers several times since starting running, I am a neutral runner, started in Mizunos, then found Asics in a sale and loved them, amazing how clumpy the mizunos felt compared to them, and now I am torn between New Balance and Asics. 

     It is worth a bit of trial and error between manufacturers if you can afford it I think.  Just make sure you check that they are motion control/stability shoes and not neutral so you'd need to do a bit of homework.

  • Once you have had a pair fitted, if you can get the same model online then that's fine if the shoes were fine. Generally I would say have first 2 pairs fitted and at different retailers or by different fitters to check the diagnosis and make sure they don't spot anything the other didn't. If you're new to running as you get faster/fitter your style may also change slightly, so might be worth getting your next pair fitted when your new ones wear out.

    The only time to get cheap ones from JJB is if you have particularly awful feet with a very complicated set of orthotics.

  • TwoTinNicTwoTinNic ✭✭✭
    phew!!! Thanks for that, will go get my gait analysed nowimage
  • Good Advice above - However, i re-bought the same shoes as my old ones were beginning to wear out - started having loads of weired problems with minor injuries - went back to shop where I'd had gait analysis initially - and it seems that things had changed biomechanically with me and the shoes were not doing what they did when I first got them.  I was told that this was to do with greater fitness, more mileage, better/more confident/more efficient running action, muscle strength etc - ended up having to get another different pair which are so much better.

    So I think if you want to be sure - always get gait checked otherwise it ends up being a bit of false economy.

  • Kate, this is mad, its like you are me or something!

    I have a husband who is exactly the same as yours, I have to sneak around buying stuff, as he thinks its ridiculous, and I should be able to run in any old crap! He gets annoyed at the amount of shoes in general that I own, and always moans when I buy running shoes (with MY money, I might addimage!).

    Like you, I also slightly over pronate, and like you I was recently recommended the Brooks Adrenaline GTS8, and like them!!  Bizzarre eh??  I was wondering the same thing as you as well!  Did you also get a half size bigger?  That's what they told me to do.

    I felt a right pratt in the shop as he was shocked that I had never been on a treadmill, and when I started walking I was very unsteady and kept nearly falling off!!

    I am trying to get a lot of miles in at the minute so recently purchased a pair of Asics 1130's as well, which are as light as a feather, and am so far pleased with.  I don't know whether to stick to the Brooks for longer runs and the others for shorter runs?  Either way my next pair I would buy online and wait until next seasons colour comes out so they are cheaper.

  • Hi Kate, I wear Brooks Adrenaline (big fan, sorted out a dodgy knee for me).  I've bought a couple of pair from running shops, Brooks Adrenaline 7 and Brooks Adrenaline 6 for about £80 but the last pair I bought was from www.sportsshoes.com for £50.  They were a bit crap with the delivery, said 2-5 days, took 2 weeks, but have been very pleased with them.
  • Kate SpeedKate Speed ✭✭✭
    Redpanda, I'm thinking I will have to keep them hidden in  the car so he never sees them and go out in my crap trainers before sneaking into the car to change them! I have size 8s and most of the others I tried on were 7 1/2s so they probably are a half size bigger. If I like them when I'm running in them (30 secs on a treadmill isn't quite the same as a long run!), I'll probably get a second pair and alternate them until they both wear out - I've seen some on sportsshoes.com for £64. The ones I got in the shop should have been £80, but he gave me 10% off for nearly being a member of WRN!
  • SNAP!!!!

    We must be twins!! That's funny about your husband, I have to think up similar things.  Problem is, when I go shopping and return, he always seems to be home from work(image) so I can't creep in first and hide the bags!  I try and stuff one bag in the other so it looks like less bags, but then he always goes "Go on, show us what you bought then!"....No escape!

    I thought of buying some in secret and then when he asked saying "Ooh, I have had these ages!".

    I can't even buy stuff on line as he always seems to beat me to the post!  He's not bad really, he just does not get it!!  Hands up who else has resorted to these tactics?!!image

  • Kate SpeedKate Speed ✭✭✭
    Yes, I have all of that too! Not sure how I'm going to manage to sneak a Garmin (which is next on my wishlist) past him.......
  • LOL  Kate.. Even my cynical hubby had to concede that the Garmin was a great purchase!  Well...its a gadget NOT clothes...you know what men are like!!image
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