Garmin pace requirements

I'm following the Garmin half marathon schedule, but using my Garmin 50 rather than downloading the schedule to a fancier model. 

My question is how to read the pace requirements.

 eg  Tue 1M jog, then 6 x 1M (or 6 mins) brisk, with 400m (2-min) jog recoveries, then 1M jog .

 My "brisk" pace (for a 1:30 target time) is 6:52.  So should I be running 1m in 6:52?  or 1m in 6mins?  Quite a difference for my level.

 Also could you clarify the "fast " paces Fast-10K - 90-94%:Fast-5K - 93-97% MHR:Fast-above-5K:

Again for track sessions i'm confused about which of these paces to use.  In the schedule the distance and time always seems to suggest 1:30 laps...



  • On Tuesday, you should jog, then run for 6 minutes at your 6.52 pace, then jog 400metres taking 2 minutes....repeat the 6 minutes / 400metres 5 more times....then jog 1 mile.

     The schedule is saying "do a mile at brisk pace, but don't run more than 6 minutes....if that doesn't bring you to a mile, so be it"

     The fast paces are linked to you maximum heart rate.  Roughly this is 220 minus your age.  But this measure can be very different for some check yours you do a track or treadmill test.

    Once you know your MHR you can run hard watching your HR, and work out what the paces are.

    Or if you don't use a HR monitor, but have some recent races done when fit, then you can use your race results to determine your fast paces. 

  • That's great.  Many thanks Heckenhocker.  Makes sense in terms of intensity compared to other runs.  Just to clarify on the "fast" pace...:

    When it says Fast-10K - 90-94%:Fast-5K - 93-97% MHR:Fast-above-5K:

     Do I read this as any distance up to 5k "fast" = 6:05 min miles.

    5k-10k "fast" = 6:18 min miles.

    Over 10k "fast" = 6:35 min miles.

    Thanks again.

  • To be honest, out of context, it's impossible to be sure.  But I suspect the definitions are to be used for speed work.  So you might get a session that says

    "run 1 mile fast at 5k pace" or "run 1 mile fast at 10k pace"...meaning for you 1 mile at 6.18, or 1 mile at 6.35 (if those are your race paces).

    So you're not doing 5k....but working at that intensity.

  • thanks again.  much appreciated.
  • Just a quick one, Where I live it is very hilly and on this schedule there is for example an 18 mile run @ 7:09 min/miles.  How am I expected to sustain that pace on hills for 18 miles.
  • If by week 5 I can run 13 miles at a steady pace in 1:33 are the next 6 weeks needed?
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