Im in after 5 rejections...anyone else in yet?


  • Had an E-mail this evening stating their records showed I'd only been rejected twice (2007 & 2008), I've since supplied them my previous address (.....again !!!) to prove I'd been rejected three times consecutively at that address.

    I guess I knew it was'nt going to be easy getting the automactic place, I'm still keeping everything crossed.

     Anyone else had an e-mail ?

  • I did not think you started to find out until October??? Am I wrong??

  • I had an email yesterday saying that they had no record of me entering the FLM at all!! This made me laugh and a bit angry considering I used my rejection letter form this years race to gaurentee entry to Edinburgh...

     I also have a nice  running jacket and fleece from bequesting my entry fee in 2004 and 2005...

     I'm the same as you Brian - I think our names must be red flagged because I've yet to have any luck with the FLM. I'll keep a couple of fingers crossed for you too

  • I had the same email too saying the system shows me as having no records for rejection. I've sent them a erply telling them I applied last year from my current address and the other years from my previous address and gave them all of the details. Hope they manage to process it all on the back of that as I'm out of email contact until the 3rd August after today. I also told them I have every rejection magazine they've sent me!

    The cynic in me thinks they send out loads of these emails knowing that some people don't check it regularly and that some will have changed email addresses. These people then dont respond within the given 7 days and they won't have to give them a place. This then means they've more places left for the ballot or to sell to charities..........

     Anyway fingers crossed all goes according to plan and we get our places sorted out.

  • Hi Guys,

    I've also had the e-mail explaining I've only been rejected in 2007 & 2008 even though I am still wearing a London Marathon top when rejected in 2004.

    I've sent two e-mails & spoken to London Marathon who say looking under my name I have been rejected 5 times but under my postcode where I have lived for 6 years there is no info.

    I also got a name and he said if you don't get an e-mail/letter next week confirming a guaranteed place to phone him back and he will sort it out.

    Might be worth you guys phoning the LM office to put your minds at rest.


  • I think Ive been accepted Ive had an e mail about training and charity places? I haven't had a mag yet though, although recently moved---so the mag should be redirected.....does anyone know?
  • you wont get the mag until later in the year

    I have had a letter telling me I am in - something to be said for being at the same address for 14 years !!
  • smg2975smg2975 ✭✭✭

    I've received my letter confirming I have a guaranteed place, was a little worried that they might try to say that I wasn't entitled to it but no such worries.

  • I am tempted to enter what I consider a media debacle just to give them more of an admin headache...I mean how hard can it be? For those of you keen to take part, it must be incredibly frustrating.
  • I had a letter last year saying I only applied 4 times but I knew it was 5 and they had lost 2002.  Now Ive had an e-mail saying I have still only applied 4 times. Now they had lost 2003. but this time I have last years letter showing 2003,4,5,6 and that I would be in the ballot for 2007.  How difficult can it get?
  • i too had an email a couple of weeks ago saying they had no record of rejections so i had to email them all my addresses again.  I received an email yesterday telling me they were now able to confirm the 5 rejections and I now have a place - hurrah!!  They said i should receive an acceptance magazine at beginning of October and if i haven't by end of October to phone them. 

  • A couple of weeks ago I had an email saying they could only find 1 rejection in the last 5 years and yesterday I received a letter saying they could only find 4 and therefore I will be entered into the ballot. I've never moved and have never changed my name. I feel totally sick with the whole thing. What is more the 1 they can't find is last year so in theory I would have to apply 4 more times and rely on their admin before I would be 'guaranteed' a place again. I won't be bothering.
  • I had a letter confirming my 5 rejections a week or two ago.   Despite me getting married and changing my name a year ago.  But I have lived in the same place for 20 years
  • Running the Marathon is the easy bit, I'm thinking of getting sponsorship just for the application process.

    I haven't hit the wall yet .......but I've hit my Computer monitor a few times !!!!!!! Still nothing from the organisers about my last five rejections from two addresses.

    Statistically I've got more chance of running on the moon, than being accepted into the FLM 2009 !!!!


    Mr Rejectimus Frequentos

    From the Lost Kingdom of Basingstoke

  • QUOTE "Statistically I've got more chance of running on the moon, than being accepted into the FLM 2009 !!!!

    .............................................WAIT A MINUTE................... I'M IN  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  image 

    E-MAIL FROM FLM (Received today 08/08/08):-

    Thank you for your appeal for a guaranteed entry via the five time rejected system.

    In order to receive an automatic entry into the Flora London Marathon the rules and regulations state your application has to have been rejected five times since and including 2004, this needs to be confirmed by our records.

    After re checking our records I can confirm that your applications have been rejected for five consecutive years through the Flora London Marathon ballot.

    Your entry has been accepted, you will receive a successful marathon news magazine at the beginning of October 2008.

  • Had my letter a couple of weeks ago too - certainly pays to stay put!
  • yep, me and the missus are in after 5 rejections. aw crap. better get back into shape then. sub-4 target and no pressures of fund-raising just train, train, train ....

  • Ive only been rejected once and have applied for the second time this year. After reading the above Im not feeling too lucky. Although you do hear of some lucky sods ( or unlucky ) getting in on first attempt. Im 33 now, and I dont want to wait till Im 37.
  • Hi guys,

    I would like to check my application history also. Whats the best way to contact them. What is the email address that you use?

    Many thanks

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