Anyone just completed first race, im nervous!

Hello, im a bit nervous because ive just signed up for two races a10k in September and a half marathon 26th Oct, ive only just started running but have found myself improving weekly.

 Is there anyone like me who has just completed there first run who can tell me how it went and how you felt?

Ive only ran on treadmills so far and need to get out running,  but trying to run straight 30 mins first, can do 10 mins, five minute walk and than another 10mins so getting there!


  • Hi!

    I completed my first race last Sunday.... I did Sherwood Pines 10k and did pretty good for a first timer too!

    I've only been running since April. Was run/stopping at that time and built up nice and slowly... Followed all the fab advice on here... Gait analysis, good shoes, build mileage slowly, run long distances slower than you think AND a bit slower than THAT.

    I was VERY nervous of the race itself. But needent have been. These things are very well organised and the running part it easy.

    Trust in yourself and dont get carried away with whatever anyone else is doing... Run your own race your own way and you'll get a good race....

    Good Luck!

  • Hi Sarah - I can't pretend that I've recently done my first race (mine was a little over five years ago) but I do recall some of the feelings, many of which have repeated themselves to varying degrees at every race since including one last night which was my first race back after an injury layoff.  I too am building back up to other races so it felt a little like your 10k will feel to you.

    Before your first race you can expect to feel excited but nervous (bordering on terrified for some people).  This is entirely normal.  You may struggle to sleep the night before - this is normal too as is the possible feeling that somehow you 'don't belong' (this usually brought about by the sight of knots of other runners all wearing club vests and looking like they know exactly what's going on - for many, its an act - they're all nervous too).

    After the race, the most likely feeling will be that it went far better than you feared/expected.  Assuming your training has gone well, you'll either have finished quicker than planned or feeling like you could have gone faster - that's fine too - you now have a PB to aim for and, probably, a medal to show off with.  You will, almost certainly, not have finished last.  Enjoy it.

    I've seen another of your threads and the advice there is sound - build up gradually and you'll be fine.  Use a schedule geared towards the half marathon and use the 10k as a chance to experience the race atmosphere and check where you are up to - doing that 10k as part of your build up is an excellent idea.  Similarly, Mr Moonlight's point about running YOUR race rather than anybody else's is spot on if easier to say than do - the 'mistake' you're most likely to make is to go off too fast then crumble towards the end and finish feeling like a wrung out dishcloth - even if you do that, take time to reflect on what you've achieved (treasure the medal) and where you've come from before putting it down as a lesson for the future.

    For me - last night, I picked a small local race with plenty of hills - I finished further back than I would have hoped to if I were fully fit, and behind some names that I know I've beaten in the past.  The race itself was hard work but I trusted my training and the race confirmed what I thought - I've retained some basic strength but need to do some more speedwork!

    Hope that rambling is some sort of help

  • Do as much road work as you can, other than that enjoy the race, run your own race, don't be tempted to go off too fast etc etc.

    You WILL be nervous, it's normal, but there is really no need to be.

  • Ran my first race last week, Town Centre 5k in Doncaster. I was nervy all day, and nearly convinced myself that I felt ill and couldn't run!  More nerves at the start line, everybody else looked so focused, warm up routines, lots of club runners etc. It was a huge relief to actually get running, made myself start at the back, first race and all, so I overtook a few and finished mid pack, even beating my (top secret) target time by two seconds. It was a great experience, fellow competitors very friendly, marshals and crowd supportive, a vast range of ability in the race, and a nice t-shirt to take home. Enjoyed it so much I felt no pain (for two days). This week I've walked a little taller.

    Take a deep breath, enjoy it and good luck.

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