How weird

Last week I weighed myself at the gym on one of those scales that you pay 50p and it gives you a print out. Was gutted to find out I had put on 3lbs over the previous couple of weeks despite the fact that I had been training consistently.

This week I have mixed up the training a bit and exercised on 6 days out of the last 8 days. I have ran on the treadmill using the random hills and the interval programmes, swam, tried a spinning class and done some strength excercises. All a radical departure to just plodding.

Anyway, according to the same scales I have lost 7lbs this week!

Is this possible?


  • keep an excefrise FMS and the see what works for you best, then release it and make it millions.....

    diet any different this week?

  • Perfectly normal - your body weight can fluctuate a lot, which is why if you're going to weigh yourself regularly it needs to be on the same set of scales at the same time on the same day.
  • I think weight randomly fluctuates. Personally, I hate scales. If my jeans start cutting off circulation to my feet, then I know it's time to cut back image

    Well done on all the exercise though! I think I might follow your example.

  • I went on a weight/height machine at the gym,

    Was informed that at 5FT 6INCH and 16 stone i was obese, however i'm 6ft 3 &15 stone. So where the other half of me has gone who knows? (falls over again as i get out the chair)

    Don't even bother with the scales know, exercise and eat resonably healthy, all i can do.

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