Mountain bike or Road bike

Can anyone help me choose a bike for cross training. I am torn between a mountain bike or a road bike. I will be using the bike to cycle to work maybe twice a week, a distance of about 17 mile on roads and good cycle paths but I like the idea of off road cycling as well. Any suggestions ?


  • get yerself a hybrid   image
  • Is a hybrid the same as a town and trail bike I hve seen on the 'Halfords' site ?
  • The Specialised cyclo cross bike is a good one.  Not as thin as road tires and not like riding a tractor on the road as like a mtb.....
  • what's your price bracket?

  •  Hubby has this one and it'll take some abuse over multi terrain

  • I've got one of these and it copes with mild offroading but the wheels and gear ratios of a bike this size dont suit proper cycle-cross.

    The flip side is a bike with smaller wheels and suspension is less effiecient so it will feel like more effort getting to work.

    That said I get overtaken by the cycle "hardcore" on their mountin bikes everyday

  • I would go for road really - they can take off road pretty well unless you do serious off roading.
  • And I'd go for a mountain bike, something like the Specialized HR XC as it's a lightweight, but tough bike. If you're cycling to work, you'll be carrying kit and I feel so much more stable when riding my mountain bike (not got it yet!), plus it's more stable when riding over potholes and on wet roads.
  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭

    On the road the most expensive MTB will be rubbish compared to a cheap road bike, off road the best road bike will be rubbish compared to a MTB.    If you really want to go MTBing  on it then there's only one choice - but 17 miles (is this one way) is a fair commute and you really wouldn't want to make it any harder by doing it on a MTB.   I've actually got a specialized HR without any suspension and I absolutely hate it on the road - it's just so much slower for the same effort.    Either way for commuting mudguards are pretty much essential - or at least once you've had them you wouldn't commute without.  

  • eM.milou : I only wanted to spend around £300, a bit limited on choice as the 'bikescheme', as far as I understand it, only allows you to purchase from 'Halfords'.

    popsider : the 17 miles is one way, total 34 mile each day, only planning to use the bike for this twice a week and probably not at all during the winter months!

    Sounds like I should start with a road bike and get an MTB at a later date if I am still interested in going off road.

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