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  • Hello all
    Happy New Year.

    Went to see my GP this morning to discuss coming off depo because of the weight issue. I've been put on a mini-pill and MrANTB has gone on the waiting list for a vasectomy.

    Then I went to see a consultant about my asthma. He says it's got as worse as it has because of my weight and I need to drop a stone. I was so upset I nearly cried. Not only have I been putting all this effort into losing weight and getting no where, the extra weight I'm carting around is affecting my health in a not insubstantial way.

    So, now I'm totally reinvigorated and very keen to keep on trying to lose weight. My only worry is that it seems to take a long time for the depo to leave my system. I had my last jab in October, so fingers crossed it won't be continuing to have an effective on my weight for too much longer.
  • I was totally miserable & put on huge amounts of weigh whilst on depo, though the vast amounts for junk food and no exercise were prolly the main factor.  What I did find out from the docs when I started to lose weight, was that it was virtually impossible to shift it before coming off the depo.

    My new doctor suggested a break from DP and I found the weigh started to drop off with running and a decent diet.  I cant blame the depo for the weight gain, but according to the doctor it was definitely a contributing factor.

    I'm now 7 years off the drug, and fitter than I ever was on it.

  • Vickie - can I ask how quickly you noticed the weight coming off?

    Well done on losing it all image
  • It prolly took about 4 months, then it all started to go pretty quickly, of course the more I lost, the better I felt and the more I ran, so the more I lost. 

    Running is good

    And having a new loving and supportive bloke helped too image

  • Ah, that sounds lovely, thank you!
  • Hi all

    Hope you can help.  I was on depo for many years with no probs, however I was due for a jab in January and decided not to have it and thought I could do with a break from it.

     I am on my second most painful period and I have gained about 8lbs in weight, my boobs really ache and hurt all the time and my running has been affected terribly, I've slowed down from averaging 8.30 min miles to 9.30/10.00 min miles and its such an effort.

    I went to see docs, had all the blood tests and nothing wrong and doc and nurse seem to think I'm peri-menopausal.  As the last two periods have been so painful (I have endometriosis), I decided I should just go back on the depo and have an appointment this evening.

    However, I am now wondering if that's a good thing, if that is what has caused all my probs from coming off the depo and perhaps I should just leave it and let my body settle down.

    The weight gain and rubbish running is my biggest worry.


  • Movement can not be over. Physical capacity should be paid attention to. Hope everyone is good.


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