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  • Sorry boys - that was a bit girlie wasn't it --- here's the technical bit ....

    At the end of last week’s fast, furious and knackering half hour, some of which is illustrated in the video, Andy (my trainer) said,  “we’ll have an hour next week so we can do more”…..    Arrived for my session with a mixture of excited anticipation and dread – how can I possibly do more… and for an hour??  image


    I’ve had a bit of an achy hip the last few days and had assumed it was a “lying in a funny position in bed achy hip”  but as both Jason and Guy also have achy hips I thought perhaps there might be another connection…. unless of course they also lie in bed in strange positions….. or maybe it’s sitting glued to computer screens for hours on end that does it as that’s something else we have in common!  image


    Back to the training …. first question every session ….. “any niggles?” so I mentioned my achy hip but no mercy shown whatsoever ………. Power, balance, core work and lots of hip action…. came away with video footage, including my attempt at being a ballerina …………think Dawn French in Vicar of Dibley and you’re somewhere close.image



    Result?  I am completely knackered but feel great,  achy hip – gone - for now anyway.     The man is a genius!   I suspect however than in exchange I will have achy arms, back, shoulders, chest, glutes, hamstrings ……..when I wake in the morning…..   image


    Long slow run tomorrow – very slow, I have to do two hours at 12-13 minute miles – sounds easy but I think I will struggle to keep the speed down with all the faster work I have done over the last couple of weeks that has obviously made me stronger (and thinner!) . 

    Have to rethink my route as the one I did last week will be really wet in the puddly bit after today’s torrential rain but I’ll worry about that in the morning …….


    Time I had something else to eat! image

  • Well done on your session KGL, and hope you have a good run tomorrow! image

    I have a similar 'feel thinner dress' I bought when I just started to lose weight.  It was a size 16 & I bought it when I was a 22.  By the time I could get into it, I wore it once for about 25 mins for a New Years party I ended up not going to, then it hung in my wardrobe for ages.  By the time I had the chance to wear it again it was enormous on me (I had gone down to a size 8), so it's still in my wardrobe.

    I should prolly get rid, but its a gorgeous floor length black sequined gown and I really like it.  I'll never wear it again, as I'm never going to let myself get that I guess it's just going to stay there image 

  • Hope run goes well and no achy hips. I think you could probably manage 12s or slightly under and not take too much out of yourself but start it easy and make sure you stay relaxed over the first hour and so you start the second hour not too tired from the running, or the long Personal training session.
  • Today, I ran 11 miles in 2 hours, 3 minutes and 12 seconds…….

    Average Heart Rate – 155

    Max Heart Rate  - 178 (mile 6)

    Maximum Pace: 8:56

    Calories burned - 1535

      Pre run – bowel of porridge, cup of tea and 500 ml of body fuel.    Used another body fuel sachet during the first 5 miles. 

    I had found the first 5 miles quite hard, mainly because of pacing I think.   Miles 6-9 were the opposite – probably the most comfortable and enjoyable run I have done so far.

      Pace was supposed to be between 12 and 13 minute miles,  even with the walking breaks to take the gels and one stop for a calf stretch, I  averaged 11:16.   

    The uneven mileage splits are indicative of forcing myself to slow down rather than naturally slowing because of fatigue, with the exception of mile 10 when I was tired!

  • Here’s the story:

      Mile 1 – 10:43, avge hr 151

    As predicted, I struggled to keep to the 12-13 mile pace that Steve had called for.  Running at that pace now feels unnaturally slow  - my legs are much happier with a pace of around 10:30:11:00 minute miles. 

    Mile 2 – 11:20  (split time 22:03)  avg hr 152

    Managed to pull this back to a more realistic pace.

       Mile 3 – 12:11 (split – 34:15) avge hr 149

    The start of this mile marked a fairly steep canal bridge and  I was suffering from my usual pre 3 miles unoiled ankles syndrome, .so I walked up the bridge and stopped at the top for a few seconds to give my lower calves and ankles a stretch, probably about 30 seconds in total?  

      Mile 4 – 11:22 (split 45:38)  avge hr 153

    Uneventful except I finished my body fuel sachet.

    Mile 5 –  11:37  (split 57:15) Avge hr 156

    Uneventful except that just before the end of this mile, I walked for a little while to take a carbo gel and plenty of water.  


    next post - 2nd hour ....

  •  2nd hour .....

    Mile 6 – 10:52  (split 1:08:08) avge hr 160

    Carbo gel did its work here.   This is also the bit of the run that goes through the “populated” bit of the route so for some reason I always seem to speed up when there are people about!  No idea why – it just happens!!


    Mile 7 – 10-:55  (split 1:19:03) avge hr 158

    My favourite bit of the route – down the nature trail, zig zagging along dodging the puddles, no aches, no pains, no awareness of how fast I was running – just enjoying it.


    Mile 8 – 11:32  (split 1:30:35)   avge hr 153

    An hour and a half into the run so as I left the muddy bit of the nature trail, walked again for a few seconds to take another gel.


    Mile 9 – 10:16  (split 1:40:52)  avge hr 158

    Along the road and a slight incline – it felt steady so I’ve no idea how it ended up being my best mile!!!


    Mile 10: 11:24 (1:52:16) avge hr 155

    Another poke in the ribs to remind myself to slow down when I realised how fast I had run the last mile.     My music had died by this point so this is where I started to find it harder.


    Mile 11: 10:56  (split: 2:03:12) avge hr 160

    Once the beep had gone to indicate the end of mile 10, I was in the “anything after this is a bonus” mile.   I had only 8 minutes to run to achieve Steve’s target and this spurred me on.   The time included a few seconds walk over a really steep bridge that it really hard at the best of times.    I decided there was no benefit in trying to run over it, particularly as I had run out of water.  This mile therefore includes a 20 second walk. 


    Post mile 11 – 12 seconds…


    Topped up on water, some serious stretches and  10 minutes in the steam room was followed by Lucozade recovery drink post run plus cheese and ham sandwich on seeded bread and an hour sleep………… sleep I’ve had it weeks!!


    I’ve passed the 10 mile mark so now I know I can run 13 miles …….and I’ve 7 weeks left to improve wherever I need to.    In the last 3 weeks, I have doubled my mileage both on my long run and my overall mileage during the week.    I don’t want to get complacent though, avoiding injury is essential so I will continue with preventative  achy hip, tight calves and sore ankles exercises on a daily basis.


    Next run Tuesday ……….



  • If you run faster when there are people around, just wait till you get to the GNR! 50000 people enough for you?! You're going to fly!

    On the day probably only 36000 or so will turn up to run, but there'll be spectators lining the route as well.

  • Tracy that is spectacular. I'm trailing you somewhat on the mileage now, but that last post (s) were totally encouraging. There's hope for me yet & I hope you are well proud of yourself. You have every right to be dancing! Congratulations on the magic 2 hours and the 11 miles!!
  • Another excellent run despite the "bowel of porridge," from your post at 19:41!

    It's clear that I need to adjust the speed of the training as you are now much fitter than you were a month ago and a faster pace will be more natural to you and more useful to what you will ultimately achieve over the half marathon.

    ie it won't seem now that anything over 11 minute miles is now a recovery pace for you rather than a steady pace. I am absolutely sure you will be well under 2:15 for a half and probably closer to 2:00, if you carry on with this sort of running and training and stay on top of your niggles.

    a well deserved day of rest from running tomorrow.

  • How do you know it wasn't a "bowel" of porridge Steve?    And anyway, that's how we say it in these parts "bow-ell" image

     I can cope with getting my spelling wrong as long as I don't get my running wrong!   I'm off to eat some chocklit   image

  • Based on your comments last post - how do you want me to approach Tuesday's speed session --- assuming I can walk??

  • CC2 took the words right out of my mouth! 50,000 other people will make you fly to South Shields!!

    Great run there KGL. If you an do 11 you can definitely do 13.1 

    Look after yourself, you are doing brilliantly!! 

  • So glad you clarified " bowel of porridge"  was  a spelling mistake, was worried for you sis, with your achy hips and then your bowels!  image  Keep up the good work!! X

  • re Tuesday session.

    It is one you could easily do outdoors and programme. presume it may be difficult using on a treadmill as its such a short distance and you would have to keep the treadmill pace constant and jump on and off.?

    I've specified doing 12 x 200m in two sets.

    You could either Garmin measure a straight 200m and then use the same course or alternatively just programme by time - ie run 60 seconds fast and have 30 secs recovery, and while you would only cover 200m if you ran 8 minute miles, it wouldn't matter if you only say covered 176m in that minute.

    Judging by your recent runs, I'm fairly sure you would be able to easily manage sub 10s as it is such a short distance, but be aware that because the receovery is short, it's important not to run too fast too early in the set as you won't recover if you overeach yourself on the first three.

    Is that any help or has that made it clear as mud?

  • Ok - I'll give it a go....... inclined to go for the 200 metre distance, use the first 3 as a benchmark and then build on it to improve the speed over the same distance as any impovement will be more meaningful to me in time for distance terms.

    Sub 10's? ....... walk in the park! image   

  • Catching up this morning with everyone. Some great running for 2hrs. I know what you mean about keeping the pace slow, it feels harder to monitor and I failed with my 11min/mile last night.

    Sorry to hear you have caught the achey hip problem, I would say mine was due to newby niggles and nothing to do with the bedroom image.


  • No running for me today - it's my day off!     image

    But if anyone else has an achy hip - here's an exercise for it that I did on Saturday .... does your bum aswell........   If you can't balance on one leg, hold onto a wall!

     achy hip exercise

  • Tracy,

    You have amazing balance, that would be me flat on my face I can't stand on one leg for toffee.

    Enjoy your rest day

  • practice makes perfect ..... and don't forget I've posted the good bit!!image
  • Another great vid Tracy looked a bit like Karate Kid with that stork movement. Fab balance I would be like Sue eating dust image. My physio gave me a good exercise but no way near as dynamic.

    You are lying down on your side for it so there is no way of breaking your nose, knees bent, heels together and open your legs like a clam.

    Keep a hand on your hip to stop your body rolling and just use the hip muscle to raise the knee. I can only raise my knee about 4'' on each side when done properly. 3 sets of 20 for a good burn then change sides image.


  • How do you know if you'e doing it properly?
  • Steve,

    Thinking ahead, I have my quick 90 minutes on Sunday and I go on holiday the following Wednesday - half way through week 5.  I will be able to do some running and week 5 looks like an easier week anyway, although it is unlikely that I will be able to run on Wednesday.    

    I'm a bit concerned about keeping up with week 6 though.   Could you make some suggestions as to how I can juggle the schedule around so that I maintain the progress made so far and pick up again where I left off when I am back?


  • DT - tried your clam exercise..... 4"? I think I must be doing it wrong!   What angle do you have your bent legs at?  I would think that the smaller the angle, the more it engages the hip and the harder it is to do?

    I think we need a demonstration!!  image

  • As long as you can run a little on holiday then it will actually do you good to have an easier week, before the real training starts on your return!

    If you can get one longish run in for endurance (hour), one sustained say 30 minutes hard, and one run with some fast strides then you won't lose anything and it will give the body a break. 

  • Well we're going on a canal barge holiday so there should be plenty of towpaths for me to run along and I can just wait for the boat to catch me up when I've had enough!! 

     ...................and I'll  get plenty of cross training opening the 32 locks at Tardebigge on the first day!

  • 32 locks wow that will keep you busy? At your pace you will be waiting a long time for the barge to catch up!

  • What did Steve mean about before the "real" training starts?

    32 locks means hills are you going up Tardebigge locks or down?

    Being in charge of the windlass you will certainly get a brilliant upper body workout.

  • Tracy! What a fantastic video!

    Sorry to be the absolute last person to comment on that by the way - i like the way our photo pops up image  anyway you say your time estimate has now come down. What are you aiming for now? That is excellent news, you have worked so hard and are seeing the benefits of that!!

     Getting the recovery in nicely i see, and the "chocklit" (!!) are you weighing yourself too to check fluid loss / sweating etc.?

     Well done anyway. I have emailed you my new phone number and email address.

  • Speed session tonight and the first one I have attempted outdoors.  Steve prescribed 2 sets of 6 X 1 minute intervals with 30 seconds recovery sub 10 minute miles.


     There is a disused railway track behind our house that has been converted to a cycle route so I decided that was probably the best place to run up and down – at least there would be no fishermen looking at me strangely!


    I had programmed my watch to run for a minute and then recover for 30 seconds and converted it to km, of which I have no real concept so I had no idea what the pace numbers meant so I just ran at a pace that I felt I might be able to sustain for a minute, starting with jog recoveries for 30 seconds and then after the 5th interval, thought better of it and decided to have walk recoveries instead!


    The first set went ok but I felt a bit “uneven” so for the second set I decided to slow it down a bit and run at a more even pace, having taken about 3 minutes rest.


    Messed up a couple of times with forgetting to take the lap on the watch at the beginning and lost my interval count part way through the second set so I ended up taking a longer rest than I should have done but I didn’t do too bad handling the technical bits considering it was the first time I had used it this way.


    So what’s the verdict……….

  • Oh bum - it didn't save ...... I've got to enter the times again now!     Be patient ... .it's worth the wait! image
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