Drink on the way round

whlst not condoning such actions...it was good to have a pint and a half of guinness on the way round on Sunday (as promised)

knowing that a fast time was off the cards, i didn't wear a watch, took a camera and some money for beers.

Makes a hell of a difference to the enjoyment quotient, i can tell you.

(for those regarding this as the height of lunacy, i would point out that andy blackford of RW has also run a race in a similar style - not that he's condoning it either, i suspect - "In search of the carved block", midsummer 19 miler in the south east: 5 pubs plus a cream tea.... sounds great!!!)


  • can of Heineken at the Kings Arms just before Tower Bridge (no canned Stella), and a can of Stella at RW Support Group @ mile 18, which I shared with a Wonder Woman.

    The Heineken made an interesting shandy mixed with Lucozade Sport (yeccchh!)
  • nice one snoop

    i had a pint of guinness at "The Grapes" - scene of last year's imbibing, as promised, just for old times' sake.
  • Hello Wolf, glad you have a good day.

    Could you publish your training schedules for this style of race please? Sounds far more enjoyable than the stuff recommended on the Training thread.
  • training schedule....

    100 miles in jan

    nothing in feb

    nothing in march

    6 runs in april (total 37 miles)

    4 pints of IPA the afternoon before the race, to get the throat loosened up

    there you go

    4'53 and no-ones complaining

    (makes me wonder why i bothered with the 500+ miles of training two years ago to save 55 minutes)
  • Excellent. Just 4 minutes faster and I'd get a PB!
  • well now you know the secrets i think that anything may be possible.

    it's just a case of knowing what you want (in this case 1.5 pints fo guinness) and having the confidence to go for it!!

    will i see you at windsor again this year??
  • Quite possibly. My workmate who sees fit to challenge me at Windsor has already entered. I can report he has not beaten me yet and was also 15 minutes slower than my time at FLM on Sunday :)))

    Rather like this new training regime.
  • Slurp of gin for me at 18 miles
    Did a pb(5.47)
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