Celebrating a big birthday in London

Two weeks today a friend of mine is celebrating a big birthday, and London is a good central place for her mates to meet up and make a mess of her liver.

Like everyone we're a bit skint, but on the other hand big birthdays only come around once, so it would be good to make it a night (and possibly a day as well) to remember. 

Any suggestions on good places to go?


  • SezzSezz ✭✭✭

    Do you want suggestions of places like bars and restaurants?  Or things to do/experiences?

    For bars and restaurants then Soho is one of the best places I think.  Lots of bars around there and some great, and not expensive restaurants like Cafe Emm.    Upper Street in Islington is also chocka with bars and restaurants.  Check out toptable.co.uk for other restaurants ideas.

    You could start the day at Vinnopolis for a wine tasting experience before heading into Soho.

  • Vinopolis is fab and they have a really nice restaurant too if you wanted a spot of lunch before you get p*ssed doing the tour!!
  • Vinopolis sounds like one option then!  Thanks both. 

    I think at the moment we're pretty much open to any suggestions Sezz.  Places to eat and (especially) drink, obviously, but things to do in the afternoon would be good too.

  • SezzSezz ✭✭✭

    OK, how about a dinner cruise up the Thames?  

    Or you could hire a pod on the London Eye complete with champers before going to dinner in the west end.   

    You could arrange a treasure hunt around London finishing up in a bar.  

    Sugar Reef in Piccadilly has a bar and restaurant upstairs and a club area downstairs.  

    How about tea at the Ritz or Waldorf (one of them does tea dances, hilarious if you can't dance!).

    I loved arranging events at one of my previous jobs!  I'm in the flow now.  How many people will there be and what age mix?

  • SezzSezz ✭✭✭
    Sugar Reef is part of a group called Late NIght London that has other good bars and clubs in the group such as Digress, again near Piccadilly (used to have a fab 80s night).  The Langley in Covent Garden is very cool, quite retro downstairs.  One other place I hear a lot of people going to be is Strawberry Moons but I've never been there so can't comment if it's any good.
  • Sezz, that's absolutely brilliant, thank you so much.  I need to do some googling to look that lot up, and will pick your brains more tomorrow as well if that's okay.

    Off to scoff a BBQ now.   Where's my brollie?image

  • Hey Sezz. we'll have try out some of those options one day.

    You could go one of the open top buses round London. I did that with a friend before she emigrated to Australia in the middle of winter. Bit nippy but a right laugh.

  • SezzSezz ✭✭✭

    Deffo, in fact not sure why we haven't been to the Langley before (or have we?).  It's near Pineapple Studios.  And they do great chips there (Langley not Pineapple).

    The bus tour thingy reminds me of the Duck Tours when you go in an am.phibious vehicie, half on land and half on the Thames.

  • Oxo tower Bistro is nice; as is the National Portrait Gallery restaurant.  Not cheap mind...
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