Free Running

I love watching these people  (this link is to a video on the BBC website for anyone at work!)



  • Used to just call it larking around when I was a kid  image
  • Please God don't let my kids see this! image
  • Hmmmm.......not sure I threw myself from tall buildings when I was a kid
  • I did Dan but they wasn't as tall in those days image
  • i used to launch myself off wagon wheels. ..  those feckers were huge
  • One of my friends kids does this...he said he's just waiting for the police/ambulance to turn up at the door one day.

     Is it me or do things always seem to be to "extreme" these days? Is that an old fart thing for a 29 year old to say? lol.

  • You used to throw yourself off Wagon Wheels GingerLoon?


  • my 19 year old is into this...i love watching him doing this...great fun!!!!

    so far he has broke 3 fingers...had 10 stitches in his face...broke his nose and dislocated his shoulder!!

    and he is one of the better ones at his club!!! 

  • Dan....  I completly love free running, there are some great clips on You tube - (I've started a thread on this before I think).  Theres a couple, I think Russian clips where the guy is just amazing.....!

    I've also brought that Jump Britan dvd, if you like free running I think you'll enjoy it too.  Tis a tad on the safe side though I think due to health and saftey issues - but the you tube clips are the best...

    Alan - Where does your son do it and what club is he part of - i wonder if there are any around brum????

  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    "Please God don't let my kids see this!"

    I'd rather Muttley Jnr did this than just slob around on his arse in front of the computer all day. Chance would be a fine thing.

  • Brilliant - didn't know there were clubs for this

    I'm wondering if my knees would stand up to such abuse..........

  • I could manage a wagon wheel, but not a free run image

  • I could just manage a free wagon wheel now..yummmmmm
  • Hi Phil,

    There you go again, talking about food.

    How were the cream cakes in Sainsbury last night ?

  • Posh...they looked delicious till I dribbled all over them...decided to have a custard tart instead...nice bit of nutmeg on the top.

    My belly is rumbling already.image

    The chocolate thread is back up and running...groanimageimage

  • Saving myself 

     going for a late lunch / early dinner at nice country pub, which serves the best sticky toffee pudding in the world

    image this is me licking my lips just thinking about

  • Erm...that sounds like a very civilised way to pass a dreary day...enjoy.image
  • I know! It's so cool, it's Parkour, they have actual classes for it in London, I really would like to have a go!
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    Great clip, I think I'll found this other clip of the Russian guy.....  would love to know if there are any clubs around Brum.........  does anyone know of any......? 

  • I'd like to try myself out in free running but I'm not sure where to start. I found these parkour shoes online but I have no idea if they are suitable or not....Anyone has any experience with free running? My main question is what kind of shoes did/do you use?
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