Help! Worst run EVER

I'm running my first 10k race this Sunday and have been pretty faithful when it comes to following my beginners 8 week programme. I've been running 3 or 4 times a week, during the week on a treadmill and at weekends outside. I'm slow but that doesn't worry me and I'm aiming to finish the 10k in 1hr 10mins. I did a 5k race 3 weeks ago that I did in 30 mins 10secs.

Last Sunday my plan was to run 9k, then on Tuesday I was supposed to run 40 mins easy and today 30 mins briskly and then have 2 clear days rest before the race.

However, on Sunday I just kept running, made it to 13k (which was 5k further that I'd ever been before -so i did kind of overcook it a touch!), uncharacteristally sacked off my Tuesday run and today got on the treadmill to do 30mins and just could not do a thing. I could barely put one foot in front of the other, I was all off balance and wobbly and even when I tried to just walk I was all out of kilter. I spent a total of about 10mins on the treadmill of which about 2 were running.

I've had bad runs before, where everything just felt supersonically hard but I've always managed to just keep going but nothing like this.

My big worry is that come this Sunday for my first 10k (which these past 8 weeks has been everything I've been aiming for), that I'll have lost everything and won't be able to finish because I'll have done absolutely nothing for a week.

I'm really proud of what I've achieved and how dedicated I've been as I am not a natural athlete and started out with no fitness at all. But what has happened? How quickly do you lose fitness? Has anyone else had this? Should I try and run between now and Sunday? I prefer running outside - should I go for a gentle 30mins on Saturday to try and get my confidence back? But what if the same happens again??

Please give me some reassurance! I'm convinced my fitness will have just vanished come Sunday...


  • Beck Beck do not panic.

    You will not have lost your fitness in a week. You probably did over do it last Sunday though. However, as you have not done much this week you will be okay. If you need to go for a run for confidence just do a very slow 2 miler Friday.

    Take your race nice and easy at the beginning and then move up through the gears gradually as you progress.

    Mind you, I am certainly not qualified to give advice so you should take the above with a large pinch of salt. I have only been running 3 months myself. I also have a 10k on Sunday but have not trained much this week due to a heavy cold. If I get rid of the cold I am still confident of completing the distance in my target time despite the lack of training this week.

    Good Luck for Sunday


  • Agree with Norm...Steady run tomorrow with a 2/3 x 1min 'sprints' at race pace. Rest Sat.

    If you managed 30mins/5k, you will comfortably do 70mins/10K. 65mins shouldn't be out of reach.

    Your legs probally just felt heavy after your run Sunday.

  • ha ha! i like the inverted commas around 'sprints'. my race pace is no faster than my training pace which feels positively snail like.

    when i just kept running on last sunday it was so incredibly slow, i thought it wouldn't affect me into the week. i just wanted the confidence of knowing i could run the race distance before the actual race.

    norm - where is your 10k on sunday? am doing the BUPA one in London - I was very excited when i got my pack through last week to discover that my predicted finish time put me in the 2nd slowest group and not the slowest!

    thank you for your replies. my confidence has just been so knocked for six by today that any words of reasuance are very gratefully received.

  • I am in the BUPA one too.

    I will be the fat bloke at the back with a face like a tomato!

  • I agree with Norm

    if we add to much at this point it'll only confuse matters

  • i'll be right behind you norm sporting  a similar tomato complexion
  • Norm

    i don't think it matter what you look like or you beck beck -

    what does matter is that you take part and enjoy it all and come away feeling yes

    it'll take time for things to happen - and things won't go right all the time either - if you kid yourself into thinking that - well - you may come unstuck - it's a huge learning process

    but you will succeed if you keep going gently

  • Loon.Loon. ✭✭✭
    i've had runs like that beck, you'll find on the day the atmosphere etc will keep you going, and just run your own race and your own pace, just take it easy between now and then
  • Hi GL- lovely legs image
  • Loon.Loon. ✭✭✭
    image evening mick image
  • Evening GL image
  • Hi beck beck,

    Sometimes a really good run can be just around the corner from a really bad one  (running messes with your head image )

    Two weeks ago I  couldn't even  keep going in a 5k. Last week I ran 10k non-stop, very comfortably, so you could well surprise yourself on Sunday. 

    Join us on the GCR thread in the meantime if you like:

    And good luck image

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