How do you keep motivated?

Hi everyone, as some of you may remember,  I am applying for the Police and have to run 1.5 miles in less than 14 minutes to pass the fitness test.  I started running at the start of May, initially for the Race for Life, then for my Police Fitness test.  I am nearly there with my time etc, but my question is, how do you keep  your motivation fresh?  I am really struggling just now, I had a blip in my training where I went to Dublin on a Hen Weekend, the following weekend was the wedding, and the week in between, I had my entrance exams so I concentrated on studying and put training on a back burner for that week, although I did one training session, so at least I did something.  The week after that I was not well, so that put me back again, and now I am having real trouble motivating myself to do my sessions, and also the motivation needed during a session too.

Can anyone help?


  • I remember having motivation issues a few months ago, but I think this is because I was over training, and trying to do too much.

    Now, it's progress that motivates me, be that a faster run, or the same speed at a lower heart rate, keeping a log and following a good schedule keeps me motivated.

     Working towards a race event is good for motivation too.

  • For me it's all about gadgets image

    Garmin 305 with sports tracks software, iPod Nano with Nike+ widget then poncing around reading stats about how fat and slow I am .. I love it to be honest I also love 6am when most people are in bed and the air is cool.

  • I used to absolutely love my early morning runs, for some reason it was always sunny at 6am, even if it was going to be raining the rest of the day.  But at the moment its all I can do to get my backside out of bed for work.  Don't get me wrong, I have been back to my training sessions for the last week, but really struggling with motivation.  And what better motivation do I need other that, If I don't pass my fitness test, I don't get into the Police! But even that just isn't helping at the moment.  I have the running blues!
  • XorroXorro ✭✭✭

    I had problems with motivation a couple of months ago, I was try to change jobs at the time too.

    Someone asked me if I had depression and should I see a doc, that peed me off so much I got straight back out there just to prove there was nothing wrong with me, lol. Some of what demotivated me was my lack of progress, just doing the same stuff all the time.

    But now, like Dan, my goals are to be able to run faster and further, so that motivates me.

  • That would give me the mojo to get back out again - why is it that is your having a down day, people ask if your suffering from depression?!  I have had that before from someone at work who actually wouldn't let the issue drop.  In the end I had to speak to my manager about, he's not here anymore so that made me alot happier!

     I reference to my progress, I was doing really well, thats what is the most frustrating thing.  I am starting to think its the heat that is affecting me!

  • If you can make yourself train on days when you REALLY don't feel like it, you'll be a MUCH better runner overall.

    I sometimes don't feel like exercising but always feel better afterwards - just project yourself into the future -  and think how pleased you will be with yourself.

    Don't let minor things get in the way - slight colds, feeling flakey, social arrangements.

  • Hi Rosie,

    I have been running  'again' now ( used to run at School  nearly 30 year ago) for a couple of years. My weight had balloned to over 18 and half stone + , I used to get out-of -breath very easily, so I took up jogging along the canal by where I live and last  time I weighed myself I was under 13 stone, ( 181 Lb) result image.  I also have mild bouts of depression and running helps combat  that, it keeps me calm and happy in a ever stressful world. A run also puts a bit of colour back in me pale cheeks and gives my lungs a  workout.  What also helps me keep motivated is I realy  do enjoy/like  running, I watch it on the telly, buy the odd running mag' when I can and also go online and check out stuff, eg '', ( same name on there, Tony D). Just look at some of the fit women runners like Kelly holmes, Denise Lewis Jade Johnson, Kelly Sotherton etc. I'm also a member of a great club -Wolverhampton & Bilston AC, by that  I mean they are ALL really supportive  there. I also vary the time of day I run, the route/course  I run, and the surface I run on. Also booking-up a run, near or faraway,  ( 5k 10k whatever) in say  two or three months time may help keep you motivated especially when you get your number threw the post, you know you have to do some training then. In 1985 my Dad died of a heart attact a week after his fifty first birthday so running for me is like  a life insurance, if I stop running I could might  die sooner than if I did'nt run, and I have a little two year old daughter now, so I want to stay healthy for her aswell.

     Good-luck & best wishes, T

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