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  • .... hold on ..... that equates to a 55 minute 10K ???   image  
  • That 0.9 thing is annoying isn't it?? AFAIK it can't be adjusted either. I've been registering the miles by hand recently - if nothing else it concentrates the mind. I'm running more and more without my ipod too... this is making my head hurt!!! I thought my legs were meant to be the things taking a beating image
  • Well, what a complete and utter disaster - in terms of pace and judgement anyway!

    The schedule called for 3 X 2 km @ 10k pace with 2 minute recoveries.    Sounds straight forward enough until Steve clarified my new 10K pace at 9 minute miles and you work out that the total run with the 10 minute easies either side is actually an hour, most of which is running at 9 minute miles.  Perhaps I shouldn't have worked that out beforehand as it freaked me out a bit.....

    I did the 10 mins easy warm up and then stopped for a minute or two to stretch out my calves, if I was going to do this, I couldn't afford to wait the normal 3 miles to warm my legs up!      Had a couple of false starts as I first forgot to change my watch to metric and then forgot to set the lap counter to 2k.

    Third time lucky.    I got completely confused by the metric reading on my watch so I just ran and hoped for the best, I didn't want a third false start whilst I worked out the pace in km! 

     In short, I completely over estimated how fast 9 min miles were and although I managed to complete the first rep, I knew it was too fast..... Had another stretch in my two minute recovery.

    2nd rep - decided to forget the watch and just run at a pace that I thought I could comfortably run more than  a mile.  Had closer to three minutes recovery for more stretching.

    3rd rep - Can't  give up now so I ventured onto the disused railway track and did a deal with myself to run just 1 km in one direction and then turn round and run the other back to where I had started - don't worry about the pace, just finish the 2k rep. 

    As it happened, Mr Sambora was on hand just at the right time to get me through it and I finally found a steady pace that I could maintain so I did 1.5 km in one direction, 0.5 km in the other and walked the rest of the way home rather than jog.  

    Guess what - that third rep wasn't far off  the pace I should have been running the whole thing image and if I hadn't worn myself out in the first lap, I probably could have managed it fairly easy, considering it was a speed session!

     Here's the numbers:

    Lap1 - 2 km   10:55         8:47 mm                  average hr 173

    Lap 2 - 2 km  12:02          9:41 mm                 hr 168   (closer to three minute recovery)

    Lap 3 - 2 km  11:26         9:12 mm                 hr  168

    Oh well, at least I know how fast 9 minute miles are not which should give me some confidence for next time.      In the meantime, I'm off to pack my waders and brolly.......

  • Enjoy your jolies!
  • Our watches are failing us Tracy - that's my conclusion!! All these 405 bods are having fun programming the sessions and we're stuck guessing and making do! I wish it was Christmas next week!!!!

    Have fun driving your boat about!! Good luck on the running too! As I have realised - any running whilst away is GOOD! 

  • That's a great session and it's all a learning experience. That is the best session you've done so far taking into account distance run and speed managed.

     I suppose I should have said 9 to 9:30 and given you more of a range and in an ideal world you would have done the 2nd pace on the first, the 3rd pace on the 2nd and the 1st pace on the last one!

  • Steve, you're starting to sound like Bryan!
  • I have to say that Steve makes perfect sense to me.

    You may have felt that  your run could have been better Tracy but when you consider what your initial target was you are well ahead of it and will do absolutely fine.  I reckon that at Sheffield I might (if it is downhill with the wind behind me) get close to my 10k PB and I can guarantee on current for you will be in front of me.

  • I guarantee Sheffield will almost certainly have some hills image
  • Jason, I don't think it's my watch that is failing me, more my brain - I must learn about kms! I was brought up in pounds shillings and pence and I had no concept of what the 4:30 pace on my watch meant so subsequently I was running faster to try and make the numbers go up!!  (doh image)

    Thanks for the encouragement Steve, I think I found it difficult not just because of the "psychological" barrier but also because of the need to go faster pretty much from the off.  I know that I can run at that pace, and indeeed faster but to be comfortable, I need 3 miles to warm up properly and then can pick up the pace in the latter miles when I feel properly oiled!  I forgot to mention that although my average pace was 9:12 on the final rep, I was running 8:12 by the end of it!

     I tested my functional core stability last night by fallingdown the stairs and managing to stay upright!   The funny thing is though,  all that was going through my head at the time was "I'm glad this is happening now rather than before my run!!" 

      I'm going to have a few days rest now as my hip is hurting again this morning (probably because of the fall as much as the run) but will do some runs whilst I am away. 

    I still haven't packed and we need to leave in an hour so I had better get cracking!

    Happy running everyone!

  • Hi KGL,

    brilliant training, you're doing really well.  Enjoy your hols!

  • Sorry I missed wishing you happy hols. I am only getting around everyone's threads now. Take it easy Tracey you really deserve the rest. That 8.12 pace is fantastic just goes to prove how well all the gym work and runs are paying off. Just stay clear of those dodgy core stability exercises.

    Take care

    DT image.

  • Quick post on phone. 36 locks today got very wet!
  • Wettest August for 100 years apparently! Hope it changes for you Tracy over the next week or so image
  • Hi Tracy, I hope the holiday is going well. Are we getting a postcard?image
  • DT - No postcard here.  I wouldn't worry I am sure that it is all down to the postal system.  It is always the same you get back 2 weeks before the postcards arrive.  image
  • Either that or her arms are so worn out pushing open locks that she can no longer hold a pen image
  • ahahhhr me maties! Post from tewkesbury. 2 runs both terrible. On river now and nowhere to run! Back on canal tomorrow so maybe I'll find some spare energy to do another? Hadn't accounted for effects of sea legs though - nearly fell in water twice whilst running as pavement moves! Nutrition completely up the swanny! Must fly - on lock duty!
  • Good to hear you're still alive and intact. Holidays are meant for bad nutrition!
  • Any idea when the next few weeks of training are going to be posted.  I've been kind of following KGLs schedule (though haven't quite managed to excel in the same way she has) but am having to make it up as I go along at the mo as the last week on the current schedule was lastweek (if that makes sense)?
  • KGL,

    All the best from this Cheslyn Hay plodder!

    I will be at the GNR myself.  Number 26310. 

  • Not sure why schedule isn't up

    this is the next 2 weeks

    Tracy Week Commencing August 25

    Mon Aug 25 Rest

    Tues Aug 26 10 mins warm-up, 4 x 1M at 10k pace (approx 9:30) with 2:30 recoveries ie start every 12 mins), then 10 mins cool-down

    Wed Aug 27 55 mins easy (10:00-10:30)

    Thurs Aug 28 45 mins easy with middle 15 mins at Half-marathon pace

    Fri Aug 29 Rest

    Sat Aug 30 30 mins easy or rest

    Sun Aug 31 100 mins steady (9:45-10:15)

    Mon Sep 1  Rest

    Tues Sep 2  10 mins warm-up, then 5 x 1000m at 10K pace (in approx 5:30) with 90 sec recoveries, then 10 mins cool-down

    Wed Sep 3 60 mins easy (10:00-10:30)

    Thurs Sep 4 30 mins easy with middle 10 mins at 10k pace

    Fri Sep 5 Rest

    Sat Sep 6 Rest

    Sun Sep 7 10k race

  • Thanks Steve - wow you must have read my diary before doing this - I'm doing the Sheffield 10K on Sep 7th and there it is as part of the programme.
  • Well, I'm back, feeling refreshed, and relaxed...... in fact so relaxed that I need to find some motivation to get my trainers on again!  I'll do a holiday update post over the next couple of days........

      I managed a 30 minute run one day and an hour run the next  but to be honest didn't really want to do either of them!   I'll post the splits etc when I find my watch!   

    However,  I also did some speed intervals in a fashion on Thursday running between locks and found that I did have a bit of a spring in my step so I'm hoping my legs will have had enough recovery to see me through the next 5 weeks! 

    I haven't seen my e mails yet but based on the schedule posted above Steve, should I just start with the next scheduled run and forget what I've missed, or do I need to do some catching up?

    From the threads I've read so far, everyone seem to be flying now and I'm feeling a bit nervous about getting back into the swing of the discipline........ but the sooner I get the unpacking finished the sooner I can start!    Catch you all later!

  • That's better!   Washed my holiday off, de-greyed my hair and the washing basket is now level rather than overflowing.

    Having read everyone's antics whilst I've been away, I feel really guilty now for not making more effort!

    I started off with good intentions and after we'd cleared the locks, I decided to try a session down the towpath one evening after we had stopped - the path was really muddy and I was dodging mud and doggy dirt all the way so after about 10 mins, I turned around and headed back and onto the road.  Found myself gasping for breath and not enjoying it at all but managed a grand total of half an hour.  Here's the numbers:

    Time:  31:24

    Distance - 2.83 miles

    Avge HR - 154 (doesn't equate to "gasping" does it?? - I must have stopped a lot!)  My average pace and mile splits do indicate that I must have stopped so they don't really mean a lot.  However, when I was running my pace at the end of mile 1 was 9:39, Mile 2 - 9:49 and the final part mile 9:35.

    Looking at the stats it didn't look too bad but although I started off enthusiastic, I lost the will to continue very quickly.  I think it was because I was out of the routine of good nutrition and hydration and it felt a bit of a chore!  

  • Having had what felt like a disaster the day before, I decided to give it another go earlier in the day the next day.  As we were heading towards Stratford, this was going to be my last chance for a few days before we joined the river. 

    The towpath was much better quality and the weather was fine.  Again, I set off with good intentions and a bodyfuel pouch and did achieve what felt like a better run but I still found it hard.     My footpod kept switching itself off so some of the mile splits are a bit dubious but this is how they read ....

    Warm up: 

    0.91 miles      9:20                 Avge pace 10:13          Avge HR    147

    Post Warm Up:

    MIle 1 - 10:03       avge hr 148

    Mile 2 - 10:02         146

    Mile 3 - 10:44         (footpod turned itself off during this mile but pace at end of registered mile was 9:56)       avge 147

    Mile 4 - 15:03   (this is where the footpod turned itself off 3 times,but pace at end of mile was 9:32)    avge HR 146

    last bit - 4:35  (pace at end of lap 9:07)  153

    In total, I ran for 59:49 minutes, total mileage registered 5.29 although this will have been a little further in view of my footpod going on holiday also!

    Heart rate was surprisingly low - that must have been in holiday mode also! 

    Although this was a better run, I still found it tedious so with the rivers coming up (the Avon and the Severn) decided to give my limbs a complete rest. I did my achy hip exercises religiously 3 times a day and on Thursday ran between the last 6 locks but never quite got the motivation to get my nose out of the trashy book I was reading to do another proper run!

    However, we completed the Avon Ring - 109 miles cruising over 10 days, passing through 130 locks, only 3 of which had lock keepers so that required serious lunging, squatting and upper body work!   

    I thoroughly enjoyed  what you might call an "active resting" holiday and was not in the least bit aware of the bank holiday frenzy until we got to Stratford Upon Avon- they don't have bank holidays on the river!

    I feel thoroughly rested but not yet rearing to go!   I need to wind it up again tomorrow and get my training back off the ground - everyone has been so busy whilst I've been away and I feel very lazy now!     

  • PS - Hi Gary!   (Cheslyn Hay Plodder)  You're just down the road from me - I'm in Pelsall!    Well not the last few days obviously - I've been in  Birmingham, Wootton Wowen, Stratford Upon Avon, Evesham, Pershore, Upton On Severn, Worcester, Droitwich, Bromsgrove.......image

  • Welcome home Tracy, sounds like you had a great holiday. Looking forward to your holiday news.

    You did well to get any running in at all, the towpath is a difficult place to run with all the walkers, cyclists and fishermen with big rods to avoid!

  • I notice my week 3&4 video is on my profile now ................       
  • Welcome back.

     I think you just need to come back and forget what you missed and slot back into the schedule, unless you do all the runs all in one tomorrow!

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