Another Newbie!


 I am also another newbie at this running if someone would of said to me in my teens i would be running for fun i would of laughed in there face - and here i am!

 I have joined the local running club which i really enjoy and have my 2nd 10k race tomorrow (i call it a race - more like walking backwards for me!).  My first 10k was last month and i did it in least i have something to compare too now!

Now i do have a race tomorrow is at 730pm - what do i eat throughout the day and do i eat anything before the race?  I know I am not doing a marathon but start small and work-up!image


  • Hi Beanie3

    Well done you on your races - great start!

    As for eating during the day, I found it was a case of trial and error to find out what works and everyone you ask will tell you something different. For me a pasta or rice salad at lunchtime and then something like a bagel or a crumpet with honey on at about 5pm gives me a brilliant energy boost. I can't eat any closer to a run or I get a stitch but a friend swears by a banana half an hour before a race. Like I say, it's trial and error really! The most important thing, especially in this heat, is to keep your fluids up.

    Good luck!

  • Welcome Beanie, sounds like you are making great progress already.
  • Welcome!!!!.

     I have my first evening race this week, every other race I have done has been early.

    I am going to try and follow a similar routine to my early races, so I am going to have a normal lunch, then have a bowl of porridge 3 hours before the race, as I would on an early race,  and see how that goes.

  • Hi Beanie

    Just make sure that you are not feeling bloated.

    Good luck with the race. Come back and tell us how it went.

  • Good luck with your races everyone, make sure you come back and tell us how it goes.
  • I'm doing my first 5 km run tonight at 7.00pm

    I have got the banana ready before the race, only question is what time to eat.

    How long will it take to enter the system to provide that boost 

  • Hi Andy

    I would have thought that you would be better saving it for after the race.

    A couple of glucose tablets immediately before is probably more suitable for 5k.

    Don't go off too fast. Do have a drink just before the start. And - Enjoy the race.

  • Cheers Big Dave,

    Will get some glucose tablets before the race

     Let you all know how I got on tomorrow

  • Danowat - i know you are fairly local to me as you did the humpty dumpty - or you doing broome tonight?  If so i will see you there!

    Had pasta for lunch gonna have a couple of bananas an hour before the race and see how that goes.....I am very nervous as its hot and i know i am gonna be last!

  • Oh by the way thanks for all your eating tips and best wishes i will let you all know how i do!

    Andy Jones good luck on your 5k

  • Okay - finished in 67 mins again - well hell i am consistent!

     Note to brain - do not eat that banana so close to the run - not good.......serious cramp......

  • Too near especially if you eat the whole banana. Start one an hour before the race and take a bite every 5 - 10 minutes, that willbe better and you will avoid cramps

  • Well I managed to finish the 5 km in 28 mins 45 Secs, got the appetite for more now.

     How long would it be best to leave before going running again and when to do the next race

  • Hi Andy

    Congratulations on your race.

    Rest for a couple of days.

    Then get back into training.

    When you have good basic stamina - You should be able to do 5ks at the rate of about 1 per week
    But this is not the best recipe for achieving your best times.

    Work on the stamina first.

  • Good for you Andy - thats great time.

  • Hi Big Dave

    How's the best way to build up my stamina

    Would joining a local running club help to set goals and run in a group.

    I always run on my own at the present but still dedicated 

  • Check out your local clubs.

    I would expect that most will let you have one free go (mine does)

    Stamina - gradually increase weekly mileage and particularly the length of your LSR.

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