Don't you wish you were doing this one...

No sooner had I got over reading the information I'd been sent about ASPIRE's bizarre "sponsored channel swim in the comfort of your own pool" than I came across this one.

Someone in Birmingham is being sponsored to eat as much pizza in half an hour as she can - to alleviate starvation in Zambia, Zimbabwe and Angola. Wonder if she's a runner? I'm sure most of us could acquit ourselves very respectably in an event like that.

Can't quite see the logic of stuffing yourself to relieve other people's hunger, though. It reminds me of being told to eat up my tatties and mince and think of the starving children in Africa. And I feel rather tempted to suggest some ideas for sponsored events to draw attention to the poor sewage facilities in parts of the developing world...

Enjoy your races tomorrow!

Cheers, V-rap.


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