Lucozade Sport Super Six: CC2 - Speedy Goth

Introducing the second member of our Lucozade Sport Super Six…  CC2 - Speedy Goth.

Having already completed two Great North Runs, CC2's goal is 1:35 as she's determined to put the WAVA calculators to the test.

Steve Smythe will coach CC2 directly on this thread and she’ll also be posting her training progress here on a regular basis. She’ll also feedback the fuel and hydration advice given to her by the team of sports scientists at Lucozade Sport so make sure you check back regularly to find out she he gets on.

Feel free to ask questions and post messages of support, but please try not to hijack the thread.

You can read more about CC2 - and the rest of the team - by clicking on the article link at the top of the thread.

Otherwise, settle back and enjoy!



  • Congratuations Speedygoth image

    Slikes off to sulk for not winning imageimage

  • Congratulations CC2!!!

    I can't wait to see just how fast you can go!!

    Good Luck over the next few weeks and enjoy!!! (don't forget us on the GNR thread tho!!!image)


  • Oooh look, I have my own thread image.
  • Just don't let it go to your head or we will all run after you singing Blue or some other cr*p. image

    Well done again by the way

  • Eeeeek. That would certainly make me run faster though! Thanks Cake.

    Best update on day 1 then!

    Today's schedule said 30 mins easy or rest. Simple you might think, but you'd be wrong! The shortest loop from club is 5 miles, and if I ran that in 30 mins it certainly wouldn't count as an easy run. So I compromised and did 43 mins 45 seconds of very easy running - average pace 8.41.

    And now I really need a shower but I was so excited to get on the internet and see if this article had appeared that I had to log on first! Not allowed on the internet at work - spoil sports image.

  • SezzSezz ✭✭✭

    Congrats on being chosen CC2 Speedygoth.     Speaking from FLM Dream Team experience, you'll find the fact that you have readers sitting and waiting for you to blog every inch of your training is motivation enough to get out the door and run faster image

  • Thanks Sezz. It's all a bit scary really!

    I'm all bathed and clean and lovely now so you can stop holding your nosesimage.

    The nutrition nearly went to pot before it even started. I usually have a glass of choc milk after a run, followed by porridge for tea as it's easy to digest and I end up eating quite late after a training session. But I'd forgotten to buy milk. So I had half a glass of choc milk and had to settle for beans on toast for tea. That was nearly foiled too - the cheese had gone mouldy, but only at the edges so it was ok after I'd cut the furry bits off image. Must fit going to the supermarket into the schedule somewhere!

    Tomorrow calls for 3 x mile efforts at 6.30 - 7 pace. I'm planning to go to Mill Lakes, where we often train with the club. It's just over a mile round them so I should be able to do an effort then spend my 3 min recovery walking back to the start line. Off to program the Garmin now...

  • Oh my goodness - you really are speedy!  You look like your half way through your first week already!

  • Congrats CC2 - So glad you got a place.   Your efforts tomorrow would kill me!  but then, I'm not a Speedy Goth !  

    Go, Go CC2 image

  • CC2 that is seriously fast! Can't wait to hear how it all goes for you though. Good luck!
  • Huge congrats, CC2 - I'm pleased as punch for you, well deserved.

    Can't wait to hear all about your training.

    But like Mandie says, don't forget us over at the GNR thread  image.

  • congrats SG image  you'll do the sub 1.35 easy

    yuk at the mouldy cheese yum at cheesy bean tho

  • Well done & congrats CC2

      Hope to see/meet you & other 5 on Oct. 5th

    I Will be on the front grid as well ( as an ever present ). Will be watching your progress with interest

    good luck

  • Go-go CC2!!!! image  So excited for you!  Looking forward to all the updates - am just about to bookmark this thread (yet another to keep up with lol)

    Lol at the furry cheese.... image

  • Finally a face to a name! Look forward to meeting you and hearing about all your races!!!!
  • Congratulations CC2

    This has been the weirdest two weeks, fit to burst and only able to tell our nearest and dearest.

    It's a real relief to be able to tell the world , it's like winning the lottery.

    Wish you well with your training and look forward to chatting over the coming weeks.

    Enjoy, I know I will

    All the Best

    Sue (PoH)

  • Hi all!

    As if I'd forget you lot over on the GNR thread! I'll be over there next. Promise. Just got today's session to write up first!

    So, speedwork on the agenda today. The first time I've ever done such a session on my own and I have to admit I was dreading it. You come to rely on the people you train with to pull you along/chase you down so this was my first challenge of the schedule!

    I had a little extra warm up first as I had to find a suitable bush to hide behind for a wee. Why are there no public toilets in country parks????? Is that TMI? Sorryimage.

    I programmed the Garmin with the session, so all I had to do was run and listen out for the beeps. 10 mins warm up first then into the first lap...

    WU - 1.23 miles 10.19mins
    Mile 1 - 6.40 (Felt ok)
    Mile 2 - 6.44 (Legs feeling all lactic)
    Mile 3 - 6.51 (Nearly got taken out by a kamakaze dog that launched itself at me. Had to come to a complete stop for a few seconds and took a while to get going again)
    CD - 1.13 miles 10.04 mins

    Just walked back to the beginning of the effort for the recoveries.

    I'm a little annoyed that I got slower with every lap, but it was my first attempt at a session on my own and the pace was within the boundries Steve set me.

    Easy 60 mins tomorrow.

  • No wonder the dog collided with you .... he probably couldn't see you, you were going so  fast!   Is the dog concussed??  image

    Well done on your session today, I have to do my speed sessions on the treadmill so that the machine dictates my pace rather than my brain and legs.   It must take a lot more focus to do it outside....

    Strangely enough, I had to take a minute out after my warm up ... but luckily I wasn't too far from the facilities ---  must be the nerves!

  • well done CC2 , looking forward to seeing how fast you can go this year
  • Congrats CC2 - look forward to reading about your speedy exploits image
  • Hey Speedy Goth.

    Great name by the way. Congratulations on the Super Six place.

    Had a parcel from Lucozade today with power gel/drinks etc . Went out at lunch for a quick 5.5k and tried a gel before going.

    Sounds like you are into your music. Tried to get day tickets for Leeds this Aug but sold out too quick.

    Looking forward to meeting all the Super Six. I will have to compare notes with K.G.Lass as I think we are probably the closer match.

    All the best Dump Truck (Guy)

  • Did you get your Lucozade pack yet? Its basically their runners pack that you've probably seen advertised. It has a selection of all their products from gels to recovery sachets and body fuel... not sure it's going to last that long though image

  • Well done Speedy Goth on your session.

    Plenty of pace there. Pace judgement and control needs a little work!

    Personally I prefer to have my splits going the other way ie 6:55, then 6:45, then 6:35 or faster etc so next time (same for shorter reps) use the first one as a marker and then gradually up the pace and effort.

    Overall a very encouraging session though.

  • OOOhhhh CC2 - He's tough isn't he???


  • Oh lordie, I'm being told off already! image

    Tonight's 60 mins easy hit the mark a little better though, 62 mins and 37 seconds for 7.44 miles (average pace 8.25). My legs felt like lead for the first two miles, and the hills (especially Heartbreak) were a struggle, but otherwise enjoyable despite the swealtering heat. I felt like a melting waxwork at times!

    Still no Lucozade pack here image but Tess (the nutrionist) is coming over tonight. In fact she was supposed to be here 10 mins ago. She must be lost in the side streets of Arnoldimage.

  • Aaarrrr you've got your own thread.Congrats to you.I'll be keeping my mince pies on your progress.

    Good luck and all the very best.

  • Lol CC2, love your lead-legged 8:25 pace!! for some of us that would be flying!  Hope the nutritionist isn't as scary as your coach!! 
  • I'm not scary really.

    Just trying to advise the best way of getting the most out of your runs and races.

    Good run today in the heat. Good pace judgement!

    Has the nutrionist found your secret hoard of chips and mars bars yet?

  • No chips here! No Mars bars to be found either, but I do have a stash of diet coke, brunch bars and flapjack.

    My Lucozade pack was in fact sitting on the front doorstep. God knows how long it had been there, I don't use my front door as the garage is out back. It's a good job Tess came that way or I'd never have known! Tess brought some extra stuff too so I'm not likely to run out of Lucozade for the forseeable future.  Just need to figure out where to put it all....

    I'm a bit worried about tomorrow's tempo run. Partly cos I've never done one before and don't know how to pace it, partly because I'm going to the doctor's first for my injection (women's things!) and will have a numb bum cheek. Could be interesting!

  • Yeti, if you think Steve is scary just wait till you meet me image.
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