cortisone injections

Hi all,

 Been having an on going problem with shin splints, been to the doctor and he has given me a cortisone injection, has anyone had one before & if so do they work?

Really want to get back into running, its been so long now, missing out on loads of races!



  • Had one in my elbow for tennis elbow. Was soooo painful the hairs on my head are standing up even thinking about how much it hurt! image

    But it did work. It just took a while!

  • I had one in my shoulder about 5 years ago. Next day I couldn't move my arm at all, but once I'd got a bit of movement, I was pain free for a couple of years. Back to having the same pain now, and the thought of another steroid injection puts me off
  • From the surgeon's point of view, what I have been taught is to give the injection mixed with a local anaesthetic. The injection itself is very painful, but if the anaesthetic takes the pain away straight away lasting for about 1-2 hours, then you should find that the steroid part is very effective over then next few days to a week. I've treated a lot of very sceptical patients with good results. However I don't think there is very much evidence for it's use in shin splints, if you have a specific tender spot it may well be helpful.
  • I had them in my knees a couple of months ago for an arthritis related problem. It was flippin nippy but overnight I noticed a difference. A couple of weeks later I felt great and continue to do so.

    Good luck!!! 

  • I read this thread with dread as I awaited my appt on 20 aug for cortisone under ultrasound guidance to area surrounding achilles tendon.

    For those reading this with the same dread - I would say don;t panic. My experience was not as bad at all. Ok I felt it, but it was not ''that bad''. A bit throbby but nothing really. I had cortisone mixed with local anaesthetic.

    Maybe it was not so bad as was done with the help of guidance from ultrasound. I don't know. But I would not say it was really painful.

    so best of luck!

  • Would one of these injections help with pain from spinal problems?
  • I would assume that A. if you are having spinal problems you would be under a Dr and B. If it were appropriate he would have offered this ?

  • Hi M.eldy. I posted a question a couple of days ago with regard to my condition.  I have now been told by my doctor to find procedures/methods to help me, by myself, then go back to the Quack and asked to be reffered to it, because in there words, there is nothing else they can do.image
  • (Meant to be) running the New York marathon 3 weeks on Sunday, but have been out due to shin splints after my 2nd 20-mile long run. So...the dilemma is, should I try 30 mins to see how it feels ? Or just leave it and rock up in NYC without any further training ? Or try and get a cortisone jag...?!

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