Lucozade Sport Super Six: Bryan the Snail

Introducing the fourth member of our Lucozade Sport Super Six…  Bryan the Snail.

BtS might not be a stranger to endurance (as a longstanding Pirate and Ironman finisher) but he's keen to see how fast he can go and hopes to finally break 2:00 over the half-marathon distance this autumn.

Steve Smythe will coach BtS directly on this thread and he’ll also be posting his training progress here on a regular basis. He’ll also feedback the fuel and hydration advice given to her by the team of sports scientists at Lucozade Sport so make sure you check back regularly to find out he gets on.

Feel free to ask questions and post messages of support, but please try not to hijack the thread.

You can read more about BtS - and the rest of the team - by clicking on the article link at the top of the thread.

Otherwise, settle back and enjoy!.


  • OK - first post and already I am mucking up my training plan.  As I have a physio appointment tomorrow I am bringing the run forward to tonight.

    "I am just going outside and may be some time" 

  • Go for it BtS. Typical bloody pirate, only half an eye on the training schedule already! image
  • Well done Mr BtS Sir.

    A message to Steve, don't listen to his bloody moaning and make sure he gets his arse out of the door.

    Vote BtS (Oh - you did!)

    I've just looked at the schedule - there's a distinct lack of swimming or biking, shurely shome mistake? 

  • Good on you BtS - enjoy the coaching!image

  • good luck BtS image  will watch this with interest as a fellow back pain sufferer although i've not been through an op thank god!
  • SezzSezz ✭✭✭

    Good luck Bryan.   I shall follow your thread with interest as sub 2:00 is my long term goal.  I really found the coaching with Steve for FLM and having a thread to blog on each day really kept me motivated so I shall look forward to your musings image

  • OK - I have returned and refuelled - the training demon who has been on a rest day didn't even go to the shop for some custard doughnuts for me to celebrate my survival so I had to make do with relatively healthy food - all this training and healthy eating is going to be the death of me I tell you!

    Todays schedule (well tomorrows really) called for 10 mins easy, 10 mins faster, 3 min slow jog, 10 min faster, 10 min easy.

    Off I went out the door and did 11 min at 14min/mile, 10min at 9'30min/mile, 3 min standing still (I know I was moving but my gps was refusing to acknowledge this), 10 min at 9'40min/mile, and 11 min at 10'57min/mile (this actually felt a lot slower). 

    I got home wanting a mop and bucket to get rid of the sweat and wanting an oxygen mask to drop from the panel above me. 

    This is the first time I have actually ran trying to maintain a pace and it was more difficult than I expected.  I had intended trying to stick to something about 10min/mile for the faster sections but due in part to a poor gps signal and in the main to my lack of ability couldn't quite get that right.  I am going to have to master this or GNR could be a disaster and I could start off faster than I want to and end up bonking.  I don't know if it is normal or not but I find it easier to maintain a set heart rate than I do a set pace.

    I also need to remember to switch off the auto-split function before I do future runs like this as my head can't cope with trying to work it out when I get home.

  • Well done Bryan on getting out there!   My plan says rest today, so that was ok!    Mine says speedwork tomorrow so I'm having a day off work to make sure I can cope with it!! 

  • BtS  than means a rest day today then.image
  • BTW I've looked at your training programme and I'm confused... Thursday it says so many mins at half marathon pace and then 10.00......................

    But if your half mathon pace is 10.00 you will do a 2:11 half marathon and I thought you were aiming for sub I being thick or something (again)

  • Morning BtS,

    i know what you mean about keeping pace it's just something you'll need to try and master! it was really hot yesterday wasnt it, i ran at about 3 and it was boiling!

    hope you got your donuts image

  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭

    nope, no donuts ; - )

    Seren - I think BtS is going to email Steve to clarify all these points - there are a few bits like that

  • BtS, sounds like a good start to the schedule. Let us know how you get on with maintaining a steady pace as that's something that baffles me too. Is your HM pace something around 9.12 per mile then? When schedules tell you to run at race pace I get confused image
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    I keep trying to tell BtS that his half marathon pace is whatever gets him round at slower than my pb ; - )
  • Congrats on being selected BtS, good luck!

  • Afternoon/Busy/Laters ©RadioWorcestershire

    For those who have asked about pacing I have had some guidance as follows

    10 minute mile pace is 1/2M
    slow pace is 11-12 minute miles
    10k pace is 9 minute to 9:30 miles
    5k pace is 9 minutes

    These may be a mite optimistic but we will see how I progress. 

  • Well done & congrats BTS

      Hope to see/meet you & other 5 on Oct. 5th

    I Will be on the front grid as well ( as an ever present ). Will be watching your progress with interest

    good luck

  • Congrats Bryan on getting picked although your fanclub were awesome!! No contest IMO image

    I'm eventually aiming for an IM long-term so maybe you can pass on some swash-buckling tips when we meet in the flesh!! 

  • Hi Bryan

    Congratulations and best wishes from a team mate.  Really looking forward to the next ten weeks of hard work, watching our diets and training till we drop, fantastic.

    Good Luck, hope to speak soon.

    Sue (PoH)

  • Well done BTS!!!!

      My goal is the same as yours so I am going to follow your schedule to the letter.  I just won a place in the GNR through a nike plus challenge (but nike plus don't get put us up in a fancy hotel nor give us any schedules!)

    My problem is I have the endurance (I'm up to 12miles already) but  run too slow - about 11-12 mile pace.  Yet when I do a 10k I can do 54 min but I don't know how as I struggle to run even a mile at 9min miling when out on a training run!  I think I will drop my long runs back down to the same as yours and build it up again. I managed two 10 min fast bursts tonight.  The first about 9.20 pace and the second about 9.30. 

    I have never properly followed a schedule yet but heres hoping you can inspire me!!

  • Hello!


    Nice to *meet* you image

  • >>I have never properly followed a schedule yet but heres hoping you can inspire me!!

    Oh dear image

  • IMS just wondering why you put the spurious '>>' at the beginning of your post ;oP

    As you were.

  • Because I can't be arsed using the quote function. That's what I used when this was all fields with no smileys etc.
  • Oh I see you were denoting a quote from someone else.  Sorry I hadn't read back and I just thought...well you know if the cap fits and all that  do)

    As you were.

  • Ahhh I missed the sarcasim, you should have included a "image". Now I realise you were in fact being witty and I in turn look stupid, how could you do that to me?

    I may start a poor me thread.

    p.s. sorry for threadjack.

    EDIT - Now I read back and notice the smiley - I feel even more stupid 

  • As you were Mr Snail.
  • Or Mrs Snail.  It would seem he/she may be a bit confused about his/her gender

    >>* He’ll also feedback the fuel and hydration advice given to her by the team of sports scientists at Lucozade Sport so make sure you check back regularly to find out he gets on.

    * just for clarification, that's a quote without doing the quotey thing

  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭

    well spotted Holly

    I can report that he picked up a box of 5 custard donuts reduced to 35 pence last night and then put them back

    it's amazing what having to keep a food diary does for your diet

  • Hi Brian the Snail

    Congratulations on making the Super Six.

    I fell off the programme yesterday the first day. Guinness and Fish n Chips in Dublin.

    I am looking forward to meeting you and the rest of the team.

    In the mean time take care and good luck with the programme.

    Dump Truck (Guy)

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