New gear needed.....

I am currently on a budget (as I suspect are 95% of you) but I need a few new running tops, and maybe a pair of shorts, and some socks.

Does anyone know of any decent kit on sale at the moment? Not necessarily a whole shop sale just the odd shop with a few decent deals?



  • Can you get to the sportsshoes shop in Bradford?  They do deliver, I think its about £5.  We went to the actual shop on the way to Haworth on a day out recently and it is huge!  They had loads of shorts and vests, and everything else you could imagine, really cheap.  They also do their own line of clothes, that seems pretty decent.  I came out with a big bag of stuff, and they were really helpful in there too.

    Good luck

  • Will give them a looksee, thanks!
  • Try TK Maxx, they often have top notch running gear very chaep as no-one really buys running gear from there.  Last week I got a pair of Nike Air Structure Triax 10+ for £25 !
  • up&running in leeds city centre - all tops/shorts/leggings/socks/jackets - 40% off the RRP!
  • "do running" have various clearance items for sale,

    (look on the internet, the RW mag, has out of date prices..)

    only this morning I bought my 3rd!!!!! pair of gt2130 shoes...cost £49...with a free "technical t-shirt"



    if the shirts naff,,,,hey I can use it to clean my push bike...

  • Hargreaves have apparently been going down the pan for 2 years. As sports direct is still in administration they're selling everything off in a closing down sale.

    You probably won't get top notch stuff, but I've picked up loads of stuff really cheap. Stock changes by the day though.

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