Swanage Half Marathon

Hi.  I've entered this race (albeit I only sent application earlier in the week so I'm hoping it got there in time!) and I have no idea of pace.  As this race is described as a race with challenging climbs I don't know how much time I need to take into account for this - my last half was was the Bourenmouth Bay and I came in just under 1 hr 40, is it realistic to hope that I would still be capable of this sort of time?



  • The Swanage Half route is hilly, more so than Bournemouth, the key is not get 'burnt out'  too early on!
  • I cannot wait to be on the swanage bay start line  - yes it is tough, the start is a rise of about 3 to 4 miles but that is the challenge - you can see the hils on any map the run down to corfe castle at half way does not compensate for the challenge of running uphill throughthe village!! Then all you have to think about is i have done 6 or so miles  - the home stretch from corfe to swanage is challenging but when you get to the towns boundary marker  - its brilliant!!  I have done this race plenty of times it is a classic. do it once and you will know why

  • Thanks guys!  Judging by today's pants run I think it'll just be tough getting over the start line image ... assuming I've got in!

     I do have a Garmin (because of my rubbish pacing) what is the consensus regarding the pace difference of a hilly race to a relatively flat one - what percentage would you add to the minute miling?  I don't want to annoy too many runners with the beeping of the watch telling me to 'speed up'image   

  • Top event...a bit too hot for us fat lads. The finishers prizes were a bit of a surprise but should look nice in the downstars toilet. 

  • Hilly and hot it was indeed image

    I quite like the memento, it makes a difference.

  • Yep hilly and hot about sums it up! Nice to go in the sea after though and i have some pretty impressive strap marks to match my running top!!

    I liked the paperweight thing too.

  • I'm a little pink it has to be said - still glad I did it and relieved I didn't set the pace on my Garmin -otherwise I would definitely have ended up with tinnitusimage!  Too wimpy to go in the sea after though ...
  • it was good swanage marathon i like it
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