World Championship Athletics

Got a quick question for you - all answers gratefully received!

If you were writing a trailer or advert to promote the TV coverage of the World Championships in Paris, what sort of thing would you really like to see?


  • Erm... Commission?
  • No commission I'm afraid, just eternal gratitude from Auntie.
  • LOL!

    Black and white slo mo's are fairly normal aren't they? Along with the lastest top 5 hit that everyone knows in the background
  • Yeah - or something like Stone Roses, 'This is the One' Yuk. Did you like the manga World Cup stuff, out of interest? (I didn't write it, by the way.)
  • I did! Bit of Led Zep!
  • Eh? What?
  • Led Zep! Maybe it's time to use some Sabbath instead.

  • We start with comedy stereotyped frenchmen on bikes with stripey shirts and onions chasing Paula Radcliffe as she tears off into the distance. We then fade to Ashia Hansen (or however you spell it) doing the triple jump across the Seine, using Bateaux Mouches as her landing points. Fade out, then fade in to Darren Campbell racing against super-sized snails, being pursued by comedy chefs in big hats (like "It's A Knockout").

    Throughout this, a Benny Hill-esque, speeded-up version of the "Marseilleise" plays in the background.

    Fade to black screen, music fades, then "Parisienne Walkways" fades in. Slogan fades in on screen: "France: They're not really all cheese eating surrender monkeys. They're also hosting an athletics competition, you know".

    When do I get my cheque?

  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    ....and then some American athletes appear out of a tank and the screen flashes "VETO" or summit like that.
  • Or see the Americans being blown up by British munitions?
  • Mr A - c'est formidabubble! The cheque is in the post.
  • But you said...
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