Anybody just completed first ever race??

Hello, im a bit nervous because ive just signed up for two races a10k in September and a half marathon 26th Oct, ive only just started running but have found myself improving weekly.

 Is there anyone like me who has just completed there first run who can tell me how it went and how you felt?


  • Hi Sarah, I would also post on the beginners section of the forum. Im sure  alot of responses there too.

    I am currently in training for GNR at the start of Oct, scary stuff thinking you have to keep going for 13.1 miles but im sure we will both get there. The main advice most people seem to receive is: Makre sure you have the correc trunning shoes on, go to a proper shop and get expert advice, this will reduce the risk of injuries. Enjoy your running and lastly when the chips are down, just try and push yourself out of the door, even when you dont want to.

    Im sure you will get there, most peoples times also are a lot better in a race than in training so if you see peoples times and think I am nowhere near that, well dont be discouraged as you will probably knock 5 mins off a 10k training run in a race.

     Good luck,


  • Sarah, I suggest you read this thread about building up to a first race and its aftermath
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