A new 10k in under 60 mins thread?



  • evening folks,

    i am gonna commit to a 10k run this saturday - otherwise i will never do it!

    hopefully on target for about for about 58mins but hoping for <55mins!

    i'll let you all know how i get on image

  • wow,

    i just had a serious blonde moment there............looking at the chart i noticed "somebody else with my name".............

    took me a couple of minutes to realise it is obviously my pb time that i posted earlier on in the thread! image

  • Of course you should join the thread, susiebe - we're mostly in your sort of range, and just aiming to get that bit of extra speed to drag our sorry arses over the line in less than an hour - most of us aren't quite there yet. The more folk here to give mutual encouragement, the better.

    I'm considering a 10K at Worthing on 6th December. That'd be 12 weeks after my first - enough time to see an improvement, I hope.

    My current plan is to spend the next few weeks building my distance, and then do the  RW 8-week 3x per week schedule.

    Also trying to lose some weight over that period. I'm not hugely overweight, but could do with losing between a half and one stone. 

  • I hope you don't mind me joining in with this thread.  I find it very hard to post on a thread that's appropriate to my situation.  It's great reading all your posts on here and fills me with a lot of motivation to keep going.

    Up until now I've only attempted a couple of 5k rfl's the last one being in 2007.  My times were ok (nothing fantastic) but I think the problem was that 5k seemed the absolute limit distance wise, that I could run therefore I was completely and utterly knackered by the end of the race! 

    I've set myself the target though, of running a 10k race and have started trying to increase the distance that I run even if it means doing short spells of walking to help keep me going.  I haven't decided which race to do as yet as I don't want to do one where I feel out of my depth.  I reckon it's probably going to take me at least 70 mins to complete it which just seems so slow in comparison to other people but I will stick with the training and who know's what I can achieve! image

    Just out of interest, what kind of training do some of you do to aim for your sub60 10k or what did you do when you started out?  How quickly did you manage to increase your distance in training runs?

    Keep up the great work everyone.

  • Welcome to the thread rachpoppy.

    My slowest 10k time is about 72 min. ( my quickest just over 61 min. achieved a year ago).

    My first training plan started out as a run / walk program, run a min. walk a min x 6 was my first ever run.

    At the moment I am training for a half marathon so I do one long run a week, at present up to 8 mile. Then another three runs a week , between 3 & 6 mile close to race pace.

  • Welcome Rachpoppy.

    I think the general advice is to ramp up the distance slowly, and not worry about speed until you're comfortable with the distance, at which point there are all sorts of weird and wonderful schedules you can follow. It's a whole new world of terminology.

    There are plenty of schedules on this site, and I'm just beginning to get to the point where I'm hoping to follow one, but am going to spend a couple of weeks maintaining a decent volume of easy running first.

    Went for a no-stress run this evening. No Garmin, no watch. Probably around about 10ish km, but don't know how long it took me. Nice sunny cool evening for it, and I had a new top, shorts and bra, so was feeling a bit sparklier than usual.

    Any threadsters racing this weekend? Good luck to any who are.

  • New gear is always great Yersinia! Welcome to the new people. I was new once and now I look forward to a natter.

    Rachpoppy - I never walk. For me it was just about feeling comfortable with a distance then going a bit further each time, not really thinking about speed at first. I find it hard to run again if I walk and I get stronger into my run after 1.5 miles or so. I haven't ventured beyond the 10k ish distance as yet. Now I am working on my pace at that distance and it is coming. I recomend going on mapmyrun.com and finding a route you can extend if you feel you can. Keep it slow from the start. Concentrate on getting your breathing steady ( they say 2 paces in and 2 out) and just keep the rythmn going. I found a pace I could plod on at comfortably and just kept on going. My comfy pace was about 11 min miles about 2 months ago now I go nearer 10 min miles. If I push it I am getting 9.40 ish, close to 10k in under a min pace. I also started running with a work friend, it is very good inspiration to keep going. (Dig Deep Bryn I call him and it was him I did my 10k at with a great time)

    NEVER forget we all want the same thing on this thread so whatever you achieve tell us about it and we will understand and support you. Post every run you do if you like. ALWAYS compete with yourself and set targets each week that you can achieve. My target this week was to clock up over 15 miles. I have done that and got some good times. Next week I want to try a long run of 8 miles maybe on Sunday. Found a route and will take my time, my phone and my water.

    Oh no I have posted it now - I better do it!!!!! 

  • Longest ever run for me today - nigh on 12 km, 2km more than my previous longest and did it in 74 and a bit minutes, so I seem to be feeling very comfortable at 10 minute per mile pace even for my long runs.  Will try another long one on Sunday.  Happy trails to everyone running this weekend!
  • I will run a long one tomorrow, if Josie can I can !

    Off to gym today, guest pass whilst my daughter is at a party, I might try the tread mill (never ran on one before, only walked when I used a gym last year) but think my abs and bat wings need some attention image

    Yersinia - I was reading your last post and you say you want to lose weight, I lost weight before I started running but simply can not shift the last 4/5 lbs. Everone says fat is lighter than muscle etc. What is your plan and tips??? 

  • Morning folks,

    Ran my first 10k of 2008 this morning...............

    55mins 21secs..............

    Was hoping for sub-55mins but i just couldn't make it! Was at 50mins exactly at 9km and ran the last km in 5mins 21secs.........felt like i could've passed out at any given moment!

    glad i got it under my belt before next weeks race even if i am not 100% happy with the time.

  • Hi everyone.  Welcome to the newbies, and congrats to all of you who have new pbs!

    I haven't run for what seems like months.  First I had a cold, which cleared up a few days before my holiday.  I'm back now and starting to panic as I've got a  5 miler next Sunday.  Hope to get a couple of training runs in before it image.  

  • @Debbie.

    When I diet, I normally weigh everything I eat and write it all down. I aim for a calorie intake of about 1600 - but it may have to be more if I'm really doing a lot of exercise. I usually lose most of the excess very easily, but like you, I have problems with the last few lb - mostly because by that point, I'm bored of dieting and don't really feel overweight (and am not, medically speaking, although I have some unsightly lard), so find motivation difficult.

    Booze is my downfall, and a gradual slipping back into bad habits while not dieting. I'm a good cook, and  eat a pretty balanced, fresh diet, but with too many extras. 

    When I'm dieting, it's the ratios that change, rather than cutting out entirely - more fruit, veg and fish, less meat and starch, a lot less sweet stuff, fat and booze.

  • I lost my weight following slimming world, red and green days. I do green carb rich days mon to fri and red protein rich days at the weekend. I have 6-8 portions of fruit and veg a day. Unlimited quorn, very low fat dairy and a controlled amount of fibre rich food every day. It's healthy but make carb or protein the main food on a given day. No weighing as the food of the day is unlimited. I lost 2 stone Jan to April. I eat more now, but not the bad stuff, to balance out extra activity of running. I am wondering if I should chuck the scales and get out a tape measure to look for the inches instead of the pounds.??

  • hi kelly - i am in the same situation i have a 10k next sunday and got back from holiday on Wednesday.....i went for a 3 mile run on Friday and although it was okay i was very slow and god do i ache today - two weeks off has seriously set me back - feeling very deflated......

    I will go for another run tomorrow to see how i get on.....

    When are you going for your first run, Kelly?

  • Hi  Beanie.  I won't be going for a run until Tuesday!  Taught 2 aerobics classes last week, and doing a 4 hour aerobic workshop tomorrow.  Fitness isn't a problem, I just feel I'm lacking miles.
  • evening all, not posted here for a while so thought i should get my @ss in gear and write something!

    Got a 10K coming up next sunday, so thought I would run a 5K earlier this week at 6min/km speed, to see how it felt and see if i was 'ready' to attempt the 10K in 60 mins.

    Set off at a steady pace, and found I had done the first k nice and comfortably in 5:30. Kept it going all the way, and completed the run in 27:13, about 5 mins better than my only previous timed 5K!!  absolutely chuffed, especially when the running calculator predicted a 10K based on this of around 57 mins!

    definately going to be going for it next week, watch this space to see how it goes!

  • Well done Ian.

    I am not running today. Gym testerday and 4 runs this week and I am bushed might do Preston run next sun so need to rest today (excuses!!!!!)

    Running on a treadmill sucks! I was so board I kept running fast to entertain myself. I did 3k before I fell asleep. I can see that I could run at a set pace and train at speed but I need a virtual reality room and drizzle and wind to make it bearable.

  • I ran another 5 miles this morning and even though my time was not brilliant (61 mins) I'm so pleased that my stamina is really improving now.At the end of the 5 miles another mile would've been fine but I don't want to push myself too much too soon.My 10K race isn't until the end of Oct so plenty of time to do the full 10K..

    I was out this morning at 7am and it was wonderful..quite cold but with a lovely mist hovering over the fields...

    After my run I went swimming with my husband and children so will probably be in bed asleep by 9!!
  • Ran 9 miles today in 1 hr 40 min. , running a half marathon on the 12Th October, will be happy if I can get to 11 miles before race day to boost my confidence.

    Anybody been racing today ?

  • did a short 4 miler (it makes me laugh to think of it as short, when I think back to how not so long ago it was the longest I'd done) and took another 50 seconds off my time, making it at 36 mins 8 seconds.  I don't often go out aiming for a PB, but I did tonight, so am glad to have been able to do it.
  • Hi everyone.Mind if i join in the fun?

    Have been fun runner for 20 years on and off, and swore I never wanted to do further than 5k

    However did my first 10 k today in 59 mins (ish)

    Secret ? Well, it helped losing weight- have shed 8ilbs over last 2 months- still 7lbs to go before I'll be happy.

    Also best advice I had was to pace myself. Was told to keep to 6mins per k to start with, then speed up if poss for last few k.

    It worked, and I reached target of 10k in under 1 hour., without stopping. very chuffed with myself, and will wear my medal in bed!

  • Well done betty, are we worthy of your posting with most of us still hopeful of the sub 60min time.
  •   You are all worthy runners!

    As is anyone who runs! It takes guts for anyone to put on those trainers and take part in a run, no matter how far or how fast!

    I think it takes practice too!

    I should mention that I have stopped on 5ks before now, because I was out of breath, demoralised and had not trained!

    Keep going everyone.

    Also, pride comes before a fall- maybe next time I will fail miserably!

  • Well done betty, must be a great feeling to nail the sub-60 at your first attempt.

    I think I need to stop hoping that my new shoes are going to work, and get some others.

    It just feels like the support in the instep is too far back, so it pushes into my heel pad, but doesn't contact the front of my arch, so I get blisters at the front of my heel pad, and it also seeems to put the back of my foot in an awkward place, so that my achilles rubs.

    It puts me off running, and makes me stop sooner than  I intended. I can see and feel that the sole on my older shoes is becoming squashed and providing less cushioning than before. I'd guess they must be approaching the 500 mile mark, so I really should get some new ones.

  • Hi all

    Well done to everyone and welcome to all newcomers. Just back from my lazy alcoholic holiday haven't run for 2 whole weeks and really nervous about starting again. Took the trainers but didn't get going.

    Only 5 weeks to my half and really nervous may look for a local 10k to get back in the swing.

    It is going to take ages to catch up so I will go and start reading back now.

  • hello all.

    back from my hols. smoked too much. drank too much. ate too much. am feeling v squidgy and unmotivated. have done one slow 5 miler in 2 weeks so feeling a bit out of it. my half mara is less than 7 weeks away.

    you and me are in v similar position susie po...

  • You can say that again. Brought my trainers on holiday I am sure they enjoyed the trip in my suitcase because they didn't see the light of day.

    Went to California and the portions were silly. Just went out and ran 5k it was harder than I would have hoped but it is a start. ( well I hope it's a start )

    Running club tomorrow so hopefully I can motivate myself to get back in the swing as don't feel like it at the moment.

  • Well I felt guilty after not running yesterday after pledging I would. Sooo I just went out for a run did 6.02 miles (according to mapmy run) in....wait for it......57.17.....9.31 miles. Surely I can do 0.18 miles in under 2 mins 43 sec with motivation of a race...

    Should be doing Preston Run on sunday, maybe I can do it then (it is a hilly course though!) I am well chuffed with myself as I ran alone.imageimage

    Get your shoes on you holiday people. I ran 6 miler when I got back, suffered for a week with achy muscles but fell back into it no probs. 

  • Go girl  that is a good time. Good luck on Sunday.

    Just been reading back the posts Well done Eyeore on your 9 miler especially as you are back from hols also.

  • My hubby has decided to be fit this week. Just went out and ran 1 mile in 8.41mins and asked what all the fuss was over 9.31 miles. I am gutted, I know in my heart he can not do the distance but still 6 months of hard work shot down in a sprint round the block. I am having to stop myself from challenging him to a 3 mile race. Oestrogen wins.
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