Night Shifts

I've just started working nights full-time at the hotel i've been working at for the past 2 years. The shift starts at 11pm and ends at 7.30am. What time would people recommend is the best time to fit my running in?

 At 7.45am after I finish work but before I try and catch some sleep?

Or in the afternoon, after i've slept and before the next shift?


  • ClagClag ✭✭✭

    I would reckon it's just a case of what works best for you. My dad used to work nightshift at times and he would always come home and go straight to bed, being more active in the late afternoon/evening, where others I know prefer to have their 'evening' in the morning and then get up to go to work as you would if you were a daytime worker.

    I guess it all depends on whether you can sleep straight after your runs and also how it all fits in with your life and social commitments.

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    Paul - it'll be a matter of trial and error. I have worked nights since October 2006> What i do is go home can't go to sleep straightaway need an hour to wind down

    I go to bed when i wake i fit in a run when i get up. Good to run in the daylight particularly in the winter months

    You could try a run straight after (or even run home if thats feesible) don't know the nature of your job, my job is physical and so don't feel like a run straight after, but you might be different. Give it a try. Maybe try some runs after your sleep see what you prefer

    Another thing don't know if you get some time between one shift pattern ends and the next one starts if so make the most  of that to get in some decent running

  • Hi Paul,

    I've been working rotating shifts for over 25 years now - that's a lot of nights!!image

    To begin with. I'd look at how you sleep during the day. Personally, after a night shift, I get through the door and go straight to bed. I find if I stay up beyond 9am I have difficulty getting to sleep. Sleeping patterns are affected by changes in body temperature and just as it is difficult for most people to sleep at night within an hour of running, you may find this for you if you run before getting to bed in the morning.

    For me, the ideal is to run within a couple of hours of getting up in the afternoon. Most of the year it is still daylight and I'm fresh and rested. Some days I can't do so due to childcare issues. If this is the case I tend to run before starting work and shower and change at work.

    As has been previously stated, experiment and see what works best for you.

  • hi,i work shits to and its a mare.  i do  6-6 days which i can do short runs on, and 6-6 nights when i do no runnig at all coz im just too knackered.  image                    i tried running after a night shift once and just simply couldnt do it.     nights take it out of you more than ya think!  only get a 45 mins break to so no chance of running on dinners,   not that i would anyway really image

  • Hi Paul,

    I agree with everything already said. Just make sure you listen to what your body is telling you. Nights really take it out of you and sometimes those planned runs just aren't feasible.

    Spiritpixie - I think shits is a great word to use for shifts - perfectly describes it!! image

  • Just one other point, there is a strong body of evidence that shows that the health risks associated with night work signifcantly increase once you reach the age of 40.

    If you are beyond that magical barrier, there's even more reason to take it steady !!

  • Oh Shit!! Really?

    I'm on that slippery slope then! Aghhhhh

  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭


  • me as well
  • Phew!! not on my own then. image
  • Im a nurse and work a week of nights with a week off after.My milage is cut abit that week but i tend to go out for a run once ive woken up in the afternoon. I still make it to club twice a week as well, however you need to listen to your body. Its usually the following week after the nights that Im more tired and notice a difference when I run.
  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭


    That sounds like my shift pattern except i'm not a nurse, it does take me a day or two to get back to normal. More if its been a tireful week

  • Thanks for the thoughts/opinions people. The going to sleep straight after work option sounds best to me. Tried this yesterday and worked well. Was out running at about 2pm at the beach, and it was gorgeous. Not too busy on the roads either, it's all good.
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