Strengthing my legs


I am not sure this is the right place to post this - but here goes anyway!!!!!

My main problem is the strength in my legs.....i ran! 10k on Thursday in 67mins (not great but kinda starting out!) my breathing was good - yes i was hot and bothered but its my leg strength that lets me down!  Any hints and tips to help with this?

FYI - i train 3 times a week - 1 speed/strengh run a week / 1 short run 3/4 miles and 1 longer run prob 6 miles.  I also include 2 x 10min exercise/core  per week (squats/weights and sit ups).

Any advice would be grateful..... thanks.


  • I have the same problem, my average 10k time is very close to yours, i feel its my leg strength that's letting me down as well. I have started a program at the gym that also includes squats and core exercises but mine takes about 40 min to complete. To early to see any improvement yet.

    Will keep you posted.

    Good luck with improving your 10k times.

  • IMO the only thing that will help your running leg strength is running! I had similar times to both of you. I increased my running to about 25 miles per week while training for FLM and my times got better too. My 10k time is now 57 minutes.... I got that illusive sub 60 after 4 years of trying!!!!
  • Thanks Eeyore and Ink Blot.  Its good to know i am not doing anything wrong and just need to be a little more patient (not my best trait!)

    Eeyore keep me informed on how you get on as any little thing that helps i would love to know.

  • Beanie3, I have got a half marathon next weekend, will let you now how the legs feel after that ! They did not feel great after my last long run of 12 miles two weeks ago, will be resting from Wed / Thurs next week, so will see if this helps.
  • wow good luck with the 1/2 marathon eeyore......have you anything big planned next year like the london marathon????

  • Hoping for a place in FLM next year, have entered ballot, fingers crossed , will know in October if I am in or not.

  • 3 words for ya...

    HIlls Hills Hills and er some more hills.....just run on hills......yeh it hurts but when you return to race on flat land...your a winner.


  • I don't think that the problem is leg strength as such. Adding exercises to increase your strength will help a little but I agree with Ink Blot in that the best way to improve is to run more!

    If your longest run per week is only 6 miles then they are going to hurt for anything over that. If you can increase your long run to as much as 10 miles then 10k will be a walk in the park.


  • Mike, I agree on increased mileage, my 10k runs became easier once I started my half marathon training but now my legs ache on my long runs 9 to 12 miles !

  • alehousealehouse ✭✭✭

    Agree with Haggis: hills! Also, soft, undulating, ground where possible.

    Also agree with Mikey T: gradually increase that long run.

    Ensure that you don't neglect flexibility work, also.

    Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success
  • StylishStylish ✭✭✭
    To improve times for a 10K you need to be doing LSR's of 12/13 miles for the endurance. You also need to do interval and tempo runs so that you get used to running fast. If your hurting doing your LSR's then you're either doing them too fast or increasing mileage too quickly. Finally when you race a 10K you want a good warm up, minimum of about 800M at very slow pace and then some good fast strides. This will get you ready to run at a fast pace from the off.
  • Also with Haggis on this - HILLS

    Also plyometrics.

  • Eveyone keeps saying hills - I live in Central London where it's flat as a pancake!  Tower Bridge is about as hilly as it gets, I know they always desribe it as an incline in the Marathon!!  I guess that means to do hill training I'll have to use the treadmill - but that's sp boring!  Anything more than 30 mins on it would kill me!

  • Stairs then
  • I live in a flat!
  • Go out and find some stairs/steps. There must be a few buildings around that have some.

    Or jog, cycle, or get the tube or bus to the nearest hill.

  • Beanie im an ex londoner use the tube stations when its quiet. there are loads of long drawn out stairways in london, your lying im not avin it.....i used to live there, we dont mean mountains, we mean hills, big difference.


  • Primrose hill, a few circuits of that will help,
  • in reality though, if it takes me an hour to get to the hill, and an hour back, it doesn't leave a whole lot of time to train!  I might be able to do it occasionally, but not every week.

     Looks like it'll be treadmill for my hills!

  • If you are near Tower Bridge, then try Greenwich Park rather than Primrose hill. Much nearer - about 20mins from London Bridge tube.


  • Thanks, Rachel - that was actually the hill i was thinking of using!  Still with my job and it being a struggle to get mid week runs in even when starting from home, it might just have to be the treadmill unfortunately!  Sunday, the only day of the week when i do have time, is reserved for my long runs!
  • Luckily i live in Norfolk - which is supposedly flat - its lies it has some cracking hills.....hill training it is.

    Thanks to all of you for your in the next few months i will run more and look at running more miles and to also find some lovely hills ( to be honest i hate hills but love a challenge!)

    I have had a real rotten week of it.....and in that lost a bit of confidence.....i just feel like an elephant whose shins ache!  Oh well no pain no gain and all that!

  • Greenwich park is ideal.  The climb over on the maze hill side is perfect for reps.
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