A new 10k in under 60 mins thread?



  • I know exactly what you mean my other half is just the same. They don't even know they do it. Mine said last week it would take him about a month to match me talk about knock you down.

    We went out for a run together and he said he injured himself because he was going too slow to run with me and if he was running at his pace then he would have been ok. He went home after 3 miles and I carried on for 4. 

    he hasn't run since and claims that after he left me he ran home really quickly not sure how he mangaged that when he was still injured all of the next week.

  • hi Susiepo and plodmonster - hope you enjoyed your hols.  i too went away - took my trainers, took them out of the suitcase and that was that!

    got back late on wednesday went for a three mile run on friday (it was extremely slow) and god did my legs ache for days.  On Sunday i decided to go for a 4 1/2 mile bike ride as my legs still ached!!!!!  oh dear i cant beleive two weeks could do so much damage.  I have a 10k on Sunday and a half in November.......arghhh!

  • I managed 5k today and am starting to seize up it is not fair that you fall apart in 2 weeks my half is Oct 26th and the panic is on.

    At least we all had a good holiday.

  • Great challenge..

    On saturday I ran 5k on 24.08 so my next goal is to finish a 10K race in less than 1 hour.

    When I have completed this goal I'll try to get use to long distance races so I can attend in a half marathon sometime next summer!

  • 5k in 24 minutesimage! i reeeally don't think getting under the hour for 10k is going to be any problem for you thue...
  • Come on susie, plod and beanie. we have some sympathy but since the weather has been crap here it is limited. You know you can do it. Lots of stretching before and after and if you really have sore thighs try a cold bath after exercise........ Towel round shoulders and a mug of tea 15 mins in, cover legs completely. I got the idea off here and it worked and isn't too bad after initial shock. Now am I teasing you because I am jealous of your hols or is it a real tip ????
  • Susie and Debbie - Quite apart from the fact that your OH's are being very crappily unsupportive, it's a simple fact that men are, on average, faster than women.

    I plotted out the world records for various distances for males and females, and the male times are just under 88% of the female times, on average. A gender-corrected equivalent of 9:31 miles would be 8:22 miles - assuming he could keep them up for the same distance that you could.

    Mass participation times follow a similar pattern as the elites. I can't find my calculations at the moment, but just after the London Marathon I did an analysis, and males averaged around about 4:10, and females about 4:40.

    I can only dream of reaching an "average" performance myself, of course! 

  • Just got back from my first run in 4 weeks.  My OH will kill me if he finds out I went out for my run image (I have a dreadmill so that I don't have to go out alone in the dark), but I just wanted to run how I felt and not to a set speed/pace. 

    Anyway, I feel quite pleased as I did 2.5 miles in 23:55.

    Hope to get another run in either Thursday evening or Friday morning before my 5 mile race on Sunday.

  • Yes i guess thats a problem - i never thought of running in the dark and safety - what do you ladies do for safety do you take your mobile out with you in these soon coming winter months.

    Okay debbie i have whinged enough - it was the kick up the backside i needed - going to my running club tonight so that will also give me some more motivation.

    Now this may sound sad but i am glad i am back at work.....i like the routine of getting up going to work, going for run etc etc otherwise i get very lethergic.......

  • I agree it is easier to get a running routine when at work. Just fitting in work (full time secondary teacher), housework, shopping (food not clothes) 2 young kids and running sometimes makes me exhausted.

    Beannie about night running - we have discussed clubs, I haven't the nerve. I have sorted out a routine where I run with others and use street routes. I bought a thing to carry my phone in but decided that by the time I had been grabbed and raped I wouldn't have time to get it out let alone ring. OH said no one would grab me anyway......OH will be suffering for a while with concussion!!

    Kelly you are speedy.

    Yersinia - it is true you are the graph queen. I will print out your post blow it up and stick it above my OH's hospital bed. (If he doesn't shut up)

    Have to say that back in the real world he was moaning he ached this morning after his 1 mile and I didn't have a twinge after my 6 miles (well nothing I was admitting to to him).

  • My best race PB for 10k is 54minutes!

    Training ive manged a 50 but that was when running an 8 miler and I checked my garmin at 6miles just to see how fast it was!

    But I dont like the 10k distance. I do 5mile training runs in 40mins but go up to 8 or 10mile runs after that skipping out the 10k distance.

  • You're a bit speedier than most of us, Jsoh!

    Here are those World Records, Debs. It's a remarkably linear graph!


    Data source. It's slightly out of date, but was in a nice convenient table format that I could import straight into Excel.

    It also sounds as though your OH has made the classic beginner's error of going out too fast, if he's aching after 1 mile.
  • Been for a 3.8 mile run after work. I had to work with tired legs from yesterday. But did a PB for that run at 36.38.

    OH said he is tired tonight after his run I just looked at him (the look) he made me a brew and said I was wonderful, fit and he was very proud of me. Thing is I would like him to run and understand the adiction so I will be nice to him and encourage him to take it slower and extend his distance a little.

    Nice graph Yersinia. I am trying to master the art of Lookup functions in excel for work. You probably know what I mean.......I am not sure I do but I like numbers and stuff. I might plot my work run over time to show improvement, I have it recorded in Mapmyrun.

  • Well done Debbie. I don't even think the OH’s mean it. They are just insensitive at times.I went to the running club tonight and not exactly sure how far we ran but they seemed to say it was over 3 miles in about 25 minutes so feel good. Bt the way this was only my 3rd session with the club. They are really good and help out all abilities even some who have never run.Also feel good as they invited me to leave the beginners class and join the normal one so going to join them on Thursday for a choice of 5/7 or 9 mile run.I have been assured that I won't shame myself. The good thing about running with the club is that is I don’t have to worry about running alone with the dark evenings.  
  • 3 in 25 susie that is fast just over 8 min miles. I think you are todays speed monster......Someone told me that until I do under 9 min miles I am only jogging not running. You are now officially a RUNNER!!
  • I am not exactly sure how far we ran so can't say for definite. I am only going by what they told me.  I  ran 5k yesterday and it took me 31 minutes so I won't be breaking any records soon.

    When I started I was doing 11/12 minute miles and I knew I was running even then.

    We are all runners.

  • hi all.

    nice graphs!

    my first run today in ages. did 4k in 25 mins and felt pretty good. really good actually. and not like a horrendous effort. could have happily gone on longer but was squeezing it into my lunch break so had no time.

    re. running in dark evenings. have worked out a route home from work that's 5 miles and quite a nice run along the river that i'm happy will be safe. so plan is to do that once a week, the short lunchtime runs once or twice a week and the long one at the weekend.

    feeling all motivated again! hurrah!

  • now to sound really sad.  I love lookups in excel - I'm not even the queen of them, I'm the empress image

    No run for me tonight, but I did go to a new gym class with a mental instructor.  It's all weights and toning - I can't feel anything now, but I know that when I wake up on Thursday morning I'll be in agony.

     Which leads to a question - why is it always two days afterwards that you get the worst pain after testing your muscles?

  • I went to my running club tonight - must be the day for it.....we ran (jogged) for 45 mins and really enjoyed it yay - again havent got a clue how far we went (jogged round a rugby pitch) didnt stop to ask as it started throwing it down!  But the main thing is i have got my interest back - whopee!


  • Oh no I have started a lookup support group thing going here!! I will HOPEFULLY understand what it is tomorrow after I put all the data in yo lookup. Hey maybe we can create a lookup for km and mile pace for 5k and 10k runs (LOL) I say we when I really mean you Josie!!

    Good to see Plod in action again, running at lunch is out for me, too busy eating my ryvita and fruit. Still not losing weight but getting thighs like Tessa Sanderson. What should I do? 

  • Yay all back in the swing.
  • Just thought, wouldn't you use a formula to do a mile pace for a time spread sheet? God I must sound sad (LOL). Please don't all post your agreement. I have my work head on here.

    Yes Susie we are all swinging....(no keys though!) 

  • josie - after my first ever spinning class where 2 days after i literally couldn't move (had to go to the loos and spray deep heat on my thighs at work it was so bad) i did a bit of googling on 2 days later muscle pain and i think it's something to do with that being the time when all the tiny muscle tears are repairing themselves.

    have to confess that it was coming to this thread and reading everyone's progress and ups and downs and support that inspired me to get the runnung shoes back on again - and i am very glad i did. cheers threadsters.

    LOL re thighs debbie. i reckon just get yourself some little lycra shorts and show those muscles off! my thighs are just jelly at the moment. i've (nearly) given up smoking and now seem to spend all day at my desk in some non stop snack fest and have gained any of the pounds i was losing with the running.

    ah well. am still a healthy BMI just hoped i'd be thinner after 4 months of running not fatter!

  • just got the swinging joke image. am a  bit slow on the uptake today... brain still on holiday.

    oh - meant to tell you all i very nearly didn't make it back! some idiot at the campsite i was staying on the last night lost my passport. much drama as flying home the next morning, no passport and scary french man shouting at me as though it was my fault when HE bloody lost it.

    much, much fun with the police and my very dodgy french trying to get the necessary paperwork to be allowed on the plane (and there's only one easyjet a week out of corcsica to london!).

  • I've always had big muscley thighs from cycling.

    I go down the tiny lycra shorts route (as in my avatar) - nobody seems to complain!

  • Fantastic graph Yersinia. Spooky how close to linear it is.

    Please don't mention Ex bl**dy cel.  I have to battle with it and other microsoft rubbish at work image

    I can't run at lunchtime as I only get 30 mins image  3 evenings a week are taken up with aerobics (1 prep, 2 teaching) so evening runs are also out.  So I'm stuck with early mornings.  I have a high vis jacket, but I get too hot in it. 

    Not sure why my OH is so against me running alone in the dark, but it did mean I got my dreadmill.  Although I don't enjoy it so much, it does mean I don't have to deal with soaking wet kit minutes before going to work! 

    My winter training will be 2-3 short runs on the dreadmill, and 1 long run (Saturday am) outside.  The long run may start in the dark, but it will be light when I finish image

  • Sorry about the excel thing Kellyimage still can't do it though.

    I am not sure about lycra....My knee length bottoms have lycra and I have some cotton shorts but lycra and shorts .. not sure! I am not a lardy or anything BMI is 24 now (was 31 in Jan before I lots weight) but having kids does leave unshiftable lumps.  Maybe running tights?

  • Cor, that's impressive weight loss!

    As a cyclist, I've had to get used to lycra. I used to wear much shorter shorts, but had a v. bad accident 2 years ago, and have a scar on my thigh that I'm very self-conscious about, so now I wear shorts that cover that.

    I do see many more women runners in tights compared to shorts, but I feel cooler and more comfortable without the fabric bunching at the back of my knee

    That 88% Men v Women speed figure seems very robust across the range of abilities. I plotted out percentiles of the 10K race I did the other weekend and came up with a figure of 87.7%

  • I'm used to lycra cos of my aerobics.  I wear anything from hot pants to full length.  Also cropped and full length vests!  I'm not the skinniest either (size 14, BMI 26).  I don't care what I look like, as long as I feel comfortable.

    Off to clad myself in lycra as I've got to teach in half an hour!

  • i lost 2 stone Yersinia, I have a 24 BMI now but I did guess the original one, I know I was in the overweight zone, I thought it was 30 plus correct me if I am wrong.

    Josie, I am now a 12 , I think I am still getting used to smaller body. It is all down to self perseption and body image. I might get some lycra shorts.....I can wear them.....image I am determined.

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