The Nike+ Human Race 10K

Has anyone entered this one? I keep thinking about it because the idea of running round Wembley Stadium is very attractive. But on the other hand, its £30 and I don't think the race starts till 7pm - which means a late Sunday night, not great for work on Monday morning! And I keep getting loads of emails inviting me to enter which suggests to me they're having trouble filling the places.


  • Not me - yo umay be on your own image

     Whats the prize fund like? image

  • Hmm... didn't realise it was 30 quid but have suggested it to our team
  • Hmm, £30 entry, and 30,000 places.

    Just imagine how congested that will be!

  • trigger2trigger2 ✭✭✭
    Hi Guys - I've entered although I did think it a tad expensive originally but managed to persuade myself that the technical tshirt would probably be worth almost half that and (from my understanding although I may be wrong) - I think you get to see the concert before hand?  Not sure what the travelling's going to be like though and I live in North London!
  • not entered this yet - did a few of the original Nike 10k's (first 4 including the night run) - £30 does seem a lot of dosh.

    anyone else planning on travelling from Bucks?


  • I had it pencilled in as a good marker between this Sunday's (20th July) BUPA Hyde Park and the GNR

    Hopefully our firm will sponsor the entry!

  • Hi,

    I'm with trigger2 on this one - £30 is expensive but the t-shirt should be good, £10 goes straight to charity and the concert thing beforehand sounds like fun. Plus the chance to run round Wembley. Not expecting a pb due to the amount of entrants but I reckon the atmosphere will be great.

    Bit disappointed that you have to pay extra for spectators tickets though image should have got a couple free with entry I reckon.

  • I think Nike should have a rethink about this one. £30.00 for a 10k run? (even with a t shirt and some live music). You gotta be joking! 

    Good luck to all who are taking part though! 

  • hopefully Nike are doing their FREE training runs like they have many years before - this is fantastic for the novice to train up to 10k - plus others of us who are slow and welcome training runs with others.

    tis unusual for this not to have sold out yet tho isn't it?

    I'm on website now signing up.


  • trigger2trigger2 ✭✭✭
    GM - how many training runs would there be?  Not long to fit them in now - six weeks or so?
  • GM - No training runs I'm afraid (well, that's what Nike were saying last time I checked the website) which is a real shame as I'm sure they helped me get my PB before.

     Think I'm going to give this one a miss as it's on a Sunday night and it's 30 quid. Although I would quite like to run round Wembley...

  • Hi All

    Got the flyer for this in my goodie bag from Bupa Capital Run and it says 10% of entry fee (ie £3) goes to charity.

    Despite the concert and the T-shirt, it's the late start that's putting me off 

  •  i dnt really care abt paying the 30quid..coz this is my hme i really wna run it..buh they dnt allow under18s to run which i say aint that 17 n they nt lettin me do it...does anyone knw if its gna appen again next year


  • Just signed up for this race on a high from today's Great Capital 10k... didn't realise it was at 7pm - but a great excuse to take a Monday off! I can't see anything on their website with the times - is it definitely 7pm? Mind, better that than 7am!

    Clearly not PB territory with only 4 waves of starters and 30k runners - but to run in Wembley - and get a technical t-shirt - surely that's worth the entry?
  • trigger2trigger2 ✭✭✭
    But a 10K at 7pm surely that's no later than an 8pm finish?image  Agree about the under 18 rule - had hoped to get tickets for OH and son but because son is only 15 he can't go to the concert - bah humbug!
  • anyone else had and trub signing up on website form?  I cant seem to get to the payment section - arghh!


  • Decided to go for this one.....couldnt resist the start in Wembley...lets face it how often do you get to go right inside?

    Trigger, Im in Barnet, as the name suggests...  how about you??  Was thinking of driving to the end of the jubilee line and getting the tube in, saving going into London. Went to an event at the arena on Sat night , and the car park was £15.00....  !!!!!!!

  • trigger2trigger2 ✭✭✭
    Hi Big Dave - I'm in Enfield so not a million miles away from your goodself.  Am probably travelling up with a club mate but have not made any definitive plans yet - what wave are you going off in?
  • still not managed to enter online - boo


  •  GM

    Click on this link

    Follow the instructions and then the payment section appears in a pop up window. Maybe your having problems with your firewall blocking the pop up?

  • Hi Trigger,

    I dont know the wave yet, have not received the e mail yet.....pleanty of time anyway. So do you run with Trent Park??  Toying over joining....but not sure yet....probably will if I get a FLM place this year.

  • Hi im doing this race should be good. Im going from uxbridge direct to wembley if anyone else wnts to tag along from bucks/berks area
  • Nike Human Race - expensive? could be. Too late at 7pm? well you could always SKY+ Last of the Summer Wine.  We are talking Wembley, we are talking London against the rest of the world - we need to turn out in force.  I signed up for this one from the off (note: I had difficulty with the website too as new windows tend to open all over the show), as I have done all the Nike races previously.

    There are no training runs, as this has been linked to an ongoing series of self runs, whereby you download a challenge from a Sportsband or Nano and keep pounding up the kms.

    I'm not an advocate of all things corporate - and I understand that many will have reservations, but I have to say the previous Nike runs have always been well organised (with the exception of Kew Gardens), and the atmosphere is way up there, the Night Run and North Vs South being very memorable - I think this race is going to be another gold standard.

    Take a good look at my race number at the start.....because that's the last time you'll see it image.

  • trigger2trigger2 ✭✭✭
    Hi BD - no Trent Park are toooo serious for me - I'm really just a plodder - I belong to Edmonton Running Club (despite the name based in Winchmore Hill) image
  • I also had trouble with the website, but I'm not complaining as I've got free entry as I'm a local, living and working (office in Olympic Way).  It also makes me blase about running round Wembley, as I do it at lunchtime (even got official permission to run round the stadium concourse after a security guard asked me to leave!).

     Would be interested to know the route as the stadium is flanked by a large and very nasty (for running) industrial estate and just dull suburban streets. Couldn't see it on the website but by that stage i was tired of fighting with it.

    Note runners have to go to Oxford St to pick up their race pack.

  • hi all

    have recieved an e mail telling me my pack is ready to collect from some shop in London and i have to take my registration no and photo id with me to collect.I have not had a registration no ( or have lost it !) .Have tried to ask the question on their faq but this just error 404s every time.I really dont want to trapse all the way down to London to be told i cant collect my pack cos i dont have a reg no. Any ideas

  • I can't find the entry form anywhere on that website. Am I dumb?imagedrives me crazy!!
  • RaksRaks ✭✭✭
    Does anyone know if there are still places available for this event?

     That's a link to the sign up page - you have to have patience as it really is a horribly deisgned web page for modern pop-up sensitive browsers.

     Wished it wasn't a Sunday night, and don't like the idea of being kept in the Stadium from 6pm till whenever it starts listening to Moby etc but a run around Wembley would be great - not a clue on the course mind. Hopefully that will be in the pack.

    Bit of a pain (well a lot of a pain) having to go into London to NikeTown too - i wonder what % of runners will buy some goods whilst picking up their packs - Nike not doing it for the money - I am sure...

  • I entered a while ago - I really like the concept of combining running with a gig.  My two most favourite things together in the same place.  I'm really excited about it!  Yes, £30 is more than the average race - but this isn't an average race...with gig tickets frequently selling for over 30 quid, I would say value for money image

    The last RunLondon was very well organised, no toilet queues (ladies take note!).  It honestly wasn't particularly crowded during the race and the atmosphere was great! race t-shirt's still going strong two years later.

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