Random Winner

Anyone ever had a window popping up saying you are a random winner when surfing on RunnersWorld? I just got it and it says I am visitor number 98127435 and I should call a number 0800xxxxxxx in 3 minutes to claim a £1001 price. Does this have somethink to do with RW or is it just in the internet cafe I am sitting in today? I don't have my phone with me, so haveI escaped a hoax or did I miss the big possibility?


  • It's just a con though advertisers - you get them on most commercial sites. Never click on one ever.
  • Lars, are you running Microsoft Instant Messenger?

    That popup isn't anything to do with us, I'm glad to say
  • I don't know what I am running since I don't have any influence on the system here. My computer at work is to far away today so I went to the internet cafe around the corner. I havn't called so no harm done.

    Unfortunately I missed you yesterday. You must have overtaken me with a big group, but when I asked some of them they didn't know if they were following a pacer or not. Still had a nice day.
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