A new 10k in under 60 mins thread?



  • Hurrah! Well done Josie!

  • Well done Josieimageexcellent time!

    On the subject of shoes, I've always loved the very first pair I ever got - Brooks Vapor 7. They fitted like a glove and have never had a pair that good since! I have a pair of Mizuno's festering in the corner too - they fitted in the shop, but are awful to run in!

    Having a go - 7k's in 48ins is a great startimage

     I'm off on a 9miler on Sunday... (first run that long in years!!!)

  • bola - good luck on sunday!

    i'm off on a 6miler on sunday!!  may have to walk a little, but lets see what happensimage. i just want to see how that distance feels. xxx

  • Hi there, put me down for the spreadsheet or thingummy (I am rubbish at technology).

    Kaybee: 1 hr 8 min - next 10k 14/09/08...

    Long run with my brother/coach/sadist this weekend - where he lives is HILL CITY....

  • Well done Josie that is a good time. I ran 8.56 km last night in 51.17 and that is about 10k per hour but I had to stop and shelter under a bush on 30 minutes for 10 minutes because the rain came down so bad that the lane I was running up was flooding like a river.

    So not sure if I could have maintained the pace (was running quickly to get home asap) without the rest in between. It did encourage me as I have always thought if I stop for any reason that I couldn't start again so it was good to know I could.

    The weather was unbelievable in the winter you are dressed for the weather but I was soaked to the skin and the wind. A light shower is great to run in but this was just silly.

    By the way my new blister free socks didn't completely work but not sure if it was to do with the fact that my feet were soaked and shoes sopping wet.

  • Hi all,

             Splashed out today on some new running shoes "Nike Air Zoom Vomero+3" , got them from a very good shop, can try them out at the gym on the treadmill and take them back if not happy with them.

    My best time for a 10k is 1 hr 1 min 16 sec , achieved way back last October.

    My next race is this Sunday ( 7-09-08), The Bupa Great Yorkshire Run.

  • I'll amend my spreadsheet to include that, Eeyore. Good luck on Sunday!

    I have a sheet with pbs, and a sheet with all races run. If I have your times wrong, or you would like to add more details (date, which race, etc), you can note it on this thread, or e-mail me (madamepestis at hotmail dot co dot uk) and I'll correct it.

    I'm also happy to add times for any additional posters who would like to be included.

    I have only included times set in races / events, not training, but we can change that, if people would prefer to include all times.

    I'm having a few problems with google docs. I made a barchart of pbs in excel, but it didn't upload the chart with the data, and I can't seem to make a chart in google docs itself. Perhaps it doesn't like the time format. I'll have another look later.

    I haven't yet started a chart of our improvement over time - I don't have enough date data, and lots of us have only run one race (or in my case, none).

    This is just a first try. I might look into other file-sharing options.

  • Yershinia

    Looks good to me!

  • Yersinia sheet looks good hope to add my first time tomorrow.....but......it is raining heavy and the run is on Blackpool sea frontimage. Please can you guys cross every available crossable appendage as it will be tough one. Any running in bad weather tips?
  • Thinking of you DM will be flying to vegas but with you in spirit.

    Hope the wind is on your back if it is then you may get a really fast time.

    Don't worry about the time it will be a PB Would rather run in the cool rain than the heat.

  • Good luck Debbie!

    People say, if it's raining, wear a bin liner to stay warm and dry prior to the race and rip it off and chuck it as you're about to run.

    Make sure you have a towel and nice warm dry clothes to change into afterwards.

    I think it'd be a mistake to overdress in response to rain or cold - in the race itself, you'll be too active to feel cold.

    My triathlon was rainy, windy and cold, but I didn't feel cold. The times in the water and on the bike were a lot slower than the previous year, but the running times were actually faster - maybe because people weren't overheating as much.

    Is it a big race? If so, maybe you'll get a bit of a sheltering effect from the wind from all the other runners! 

  • Yersinia,

                   Well done with the spread sheet great idea.

    Have done quite a few races going back to 2006, should I just post the ones I have done since my PB last year ?

    Debbie, definitely go with the bin liner to keep dry before your race, I am racing on Sunday in Sheffield so I am expect rain as well, sorting out my bin liner now !!

  • Up to you, whatever you'd like to be logged. If we get to a point when a few people have done several races, and we have dates, then we can plot graphs of improvement, which is always encouraging!

    I prefer pictures to numbers...


  • Now that's just showing off!!!!!!!!

    Looks good

  • The graph and chart look great!!  well done you......

    I hope to add my first time for a 10k in 5 weeks time.  there seems to be some pretty good times kicking about, but whatever time i finish in will be a PBimage

  • image I have a big smile on my face after reading the supportive posts. I will take a bin liner.....I will look fab I am sure(LOL) Never though of the fact that whatever time I get will be a PB, I really want to do it below 1.05 but the friend I am running with says less than an hour...maybe if the wind does blow behind me I have a chance.

    Really excited now thanks guys!

    All the best for Sunday Eeyore and all other weekend racers out there. 

  • good luck to everyone will miss you all be back in touch in 2 weeks.
  • Hi

    I am new to this forum and i am running my first 10K in 10 years in 3 weeks time and really looking forward to it.image 

  • Welcome No fool - I am running mine today. I am relatively new to the thread and it is great, friendly and supportive. Keep posting. Not raining this morning so fingers crossed for today.
  • Debbie,

    good luck today

  • Good luck Debbie!

    I am LOVING the spreadsheet and graphs!

    My race is tomorrow but i've got a rubbish cold and don't feel remotely as though i have done any proper training. Meh.

    And welcome Old Fool (I feel a bit mean saying that...)

  • Hey all - hope everyone has had a good week. Mine has been really busy so I haven't been out for a run since Tuesday. Got a 5k tomorrow, so hoping for a decent time in that.

    Am loving the spreadsheet idea! Am I too late to join? My current PB is 1:12:22 - think I'm the slowest but also think I should get a prize for consistency - I did that exact same time in my last two 10k races!

    Good luck to all racing this weekend image

  • Been away for a couple of weeks and just spent an hour catching up on the forum.

    Well done to everyone - we all seem to be improving.  I have my next 10k tomorrow and it is supposed to be a fairly easy route with great possibilities for gaining PBs.  However I haven't run for 2 weeks due to torn calf muscle.  I have paid for the run so I will go along and see how it goes, with the intention of just enjoying myself.

    Thank you Yersina for the spreadsheet - great idea and thanks for including me on your list.

     ood luck everyone running this weekend.

  • I am an idiot - just seen that I'm already on your spreadsheet - you are super organised! image
  • I just went through this thread and included all the race times I could find.

    If people want to add dates, or names of races, I can do that. It's all very quick and easy.

    Sounds like there are a few races tomorrow - Good luck with those!

    I've just received my number and details of next weekend's race. The bumf describes it as " 'off-road' with approximately 400m of firm grass track, 1,000m of woodland path and the balance of compacted gravel".

    Safe to say it's not going to be a particularly fast course, but should be enjoyable, and not too difficult.

  • Hey everyone I just got back from my Blackpool 10k. It was windy for some of the course which felt like I was pushing a pram at times. Some rain but not heavy thank goodness. I can through at.....wait for it cos I still can not believe it .....1 hour and 42 seconds. I ran 9min 45/50s miles my fastest ever. I thought I would be disapointed being so close to the 1 hour but frankly, there was a cobbled hill about half a mile from the end and then we had to run into the wind. I gave it all I had and a bit more. I will get an official time in the post so it may differ slightly.
  • Great time Debbie, well run in what sounds like difficult conditions.
  • Well done Debbie - that's a great time, especially when you were just hoping to get under an hour and 5!

    Can I be added to the spreadsheet.  My times so far have been 01:02:28, then 01:01:22 and most recently 58:53.  Ta. Josie

  • Yay Debbie that is fab!

    I'm all nervous about tomorrow now as everyone is doing so well and I want to keep up!

  • Plodmonster - I just tried to stay under 10 min miles. Everytime I did it I felt great and went on to do the next. Decide on a pace per mile of Km and try to stick to it.

    Hope you have a great time I did I am still on a high..

    Thanks to all of you for pre race support and the well dones!!!!

    I have decided that we run therefore we are winnersimage

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