quadricep tendonitis

Been diagnosed with quadricep tendonitis and told to not run for 6-8 weeks.Anyone know what  x-training i can do with this injury? i'm not allowed to use the elliptical and i hate swimmimg, any ideas please?


  • You should ask whoever diagnosed you.  They'd be the best person for advice.

    Hope you heal quickly.

  • boxing with focus pads always works for me if I can't really use my legs too much. really gets you heart rate up.
  • I developed quadricep tendonitis a year ago and still have it!image

    Whatever you do don't go through the pain or it gets worse and worse. Mine has developed into knee pain now as the quad muscles are too weak to support the knee cap tracking, disastrous.

    I think cycling is ok but you have to do it on a low resistance so that you don't put too much pressure through the tendon.

    How did you get quadriceps tendonitis?

  • Ooooh I've just bought a speed bag too so that would be good, but I can only do about 5 mins before my neck and shoulders are dead. So in a few months it will be good cardio image
  • Roberts, i had IT band troubles and a pain onthe corner of my kneecap which i thought was IT pain, once i had the IT bands sorted i carried on running and the pain got quite bad quickly. I took 2 weeks off and then ran 1m and it niggled so i stopped.That was 2 weeks ago, i have pain if i touch the side of the knee and where the insertion point is and pain if i walk downstairs.Been taking anti-inflamms daily and icing it a lot. I am not running now until the kids go back to school in september which is 6/7  more weeks and apart from that 1 run i have been out for 4 weeks but i was using the elliptical which apparently is a no-no. I biked at the weekend and that upset it too so ditched the bike now.I hate swimming so am a bit stuck. I have a marathon in december so may have to ditch that as well.
  • Is it pain on the inside of the knee or the outside? Mine is on the inside of my left knee and now the muscle is really wasted. I have now been limited to straight leg raises as all the other rehab exercises make it worse.

    Ice and heat one after the other is a good idea (always ending with ice) as it increases the blood flow even more to the tendon. Tendon's are harder to heal compared to muscle as they have less blood supply. Also cross friction massage is recommended to break up the scar tissue forming in the tendon. I haven't had any of this yet but I will be making a physio appointment in london to see someone with lots of experience as the nhs physios aren't helping me.

    Also you can get stronger anti inflams if you haven't already, voltarol was helping me until it started to give me stomach ache.

  • my pain is on the outside just by the corner of my kneecap and slightly niggly down the side. I have appointment with my knee surgeon in 2.5 weeks as i have had 3 knee surgeries for torn cartilage etc  the last being in October last year. Hoping to get a scan to make sure it is nothing else too. I use celebrex anti-inflamms which i believe are the strongest  you can get on perscription. Been using the heat and cold also.I could only feel it slightly after 2 weeks rest so hoping that by september it will be goneimage
  • Yeah rest is good, its taken me a long time to put this into practice image

     Did you have your knee surgeries done on the nhs or private? I hear lots of stories of people being worse after surgery, did you find yours ok?

  • i had them all done on the NHS, my surgeon is the top dog and has done all 3 of them for me.I have been much better after all of them and they usually last about 5 years before i need the cartilages done again.Last time though i needed a shave on the back of the kneecap and the cartilage was torn all the way round but since he 'mended' it it has been great. Got full range of movement back now and it no longer moans when i walk.image
  • Wow thats impressive! You sound lucky, I just tend to meet a load of duds on the nhsimage. One day I'm sure I'll get sorted but I can't see it happening soon.
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