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  • Glad to have you back Tracy! You'll catch up - it'll be like you never went away by Wednesday!!!
  • I woke up with a headache and ran on 2 bowls of sugar puffs and a banana, a pouch of body fuel, 500ml of hydrate and a carbo gel,.......   in the rain.  It did brighten up to become hot and muggy so I was glad of the rain when it started again.     I suspect I probably suffered from the lapse in my nutrition and hydration over the last 10 days when I got stomach cramps during mile 6 and mile 8 so had to slow right down, determined not to stop!  

    However, I broke my duck and managed to get back on track with my schedule.  100 minutes @ 9:15 - 10:15 pace was required.  That would be around the 9 mile mark so I decided to do my favourite long run route along the canal towpath up to Chasewater and back along the nature trail .

    Last time I did this route it it took me 106 minutes and clocked up at 9.35 miles.     This time, I did the same route but didn't cut any of the corners off so it came out at a bit further at 9.74 miles and I did it in 98:55, cutting my time by just over 7 minutes for a slightly longer distance which I suppose I should be pleased with considering I felt (and feel) so crap today!

     I also tried something different today and set my watch for the prescribed zone so that it would beep at me when I was above or below the zone, hoping that this would help me judge my pace more instinctively rather than constantly looking at my pace view.  The result was surprising, indicating that my pace is not at smooth as my mile splits usually indicate:   

    39:15 above 9:45 pace

    28:11 below 10:15 pace (although this will include the couple of minutes walking)

    31:29 within the pace range

    However, what I also learned was that once I am fully warmed up I am more comfortable running at the faster pace range - it's just a question of whether I can sustain it or maybe have the confidence to try!

    Average pace overall was within the requirement @ 10:09 which also included a couple of walk breaks whilst I took fluids and a gel. 

    Here are the finer details ...................

  • Here are the mile splits and averages .....

    Overage overall heart rate 165,  Avge overall pace 10:09, time on feet 1:38:55,   Max pace - 8:05 (see mile 10 below...)

    Mile splits and averages  

    Mile 1 - 10:01,   avge hr 154

    Mile 2 - 10:20,  avge hr 161

    Mile 3 - 10:24,  avge hr 162

    For the first three miles my average pace per mile was pretty much the same as that I was running at the end of the lap.  

    MIle 4 - 10:10, avge hr 165.    

    MIle 5 - 9:34, avge hr 171.  

    MIle 6 (with cramp) - 10:45, avge hr 167.  Running at 9:32 pace at the end of this mile

    MIle 7 - 10:09, avge hr 167.  

    Mile 8 - 10:46, avge hr 163.  

    Miles 7 & 8 - maintained consistent average pace but slowed down to 10:54 at the end of 7  to combat another stomach cramp episode, finished mile 8 at 9:33 pace. 

    MIle 9 - 9:37, avge  hr 167    Mile 9 - On the home straight, so picked up the pace   running at 9:06 at the end of the mile.

    Mile  10 (0.74) - 7:05, avge hr 172,   average pace 8:54, but finished at 8:07 pace  - don't know how, by then I was really tired! 

    I won't be able to run on Tuesday as I will be late home from work so will do speed session tomorrow which I know isn't ideal but it will also give me a chance to try out my new shoes which were waiting for me when I got home yesterday.   Didn't think it wise to test them out on my first long run back!

    In view of the day change Steve, do I need to make any adjustments or can I just look forward to an easier "easy run" on Wednesday!! 

    And now..... I need to sleep!  image

  • Oh,  btw - I notice my week three and four "sideways" video  has replaced week 1&2 on my profile if anyone is interested!     This is where you get to see me running like a donkey..... image

    week 3&4 training video   -- at the bottom of the page......

  • Welcome back, and well done on improving your time despite not feeling 100% !
  • well done on the run - great stuff after the break.

     If you are going to do the speedwork Monday, be prepared to do it slightly slower and start more gently.

    Take Tuersday off and then try and get back to schedule Wednesday

  • Welcome back KGL, good luck with the speed session tomorrow. Look forward to hearing all about it later.
  • Great running!! image
  • Thank James, didn't feel very good!    Haven't got round to updating on GNR thread yet but I hope everyone is well  image

    Has anyone else not yet got their GNR number?  Still nothing in the post for me today.... wonder if it's because I am towards the end of the alphabet?

    Had nothing for GYR either!  

  • KGL great running wish I was improving that much and I've got my HM on the 21st.
  • The secret to big improvements is to be crap in the first place - the only way then is up!!  image

  • LOL at being crap in the first place!

    I haven't got my GYR number either, but I had an email from them so they must know I'm entered. Right? Could really do to start making plans but need my race info first!  I hope we get our Lucozade kit this week so we can all wear it for the race.

  • I've had an e mail too..... what plans do we have to make?  This is all new to me!   Isn't it just a case of turn up in your kit, park the car, hide in the toilets til 5 mins before the start imageand then run til you see half a bouncy castle?? 
  • No GYR number here either! Perhaps we're all meeting up some place and receiving it that way?
  • I don't even know if there is a car park any where near. Folks on the GYR thread are talking about parking at the Park and Ride and getting the tram, which would be running a sunday service so not very frequent. I don't know what time the race starts so can't even begin to work out what time I might need to leave the house. All somewhat vital info!

  • Just found this on the Great Run site:


    Online Entries now close on Wednesday 3rd September at 14:00

    Race Packs - Any entries taken after midnight 31st August, race packs must be collected from The Winter Gardens, Surrey Street S1 2LH between 12:00 and 16:00 on Saturday 6th September

    Sheffield City Centre. Sunday 7th September

    A fast, flat course with superb city centre finish.

    START: 0920

    So it looks like a collection thing as entries are still being taken (not as popular this one then image) Although our entries should of gotten in before the 31st????

  • Good running Tracy.

    Love your video diary, mines in limbo between here and RW HQ, it's too big to e-mail but I can't seem to upload it where it needs to be uploaded.

    No GYR number here either, getting a little too close for comfort. Did receive my GNR number last week so yours must be en-route.

  • Parking info:

    Also on that site is info relating to the park and ride system. 

    PS sorry for hi-jacking your thread Tracy - thought it might be useful to you and the others too. 

  • 9.20am???? Flipping heck! Might call my mate in Sheffield and ask if I can stay at his house! Except he'll be out clubbing till the small hours and coming home drunk and loud. Hmmm, maybe not!
  • 9.20 am??   I think Bryan and I are going to need some extra donuts!  I'm going to have to get up at 5 am!!

    Anyway - onto more mundane things - here's my training report for tonight ........    (next post....)

  • ok - the positives first - 

    1. I like my Nike Trainers.  They felt a bit strange at first because there is a lumpy bit just under the toes but once I had "settled" into them, they were comfortable and provided more support than my Mizunos that feel like a pair of slippers, but have plenty of cushioning.
    2. I did my speed session and met Steve's target

    negatives -

    1. After my long run yesterday, I found it really hard work and tiring (mental note to consult my running schedule before agreeing to meetings north of Stafford in the next 4 weeks)... or maybe that's a positive because I still managed to do it when I was tired??
    2. My hip hurts.....  image

    Stupid Stuff -

    1. Didn't make time to drink enough today, so knew I would suffer for it
    2. Tried to run on water when I could have bought a bottle of body fuel aka rocket fuel
    3. Didn't eat anything before I went out!  Completely forgot - what's that all about?  How can anyone forget to eat??  Hence I was hungry by the end of the second rep......

    Next post is the numbers - not taking any chances on losing it all with a too big post! 

  • schedule called for 10 mins warm up, 5X 1km reps at 5:30 pace with 90 second recoveries.    Managed to set my watch correctly and turned off the autolap so that I could track my recoveries also.

    Because I am running my speed session without a day's rest after long run, Steve advised that I run it slower and start gently.......

    Taking each lap manually worked ok with the speed rep but I misjudged the recovery laps and took 15 seconds longer, not deliberately, although I have to confess that I needed those few extra seconds!

    Warm Up -  10:01    avge hr 140

    1st rep  1.06 km - time 6:36, avge pace 6:13,   avge hr 161

    recovery 1:57 avge hr 143

    2nd rep - distance 1.0  km - time 5:43, avge pace 5:43    avge hr 162

    recovery 1:46  avge hr 148

    3rd rep - 1.06 km - time 5:28, avge pace 5:34   avge hr 167

    recovery - 1:46   avge hr 153

    4th  rep - 1.01 km - time 5:40, avge pace 5:36,   avge hr 172

    recovery 1:46  avge hr 158

    5th  rep - 1.0 km - time 5:54, avge pace 5:28   avge hr 174

    recovery 1:44   avge hr 162

    Cool down - 10 minutes avge hr 125

    Glad that's over for another week - looking forward to a rest tomorrow. 

    Don't quite know what to do for the best with my hip.   Has anyone else any experience of a tight IT band?   I'm icing it, stretching it, compressing it on a foam roller, massaging it and taking anti inflammatories occasionally but other things I read suggest  that this only eases the discomfort - and the underlying biomechanical issue needs to be addressed to "cure it", or that it's bad shoes, or weak hamstrings or weak glutes.

      Is it just an occupational hazard?  Doesn't hurt whilst I'm r unning, just afterwards..... and if it's biomechanical how come it has only just started?       One thing is for certain - it's an absolute minefield!

  • Excellent session after a slow start. The speed has really come on over the last month.

    Re ITB You are doing most of the right things but while it isn't hurting whilst running, eventually it will unless you see a  good chiropractor or osteopath

  • Good session Tracy, speed spot on, tough work especially when your feeling tired. Mini taper and plenty of rest at the end of the week so come Sunday you'll be flying.

    9.20am That's an early start but I suppose it can sometimes be hot in September!

    Kits just arrived and GYR number. Hooray!! Panic over

  • I got my GYR number in the post today but no sign of the GNR pack yet!

    No kit yet, but may have been delivered to work and I haven't been there today....

  • What's the difference between a Chiropractor and an Osteopath?
  • not funny or useful answer: A 'C', a 'r', a 'i' etc

    There isn't a huge amount of difference. I see both  on a fairly regular basis. I find chiropractic treatment slightly more off the wall and usually shorter in their sessions but both look at body structure and like to realign and ease things back to where they should be.

  • That looks like a good session to get you back in the swing KGL. Sorry to hear the hip is still niggling, especially with you putting so much into keeping it under control. Hope you're feeling less tired as you get back to normal.
  • Got my kit today .... not sure whether my bum is going to fit into those shorts!    They're a bit skimpy on the leg aren't they ladies??    I am a dumpy brunette, not a wannabee RW front page model?? 

    Hope you gents have got a bit more fabric in yours!! 

     It's all part of the fun isn't it!!  image 

  • keep going lass, you can do this wrote (see)

    The secret to big improvements is to be crap in the first place - the only way then is up!!  image

    I've had my number today - I'm right at the back of the pack  pink - zone K!    ....

    an hilarious contradiction in terms with "Super Six" stamped on my back that really appeals to my sense of humour - but at least no-one will pass me!   image

    If the GNR organisers supply me with a broom, perhaps I could sweep up behind everyone as I am going along!! 

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