N95 Armband

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I was just wondering whether anyone knows of any soprts bands/ armbands that can comfortably carry a Nokia N95 8Gb with perhaps room for house keys as well.

Any help would be fantastic.....

Thanking you in anticipation 


  • Old thread and later response....

    but just in case its useful:


    Not the most aesthetic solution - and not able to read the screen, but I haven't been able to find a waterproof case where you can see the screen.

    I'd hoped there might be a clear silicone 'sock' that the n95 might slide into - but they are all open on the buttons and in two halves to allow it to slide open.
  • I brought a belkin sports armband for the ipod classic to use with my N95 and it fits perfectly. The N95 and the Ipod classic are almost the same size. Very happy with it, can see the phone and control it through the clear cover.

    I actually brought mine over the counter at my local Maplin but there is various places if you do a google search.

     Just used it in the Great North Run and it was really good.

  • Bingo! - that's a big help!

    Thank you very much.

    Having never worn an arm band - how are they to run in? and are you able to wear it in a position where you can easily read it?
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