A new 10k in under 60 mins thread?



  • "Overweight" is 25-30, "Obese" is 30+, "Morbidly Obese" is 40+

    If you're average height for a woman (5'4" - 5'5"), 1 BMI unit is roughly 6lb. It's nearly 7 for me, because I'm tall.

    So if I lose a stone I'll go from 24 to 22 - I've already lost 4lb in the last 9 days so I'm on my way (yeah yeah, I know it's mostly water / glycogen / undigested food mass in the first week, but even so!)

    I've got these shorts. They're quite generously cut and are longish, so you don't feel overexposed. They are tight at the hem (which I've occasionally had problems with on cycle shorts), and they have a little zipped back pocket for keys / credit card etc.

    Didn't run or swim today but did do a little cycle ride to go and look at new running shoes. I ache from doing a "Body Combat" class last night. It's my first ever gym class. It was hard work, and I don't know whether it's going to suit me, but I think I'll give it another go next week.

  •  Yersinia - Been on various sights and done all the calculation and the final conclusion in BMI was 29 and is now 23.

    This was using mass (kg) divided by height (m) squared.  The sight I got the formula from shows me bang in the middle of the BMI normal band BUT on the Ideal womens weight I am still in the overweight section. What to do????? Fat or not fat? My friend say I look great, toned etc. Am I big boned/ dense? (not of the mind.

    Nice shorts I should get some, take a photo and compare myself to the woman in the pic (LOL) Have to say with the great British weather we will be complaining about the cold before long. Might get tights now and some lycra numbers for next spring.

    Didn't do my normal run today, loads on at work and had to go back for a parents evening tonight so mentally shattered. Still hoping to do 10k on sunday. Some of the kids at school are doing it too.

    I like the gym but not the treadmill. I just find running more flexible with work/home balance. 


  • Went out for another run this evening.Did four miles in 45 mins which I'm pleased with especially as I worked a night shift last night and have only had two hours sleep today!
    Anyway it feels that I'm finding miles 3 and 4 alot easier than miles 1 and 2..

    During the first couple of miles my body is having all sorts of moans eg breathing,l
    legs feeling heavy,bra strap not comfortable etc then everything from around of end of mile one/two settles down and I really get into my stride,my breathing is slow and regular,my mind wanders and basically its from that point that I start really enjoying my run.At the end of my run today I know I could've run further so its great if only I could feel that way for the entire run and not just after I've done the first mile or two!

    anyone else find this and any suggestions ?
  • susiebe - from what I've read on here, I think that most people find the first 5-10 minutes of their run to be the worst - I know I do.

    As far as shorts go, I bought these ones nike lycra shorts.  They're not too short, nice and cool and have a zip pocket at the back 0 and they're currently reduced in price.  I wouldn't have worn them not long ago but running has toned up my legs so much that I actually feel confident in them!

    Weight wise this year, I've gone from 15 stone (yikes!) to 12 1/2 (and am aiming for 11 1/2, possibly 11 but have been stuck at 12 1/2 for a few weeks now even though my clothes are still getting looser).

    However, size wise, I was an 18 and now I've recently bought clothes in 12, 14 and 16!  It never fails to astonish me how different shops have such different sizings and even within some shops the sizes are different.  At least now I know that when I go into a shop I should find something in my size rather than having to trudge out shame faced after realising that the maximum size was 16.  I do find a different problem in that I'm now among the most popular sizes so shops are often out of stock in what I'm looking for!

  • The ideal women's graphs often tend to be based on vanity, fashion and unrealistic expectations.

    The BMI calculation is a population-based band based on medical risk for obesity-related diseases. As for any of these things, it can't cover all the extremes of the population - the nature of a normal distribution means that if it did, it'd be uselessly broad, but I would have thought about 95% of women would find an ideal range somewhere within the "normal" band.

    That said, the 20-25 band covers something like 9st 7 to 12 st for me. Clearly if I was healthy at 9st 7, I'd be fat at 12st, and vice versa. So where you fit in will depend on your build, muscle development, personal perception, etc.

    For me, I have a mediumish build, fairly muscular, and am happiest in the 21-23 range. I'm aiming for 22 (about 10st 7), but if I really wanted to optimise athletic performance, I'd be trying for a bit lower than that.

    If you feel good and your friends say you're looking good, then you are probably close to an ideal weight for you. 

  • Josie - very sexy shorts, I want some now. How do you put in these link things girls? Do I just copy and paste the ULR thingy into the chain button

    Yersinia - I am 10st 8 down from 12st 7 and 5'7''. So we are similar in height and weight. If it is good enough for you then it is good enough for me. You are now the graph queen and the body image expert guru woman...Thanks. 

  • Heh - well I'm an ex-research scientist and worked on the interaction between nutrition and genetics in heart disease for a while, so I'm used to BMI. It's a useful tool for comparing people of different heights - nothing more.

    I'm 5' 8.5", I usually think in kg and metres (I'm 1.74m and currently 71.2kg), but most UK non-scientists have difficulty visualising weight and height in those terms, so I have to be a bit bilingual. Using m and kg does make the BMI calculations much easier.

    The linky things - click on the chain icon in the message editor, and paste in the URL you want, and the text you want to appear in your message as the link title.

  • Wow Yersinia you are a ture expect we are lucky to have you.
  • Not an expert on anything remotely running-related! Just another newish plodder hoping to get slightly better.

    My background makes it easy to interpret biological / medical data, and to deal with numbers / graphs / statistics, that's all.
  • you're all much braver in the shorts department than me! i'm from the baggy short school am but thinking about running tights (*gulp*) for winter as baggy tracky b's would just annoy me. am v self conscious about possible dimpling of bottom showing through the material though...

    just did a bmi calculator and was 23.1. not bad but 2 years ago it was 19.9 (yes i know it's sad but i loved sneaking in just under the 20) but maintaining that weight was a full time job and not a terribly happy time for me.

    am 5'10" and clothes are currently 12/14/16 depending on where from. i just wish there was some standardisation. even within the same shop i am different sizes.

    5.4 mile run home for me tomorrow and my first long run for a while on sunday. though i'm at a cocktail night on saturday night so not sure how up for it i'll be feeling... image. but only 7 weeks til my half mara ARGHHH.

  • I'm proper lardy (I daren't reveal my BMI on here but its WAY above you guys) and I wear lycra shorts (Nike size 16/18) because they are just so comfy to run in.  My legs and bum are "quite" toned but my stomach is quite another matter - long tops ahoy.  Wonderfully, as a result of the confidence that running has given me, I rarely feel self-conscious about my size when I'm out running - people can think what they like as I lumber by but I just think to myself "Hey buddy, I think you'll find this is my eighth mile, not bad for a fat lass, eh?"
  • "Hey buddy, I think you'll find this is my eighth mile, not bad for a fat lass, eh?" - i love this. I will buy lycra tomorrow just because of this quoteimage

    MP3 player download  all  us less than skinny posters "Fat girls you are Beautiful"  by Mica  (OH said that isnot the name of the song - I am sure you will find it if you don't already have it)

  • slightly inspired too! and those Ronson shorts are lovely. do you think if i get the shorts i can get the model's tummy thrown in for free?
  • That's why I want them........I WILL look that good (LOL)
  • Debbie, the song is 'Big Girls (You Are Beautiful)'

    Had the choice last night of a run or a curry and beer with the guys from work.  The curry won image  But to compensate I did go out for a 2.25 mile run at 6am this morning image

  • I have been lurking around on the forums the past few days pretending to be a runner and not running. Decided to get off my arse and have a run tonight although I have been very tired today. Went for a short one as dark was falling. Ran an unplanned route I thought was around 5k. It was 5.9k, 3.67 miles. I ran it in 33.46. Which according to mapmyrun is.......drum roll please 9 min 12 sec miles. I normally run 3.8 miles after work and we got that down from 43min in june to 36 min this week but that is still only 9.30 ish miles.

    Lesson for me - rest is as vital as running. Running every day or consecutive days tires me. Rest and I have much more to give even if my head says sleep. Please consider this advice. I have learnt a lesson.

    I feel like the under 60min 10k is a real possibility on Sunday. 

  • Well I was never very good on pop quiz questions. My MP3 player was filled with songs by one of my pupils at school after I complained that I had bought it but couldn't (be bothered to learn) load it. That song always makes me laugh. Even when (LOL) I get my BMI down to 15 (LOL again) I will always be a "big lass" in my mind.
  • Good luck for Sunday debbie - I'm sure that with the race atmosphere inspiring you, you'll be ineligible to be in this thread any more by the end of it! image
  • NOOOOOOOOOOOO I need you lot  image
  • sorry debs - them's the rules. the second you hit that sub 60 you get booted out the thread image.

    ran 5 and 1/2 miles home from work today and it was HARD. combination of no sleep the night before, not properly hydrated, really bad hip and having to carry a backpack i think. i had to take a one minute walk break , then a 2 min break later on and then i had to go to tesco en route so not the most fluid of runs but is all time on the feet as they say.

    really struggled to pace myself as well. i think i was just trying to get it over ahdone with so kept speeding up when clearly i should have been pulling it back. was a new route though and quite fun going past the houses of parliament and battersea power station.

    my hip's really bad now. taking me ages to get myself upright when i stand. not sure what to do with it.

    good luck with race debbie and anyone else racing this weekend!

  • Hoping to clear 60 mins tomo... if I stay away from cramps etc I should do it and it'll be the last time I ever think about it!! Sub 60s from tomorrow onward. Wish me luck.

    ps BMI is a lot of poo poo. I'm obese if I take it seriously. Yea right

  • I went for a run, felt crapulicious and bottled out and had a walk in the sunshine instead. Everything was a bit achey, and I didn't feel like I'd be doing any good by forcing myself on.

    I have a plan... well, an ambition... actually more of a forlorn hope... to cut my 10K time by 10% in 10 weeks for a race on  6th December, cut my weight by 10% (from last Tuesday, when I started to watch what I ate) and cut my swimming time over 750m (Sprint tri distance) by 10%.

    Let's see. That'd be a time of 56:41. Dream on, huh?

  • Plod let me stay or I won't run image
  • Racing tomorrow, my PB course, cannot believe its been a year since I got anywhere near an hour.  ( PB 1:01:16)
  • Whoop whoop... 57 mins with a dodgy  groin and a minute lost cos I had to take a wee halfway through!! image
  • I am with you kaybee - i am obese on the bmi scale - but hey i am a realitively fit fatty!!!!  I am trying to lose weight but its damn hard work!

    I havent been on my computer for a couple of days it feels like a week - so many threads!

    Shorts i wear three quater lycra nike ones.  Its not very attractive but hey i cant see myself and they are very comfortable.

    i have also got a 10k race tomorrow but not really expecting anything - very slow progress since my holiday!

    Can i ask what you do in a week - exercise - i am thinking i maybe doing too little...... 

  • Beanie I do 3-4 runs bettween 12-16 miles depending on when and who I run with. No gym nothing else. I might do less, they are threatening to kick me off if I break the 60 mins tomorrw!!!! Why is no one threatening dolfinack with that 57 and public urination.

    Looking forward to hearing everyones news tomorrow GOOD luck. May we all get under 60 and start a 10k in under 58mins thread. 

  • second that Debbie, good luck to one and all for tomorrow!!
  • congrats to dolfinack! whoop whoop! now you can start a sub 55 thread with deb and beanie and eyeore and yersinia as they're clearly not far off. though i might get a teensy bit lonesome image.

    don't feel like i'm anywhere near sub 60. just need to focus on building distance at the moment for the half in november and hope that the speed comes naturally.

    hip stil tres dodgy. hoping it clears up before tomorrow's LSR.

    good luck tomorrow everyone!

    i really need to find me a 10k race soon... have a 5k in a few weeks. if i can't break 30 mins in that(current pb 30.11) i'm giving up on my sub 60 dream. fact. meh.

  • We will not leave you plod. I am not capable of a half so you have me there.

    Just checked out route for tomorrow and on the elevation thingy on mapmyrun it goes from 120ft down to 33ft and then back up again to the finish. Not what I would call a PB course for me. I am getting nervous. I kep thinking I should be able to keep a 9.40 mile pace with recent running times but not with massive hills.OH just bought me some isotonic drinks (what a love) kids are coming as stuff on in town and inlaws plan to join them to see me finish. I am going to look a right k**b coming in at 1.10 crying about the hill. Can everyone tense their thighs and think of me about 10.30 in the morning, if you are not running as well. 

    Take it easy with the hip plod I believe in listening to aches and pains, they are there to protect you. 

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