RW - Good idea?!

Here's the thing.
The girlies have the nationwide 5k running impetus via the 'Run for life'
What's for the chaps. What is the sport actually doing to get us couch potatoes off the couch and exercise our spuds?
How about RW gets together with clubs nationwide to get men ( and girlies?)
off their behinds and find the joys of running.
Must be stacks of schools would like to see pupils and families involved in sports. I know that there are govt sponsored orgainisations charged with making this happen and funded accordingly.
How about RW get involved with promoting such a campaign. Get people running. Its easy and its free.
RW just think of the increase in your circulation?
Why not have a nationwide series of men/women/family runs a bit loke the run for life but not sexist.
Clugs t organise- no outlay -only roel to advertise?
What about it?????
Rant over..Send OBE to email address.
Actually its a good idea isn't it?


  • Yes it is, especially if it helps youngsters (not to mention teachers..)realise at a young age that they can participate in 'sport' for their own enjoyments sake ( & hence health) rather than only if they're any good at it - but then as you know I've got a bit of an agenda there.

    I do think that RW could do a lot to help children - who are the runners of tomorrow - into sport and so build up a bit of a loyal following - and not just via sports lessons / running clubs either. EG how about RW sponsored classroom teaching packs to help the youngsters work out their HR before during and after exercise - as part of a MATHS lesson - and work out their own resting pulse rate / WHR etc ? It would help some of them see a point in learning how to do %'s etc.

    Equally they could have a pack looking at the physiological (good word for 20 past 11 on a Saturday night) response to exercise - eg heat / faster HR / breathing rates etc. Also they could apply all that physics that I vaguely remember about Kinetic Energy- ie something like joules of energy = mass x distance or something - you know - you use the same amount of energy (virtually) if you lug your mass around a mile whether you walk run or jog it....

    OK I'll go to bed now! Been waiting up to see the Northern Lights - there's meant to be a good chance tonight - if it weren't for the cloud
  • Yup
    The old heart rate stuff is in the science curicculum.
    Come on RW great chance for cheap advertising here, and raise the profile of running with little 'uns
  • Funy thing Barkles - I've never noticed the RW team posting on the forum from home late at night - maybe they're not as addicted to it as us lot as they only post whilst at work.

    Come on Sean or someone - prove us wrong! Oh no Sean won't - he's newly married.....!
  • Hmm, running with little ones, three legged races? Piggy back races? Infant in backpack handicaps, stroller relays?

    But seriously, doing anything with your kids is infinitely worthwhile. Well done Vrap and Kevin the teenager!

    When looking out an entry form the other day I came across a very old one, four to be precise, partly filled out with my name, and each of the kids names. We did some fun runs together ages ago.

    And since then we have sailed with and against each other, my other half and son 3 are presently fighting it out on the water somewhere, and generally, it has made all the difference.

    5K parent child team championships? Prizes? Age categories?

    Could learn from Race for Life. There is something very compelling about that race, which inspired the most unlikely competitors. But there are other causes which reach us all.

    Well, Barkles, you're in schools, aren't you?

    Keep dreaming, but don't just dream.
  • Yes, pleeeeeease!

    There's been a lot of ranting about how personal finance ought to be taught in schools. Well, money's just money, it comes and goes and can be lost and made again.

    But we only get one body! And unless things have changed a lot from when I left school (in 1981, admittedly), exercise as a health-promoting way of life is not taught, either in PE or in what we used to call "Guidance" (which was basically about periods in first year and contraception thereafter, and I've got 4 kids so it obviously didn't work).

    I'm a worried dinosaur. I can visibly see kids ballooning before my eyes - take a look next time you go to a municipal swimming pool or a beach. A few years ago, I switched the permanent cuff on my blood-pressure machine from "standard" to "large" because so many people now have upper arms over 35cm in diameter (and that's rarely because they've got bulging biceps). In my relatively small practice (4,400 people) I have three obese under-35s with type 2 diabetes - one of them is only 20 - and a local hospital has 20-odd adolescents with the same condition under its care. People say I'm thin at a size which would have been considered normal 40 years ago.

    And family activities are becoming less and less prevalent, and society is suffering...OK, I'll stop talking about things I know nowt about. But surely the family that exercises together will have a better chance of staying together?

    So count me in. I'd be happy to do my bit to publicise a "running as a way of life" campaign in the popular medical press or to be involved with local events. It would be nice to do more than just nag people.

    Cheers, V-rap.
  • Nice idea Barkles! Perhaps Flora could do a family type thing or something.

    I think part of the reason they limit the Race for Life thing to women is similar to why they have women only gyms - namely that some people wouldn't go out and run if there were men involved too, so by limiting it to women, it gets the participation up. I did the Carlton London 10k last year (mixed for the first time, having previously being women only) and there was quite a bit of bad feeling about it.

    Then again, men obviously need encouragement too - and not just ones with family.

    The general attitude to health in this country worries me. I don't see it as directly as someone like V-rap, but so many people just seem to let themselves go. When I was a teenager I was always keen to do active stuff, nowadays (god I'm starting to sound old!) what with less games fields, parents frightened to let kids out on their own, and the increase of computer games, wall to wall TV etc, kids are getting completely inert. Little hope for their kids then when they become parents. IMO it definitely needs some initiative to sort it all out.

    I shudder to think how much obesity and related diseases cost the NHS each year, but I'm sure that health initiatives as suggested would pay dividends for the Government financially as well as in terms of health.

    My rant over!! Iain
  • great idea! In the Kruf 10k today there was a 2k fun run,and loads of dads didit with their kids. It finished in the Millenium stadium, and most of thse kids were SO proud
    I expect the dads were too
    If we can get the kids interested young, then it would solve a lot of problems in the future
    Im sounding like a broken record at work trying to get people to even WALK 5 minutes a day
    Hope RW is taking notice
  • Come on then RW - make this a priority to sort out this year - ie before Christmas - forget all the niggles with the forum - (I can even live with squinting at it if I have to) - but please - you are in a position to help here - and via the forumites you've got some fantastic resources to help you become an even more important part of the running community than you already are.
  • Barkles, you've got to get this off the ground. I suggest you need to involve

    1) Some commercial enterprise, to supply marketing knowhow and advertising,

    2) Some educational unit to put it over to teachers,

    3) Some running authority, to encourage running clubs to open their doors to offer local advice.

    Not sure which of these three is best to approach first. I have no contact with any of these, so couldn't say. RW how about it? Any teachers/administrators on the forums who would know where to start? RW on its own would probably not have high enough public profile to get such a thing going.

    The structure behind Race for Life could well help suggest how to organise it, if they were willing. They may be jealous of their expertise.

    I do think you could pinch two ideas from the Race for life strategy that has contributed to their success:

    1: a cause. Linking it to a charitable cause that kids can't resist. In my experience, they care deeply about what's happening in and to the world, feel pretty powerless to affect it, and respond to opportunities to raise money for causes that make something a little bit better. So perhaps a global concern? You too can Run the World, or somesuch, proceeds to...

    2: restrictions. Race for life was women only, so many women felt, oh, that applies to me, better get out there. I think it was a very strong selling point. It is possible that requiring children to enter with a "parent" might work: dare your dad to run.. get Mum out of the house.. Not sure, and am prejudiced because I feel strongly on that point.

    It is a good idea, you will need to get somebody to join in who has contacts with any of the above groups. It's not impossible.

    Write down how you would organise such events, send your suggestions off to some such person, who will then send it all back saying rubbish, can't be done, and then you will send it to a second, and a third such, and the fourth or fifteenth will write back and say rubbish, the way you should do it is... and the plan will be on its feet.

    Just do it.
  • Good idea.
    I went to legoland last week with Mrs and girls.England getting more like Florida - overweight mums and dads , fat kids scoffing hot dogs.
    Junior D (4 1/2) started school last week - she has PE/Gym three times a week and is already excited about next years local race (you have to be over 5 to enter the 2.5m fun run).
    Watched the junior runs at GSR yesterday, makes me want to get out there and coach youngsters (4-11 yr olds).Same as teaching these kids, its what I want to do but I've got to get the degree first.Stupid really, why do you need a degree to teach this age group I never know - surely it's better to have someone who wants to do it.
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