A new 10k in under 60 mins thread?



  • Well done Karl.

    Under the hour, great . Did you need a sprint finish, did you realise how close to the hour you where ?

  • Thank you Eyeore,

     I had aimed for 6min per 1km so knew at the 9km stage that I was on course.

     The fact that I could sprint at the end has filled me with confidence for my next run (which I already want to do!)

     I guess I have caught the running bug already!

  • Thinking of doing my first 10k race in the next few weeks.  Done 6 miles in training as my long run and I was around an hour over a flat course..............good to here that I wouldn't be the only one at around an hour if I was to enter a race.

    Sounds like you've caught the running bug, I know I have!!!!

  • Congrats Karl - that running bug is a very easy thing to catch! Isn't it the best feeling when you manage the sprint finish at the end? I'm addicted to it.

    GS Monkey - If you can do it in an hour, I'd say it's fairly certain that there'd be quite a few people behind you. Get yourself entered into a race - they're great fun, and you'll probably be under the hour anyway. The atmosphere at races tends to make me run faster.

    I did a very small run today - just 2.2 miles - I've raced the last 2 sundays and I'm missing it this weekend!

  • Well done Karl, you must be well chuffed.  I'm back from my 10k and while I was a way off the magic hour, I did come in at 1:05:16 which is three minutes faster than before so hey PB for me so I'm happy.

    Course was much hillier than I remember from two years ago, ooh ouch.  Also felt that the km markers might have been a bit off, as I was at 30m on 5k with most of the bad hills out of the way so I was a bit surprised to have slipped three minutes by 8k as I didn't feel I had slowed down (and the last 1k  DEFINITELY felt short as I did it loads quicker than all the others and it was uphill all the way!  And I was POOPED.  Maybe I was going quicker than I thought cos I could see the finish.)

    But then I suppose you only become aware of these things once you start "looking for a time" rather than just aiming on getting round.

  • Well done to all!!

    I have only ventured out once since last weekend so was looking for motivation - thanks!! -  I think I found it!! 

    I find judging my pace really difficult - This week I went out and only did a short run, with a hill.  I felt I ran well up the hill and then was running for home fast (I thought!).   I didnt check the watch whilst running but was excited when I stopped it and looked at it when i finished  thinking a definite best - I could not believe I was slower than usual! - How does that happen?!!  image

    Think I will just have a couple of biccies for energy and then go run...!

  • GS Monkey:

     I would def recommend entering for a 10k run, I should point out that the adrenaline of a race envirionment  will help!

    Don't be put off thinking of other people being quicker you will find loads of supportive people around to encourage you.

     Good luck and let us know how you get on.

  • Well done kaybee, a PB you must be pleased with that.

    I ran 8 mile today in 1hr 31 min. got a half marathon in 4 weeks time so need to increase the long run to 10 / 11 mile's in the next couple of weeks.

  • Thanks for the encouragement guysimage

     Looks like there's a 10k on just down the road from me at Petts Wood.......sounds as though I should give it ago!!!

  • Well done Karl and kaybee.  GS Monkey - from the sound of it it's only a matter of time before you're thrashing us all at 10k.

    I ran my re-measured and extended 10k route today and did it in exactly 1 hour.  I was determined not to look at my watch on the last bit as I thought I had no chance of making it under an hour - if I had I might have sprinted a bit more, though i was pretty much at full pace anyway.  At least I know I've got a proper 10k time on the board now and can work from there.

  • Thanks Eeyore and Josie.  Eeyore, I'm in the same position as you - my half is in 5 weeks and I'm at 8 miles so really need to push up to ten. Good luck!
  • Hi everyone looks like you are all doing well, my email has not been alerting me to new addiotions to this thread so I thought you had all been busy this week. Welcome to the new people sorry I am a bit late with that one.

    I have been running more frequent, shorter runs this week trying to improve speed. Have managed to keep under 10 minute miles up so I am pleased with that. Planned a long run today but couldn't escape the kids in daylight hours and the route I want to do is country roads.

    How does everyone plan to deal with the darker nights and running alone? Don't want to be put off but don't want anything bad to happen.

    Feel I need to book up for another run soon to get me motivated and northwest ideas? 

  • Debbie - I'm joining a running club this winter. Safer, and good for motivation on the cold nights too image
  • Good idea but I am concerned they will all think I am rubbish!! These also happen on set nights which I find hard to stick to with work and family. This is how I started running...it's flexible.

    Been lookig at events. Thinking about Liverpool 10k. Anyone done it before? Went to uni there, lived there 7 years all in all so might be quite nostalgic. 3000 runners a contrast to 300 last week at Blackpool. What do you think guys?

  • Ran my 10K race today.

    The course was pretty much as I expected - some small areas of mud and puddles, and narrowish paths, but mostly pretty good forest tracks with quite a bit of up-and-down (about 170m ascent and descent according to Bikely) but nothing to stop me in my tracks.

    I cycled there from my sister's house, and the back route I took was quite hilly, so I was a bit more "warmed up" (=knackered) than I intended.

    I was a bit nervous when I saw how many club runners and proper fit people there were, and wondered whether I'd bitten off more than I could chew. I started right at the very back of the starting funnel, rather than in the middle of the crowd.

    We were started off by a Town Crier, and the start was very slow and congested, but once the field had spread out a bit we got a bit of a move on.

    I was pleased that I managed to run up the hills when others were walking, although my slow steady pace became a bit slower and less steady. I was quite knackered by the end, but did manage a bit of a dash for the line and finished in 1:02:59 (140th out of 188 women in the race). I was quite glad to hear more experienced runners describe it as a tough course.

    Then ice cream and beer beckoned, and it would have seemed rude not to answer their calls.

    My only major frustration is that my bastard Garmin 405 chose today of all days to cut out, revert to factory settings and lose all my data, including all my heartrate and pace data from my first ever race.
  • Absolutely brilliant.  Sounds like it went really well.  Well done!


  • Thanks guys.

    For all my reservations about the race pace calculator, it was almost spot-on - it predicted 1:03:14 from my 5.2K time of 31:37.

    I was just 15 seconds faster.

  • Fab time Yersinia on what seem like a challenging course. Did you go alone? I want to race more but will need to go alone as noone else I run with can see the attraction of doing events when we are so slow.

    Ran 3.8miles in 36.43 today which is 9.37miles. My fastest run yet. It is just below the magic 9.40  pace needed to run under the hour. I am going to try to run my shorted runs fast and extend my long runs to get stamina.

    I need a race soon but dare I go alone....tell me guys do you? 

  • I ran alone, but Mr pestis came along to act as Sherpa, support team and official photographer.

    He understands. He ran when he was a teenager (1:45 half-mara at 15!), but buggered his knees, so doesn't run any more. He did some mountain bike races too, I think.

    I think he fancies doing a cycle road race sometime, so unless we do it together, there may be some role reversal going on.

  • I always 'race' alone ( maybe its easier for us blokes ! ). the only time I run with anybody else is on club nights.

    I usually see other members of the club at races, we sometimes start together, they are much quicker than me so I just wave them off !

  • Updated pbs for your delight and delectation:


  • Chart is looking good!  Well done for your race Yersinia - sounds a bit tricky to me!image

    DM - I ran blackpool alone - first race too! Had a couple of friends to enjoy a day out with after tho!  Was good day!!

    Also, i joined athletics club when they did an indroductory programe for women - think it lasted 4-6 weeks.  Some of us have stuck at it - we all seem to do our own thing though!  There is the chance to go out and run on the roads/cross country (I am not really brave enough being a bit slow- and do like to run alone).. but there is always teh track to use (I tend to do 5k around teh track once a week) and some sessions that you can join - such as stamina and endurance training sessions- which are good.  People are friendy and there is much advice to be had!

    LAst few trainig runs of mine have been very sluggish, even though only 2-3 miles so need motivation just now!!  Keep posting- it's good to see how everyone's doing!

  • Might go to Liverpool and drag kids in wellies and hubby along to cheer (standing them at the 9km mark to get me to the end). Day out at the docks after!

    Might contact Preston Harriers about ladies night, some of the sessions you talk about sound good. 

  • Where is everyone. Ran 4 days in a row this week. Clocking 36+ minute on a 3.8 so good pace. How is all the running going for you guys? Any races this weekend?
  • hi debbie.  Still been running but no progress made so haven't been on to brag about it like usual image

    I'm planning to run tomorrow and maybe do more than 10k fo rthe first time on Sunday, but as we're off to Twickenham for the 'help for heroes' match on Saturday it will depend entirely on how bad my hangover is...

    Good on you, though - 4 days in a row, I don't think I've ever done that or even considered it - you must have really got the bug!

    I chickened out of going to running club again today (which is why I'm now planning to run on a Friday night).  I really don't know why I keep failing to go - even though I know from their website that they do cater for runners of my pace, I still keep thinking that I might be a bit crap.

    On my run on Tuesday, I was doing fine and feeling good and then a load of runners (mostly men admittedly) came the other way and they just seemed to be going soooo fast - it didn't put me off my run but I do think that they were probably from the club I'm thinking of going to so maybe that's what put me off going tonight.

    Anyway, if I write it here I'll have to stick to it - NEXT WEEK I'LL GO TO THE RUNNING CLUB!

  • I think the running club would be a good incentive and also there will be runners of all different ranges etc. I'm joining up for one next week, so maybe we can compare notes. Try it once and if you don't like it then no one is forcing you to go, but it would be a shame to miss out on the opportunity. Good luck with the running and remember that all the people that joined that club, probably felt exactly the same way as you their first time round. I say go for it!!!!
  • Its a target of mine to beable to join this thread!I'm not there yet but am pleased with my progress.
    Today I did my longest ever run of 5 miles and took 59 minutes!Felt like I could've gone on running too so nothing wrong with the stamina side of things but need just a little bit more speed.
    I'm running my first 10k race at the end of October so am going to keep having a go at this 5 mile route until the end of Sept then gradually add on the last mile.
    Really great to read such inspiring posts here,they are a real incentive to me..
  • Hi everybody and newbies!

    I feel like i have been away for yonks - back from my holiday - its blooming freezing here! I bought back a Tunisian cold - which was nice - i think it is shifting now so will go for a gentle run tomorrow - i am dreading it.

    I took my trainers on holiday but i will be honest they didnt come out of my suitcase the weather was 38 degrees and the gym had no air conditioning and was unbearable to just stand in let alone run......

    ok excuses excuses but i am really dreading my first run......argh!

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