stiff calves. please help

i have struggled most of the year with stiff calves. i try to keep myself hydrated and haven't upped my training to quick. i suffered in Jan,Feb, some of March and recently in July. Got new shoes(Asics gel-nimbus 9s) and tonight ran in them for first time. noticed a little improvement in calves, it starts when running uphill, which living in Sheffield hills are non negotiable . anyone got advice? never suffered with calf problems before.


  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭

    Massage often helps.

  • At what point in your run does the tightness start, and does it ease off after a while?  I tend to start a run with tight calves despite stretching, but after around 6k it eases off.

     Maybe in the last year, apart from running, you're leading a more sedentary lifestyle (office job???)

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