One for SS

Just wondered how mini SS had settled into school this term?


  • Oh Barkles - thanks for asking. MiniSS is fine. She's been so looking forward to this year as she really likes the form teacher but unfortunately he's not been in yet (his little 3yr old boy is having open heart surgery...)

    We've all just had a fantastic 3 week holiday with lots of cycling(!!) & camping /bilberry picking in the mountains up here (Snowdonia) and best of all, now miniSS has had orthotics fitted she's far stronger out walking. I know this sounds trivial but she's even been running around and skipping when we've been out shopping in Chester - it's only now we see her moving so much better that we realise just how slow she'd become.

    One of the other parents said to us the other day "well at least we're getting a real teacher this year" so it's not just us that thought last year at best a waste of time.

    She is however completely confused with this new maths they are insisting on teaching... and so am I & I've got an A level in Pure & Applied Maths!

    She's really keen to meet you, you know - as reading those threadson the old forum really helped her thro' a difficult time. Maybe Vyrnwy next year ????

    Cheers - & hope you're getting through each day without too much pain now.
  • It's a date.
    I'll bring mini Barkles with me! She'll be quicker than me but I'll do my best.

    So frusrating to get a dodgy teacher for a year. Keep her positive.
    I understand the numeracy strategy.. sort of.
    Questions answered free!!!!
    When is Vyrnwy this year - could come and heckle!
  • Yikes - 15th September - ie a week tomorrow!!!! There's loads of us forumites going. If you do come to heckle a) make it an original heckle!!! and b) I guarantee to go even if I end up limping round as usual.

    MiniSS can't come tho - she's doing a Taekwondo camp that weekend with MrSS. Thank goodness for Taekwondo as she really enjoys it.

    Watch it with the offer of help with questions - she reads these forums sometimes - you'll find her scanning in her homework and e-mailing it to you!!
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