Garmin 305 Vs 405

Think my husband might have decided I can have a Garmin - this after he came out for a run (I say run, but he mostly walked as I am so slow) with me one evening this week when it was late and I didn't want to go on my own and my Nike + said that we'd only run about 4.5km (when I checked it against map my run it was closer to 6km!) when he swore he'd gone further than that.

Anyway, I'm wanting to know what it is about the 405 that justifies the extra price? OK so it's smaller (but fiddlier to operate?) and wireless (not bothered by that), but the 305 seems to have everything I'd need (and more) for quite a lot less? Am I doing the 405 a disservice?

Please advise me so I don't buy the wrong one and regret it - thanks.


  • If you are price concious, get the 305.

    The single reason I got the 405 over the 305 was the size, I saw 305's at race meets and couldn't bring myself to wear one!!!.

  • If you just want the functionality, then get the 305!

    It is  bulkier, and less comfortable to wear than the 405, and in real terms, they both offer more than you are going to reasonably use anyway!

     The thing to realise is that the 405 is NOT an upgrade of the 2/305 .  Garmin themselves will tell you that it is a new device, not a continuation of the series.  So they offer different (albeit minimally) things!

  • TripTrip ✭✭

    I had the 205 some years ago, so the 305 seems positively svelte by comparison.  I'd strongly recommend the 305 - can't seem to justify the extra price for the 405. 

    At least, its not something I feel compelled to upgrade to - if I was buying for the first time I suspect the 405 would probably seem a lot more attractive.

  • I took months to decide between the two!!

    In the end went for the 305.  Does everything I need and I like it big, makes the information easy to read.

    The 405 cant be worn as a normal watch as the battery life I believe is just not long enough, so I reckoned for my needs the 305 was the way to go.  Had it a month now.  Best thing I have EVER bought.

  • Battery life is two weeks plus on normal watch mode
  • This is exactly what I was wanting to know... look forward to hearing any more responses!!

  • Also, another consideration, the 405 is pretty much purely designed for running, the multisports options are limited, the 305 is designed with multisports in mind, so if you do a lot of cycling and want to use the watch, the 305 is the better option.

    I love my 405, and think it's probably one of best pieces of kit I have brought.

  • I looked at the 305 and the 405 this weekend and the 305 was huuge.

    I still can't decide what to buy. I guess it depends on what you need it to do.

  • The 405 still has a bike mode though doesn't it danowat? You just can't easily switch between run and bike mode like you can on the 305 right?

    Also @Trip: I think you must be thinking of a different model, the 205 is exactly the same as the 305 in size, shape and functions, it just lacks the heartrate monitor. Perhaps you had the 301 or the 201?

    Still I agree though, the 205/305 is not that chunky. It is a fair bit bigger than a wristwatch but not uncomfortably so.

    If I had the money I probably would have got the 405 as it really does look the business. If you just want the functionality though and either want to save money or are not bothered about what it looks like then the 205 or 305 is perfect. For me, as money was tight and I didn't want a HRM either, I got a 205 and payed just over half what a 405 would have cost at the time. 

  • It does have a bike mode, but as I understand it it's nowhere near as comprehensive as the 305's bike mode.
  • I have had my 305 for nearly a year and love it. It is big and I have a skinny wrist, but you can see all the info easily while your running.

    You can have it on 4 different fields so you can choose what you want to monitor as you are going.  The battery life is good.

     Not sure what the price difference is but the 305 does everything you could need.

  • Kate SpeedKate Speed ✭✭✭

    I've plumped for the 305 and it should be here tomorrow.

    Any tips on setting it all up - is it easy enough to do? I'm sure I read somewhere that it all has to be done in a certain order or the computer won't recognise it or something? Or was that all in my imagination?

  • I am completely useless with technology and found it really  easy to use and set up. There is an easy booklet with simple instructions and believe me if i can manage it then anyone can.

    You will love it. I didn't know anything about setting up in an order i just turned it on and it was all easy.

  • Hi Kate , my son and i both have one and know you will just love it  . We have only had them for 8 weeks and still getting used to using them . Read the book first as its so helpful - particulary page 8 about user profile - but your probably go back to it time after time just to do or add something new as im still doing .   ITS A BRILLIANT PIECE OF KIT      HOPE YOU ENJOY IT          BEST OF LUCK

  • I've got the 305, am small, with tiny wrists.... it is big, but I love it. Really easy to set up, and great to track etc.... really good piece of equipment.
  • Kate SpeedKate Speed ✭✭✭

    OK, my 305 has arrived, it is out of the box, charged and the training centre installed on the computer which is recognising it - all going well so far except I haven't been out for a run yet! Just wanted to ask about motion based and sports track or whtever they are called - do I need them? What benefits will they add - I've found the motion based website, but can't find the sports track thing - obviously I don't need to do it all right now or anything, but It would be useful if people could tell me if I would need one, or both of them (do they do the same thing or are they different?)

    I think I understand that you need them for putting your Garmin Data onto pretty maps? Sorry, not very GPS/computer literate so any advice would be great. Thanks

  • Forget motionbased, it's soon going to be swallowed up by Garmin Connect, which is an online app to store your data, not sure the 305 is support by GC as yet.

    Sport tracks , is a GTC replacement, IMO, a much better piece of software for view and recording your runs, it can also display your run data over a satelittle map.

     You don't need either, but I think ST is a very worthy piece of software.

  • Kate SpeedKate Speed ✭✭✭
    Thanks Danowat. I now have sport tracks installed and have got my workout on both that and the Garmin training centre, but my run is not showing on a pretty map, just a blank background. How do I get it to show up on a google earth type map?
  • Kate SpeedKate Speed ✭✭✭
    Sorry, ignore that, I've figured it out! Much easier and quicker than drawing it on map my run.
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