A new 10k in under 60 mins thread?



  • Just checked elevation for my race tomorrow, goes from  71ft up to 231ft ( 160 ft climb ) !!  lots of ups and downs so not as bad as it sounds .

    Debbie, my race starts at 10:00 will be thinking of you as I hopefully pass the 5k mark in 30 min !

    Good luck for tomorrow.

  • Good luck debbie mac and eeyore in your races tomorrow..sure you'll both do well but above all enjoy it!

    look forward to hearing about it!
  • Good luck Debbie and Eeyore. You can always lie if you go under the hour! image

    Has anyone used Bikely for mapping?

    It's aimed at bikers, obviously, but has some features that runners (especially road runners) would find useful - eg you can set it to automatically follow the road or track (and set it not to if you go off-piste, and then back again when you return to the road). You can save routes with useful names, and describe and choose whether to share them.

    But why I thought about it here, is that if you view the elevation data, it tells you your total ascent and descent, which is useful If you go up a bit, down a bit, up a bit more...

    Here's my race, for example - you can view elevation data by using the drop down menu on the "show" button.

  • Been up in the night 3 times with my little boy ( should have called him Damien) I feel shattered so I am loading up with carbs and caffine. OH said why are you stressing you ran this the other night in a good time and that has hills. Funny how a race gets you going.

    Thanks for support guys. Syncronised 10k Eeyore I will think of you all the way. Do you race today Yersinia if so may the force be with you!! 

  • Good luck to you all racing today. I wish I had a local race soon.

    Got back in the swing this week. Arrived home Sunday last with jet lag.

    Monday  class in the gym in the morning (Body Balance)then 5k really struggled

    Tuesday running club about 3 mile run.

    Wednesday  yoga

    Thursday 5 mile run with the running club was really nervous but they are really nice. It was great to run in the dark with a gang all chatting.

    Friday  (Body Balance)

    Saturday rest and today trying to get out for a LSR hoping to do at least 10k .

    Only 4 weeks to go for the half and getting a little anxious. Will have to up the distance next week no more holiday exusese.

    Can't wait to hear all your times today.

  • or even excuses.
  • Any news racers?

    Well, went to a cocktail night last night at my mate's flat which started civilised and got terribly messy. Ended up getting home at half 4! Sore head today and have cancelled all running plans and instead going out for a roast.

    Have a day off work tomorrow so will do my LSR then. Is prob good to rest the hip anyway. Going to go to Runner's Need as well and see about some new shoes because idiot like i am never went back to the shop to get the new ones they said they'd give me after i went to get my gait re tested and turned out i don't have a neutral gait after all. Am probably over compensating somewhere which is putting pressure on the hip.

  • Finally got my internet set up after moving into my new place last week! You lot have been doing some very good running by the sounds of it. This is a really great thread for motivation - I haven't ran in 2 weeks and now I'm looking forward to getting back to it - though I'm dreading the first run because I know I'll probably be useless! image
  • Finished my race today in a PB time of............................... 1 hr  35 sec. . Awaiting official 'Chip' time, wont be much difference, maybe a a second or two .

    How did you do Debbie ? my race started late so we would have been running at the same time, did the carbs and caffeine work, hope you got under the hour.

  • That is so good eyeore well done lovely day for it.

    Still haven't got out today going soon i hope.

    Plod your a nightmare sounds like a good night. It's nice to do the LSR on a Monday it makes a change. What runners need do you go to is it King's Cross?

  • By the way welcome back LM you won't be long getting back in the swing. The first one is the worst.
  • Thanks Susie.

    Heavy rain before the start, stopped just at the right time, ideal conditions during the race though.

    Get yourself out there Susie and enjoy your run.

  • I will go in  minute promise. Going to go about 5 oclock. I haven't read back but isn't that time a big improvement on your time you will be going to the top of the list.

  • Eeyore well done a fab time tell us about the race.

    I ran my heart out with a watch time of 58.11 but the massive clock showed 58.31 as I passed. (obviously took me 20 secs to reach the start.) Sunny but cold. Killer hill at about 8k which made me very dizzy so I said to the girl next too me we could walk this in big strides quicker so we did. Much prefered the km markers as my last race had miles. Made 2 mins up with a fast start. Kept hold of it for most of the middle of the race. struggles 7.5-9km and lost some time but with about 500m to go I went all out my family were screaming and cheering. I was wasted at the end but really felt like crying with joy. This did not come easy but the harder it is the better the buzz of running.

    I had Pie and cake from the farmers market (cunningly situated just after the finishing line to catch all those hungry runners) after and came home to tell you all. This thread has been such a support.


     P.S I refuse to go plod, need you all I want to run forever, no one understands that like you lot.

  • Well done DMAC even though I am mad with jealousy.

  • Thanks susie, when do you race next so I can cheer you on?
  • 26th October the EDF Birmingham Half Marathon. I am doing it with my daughter she lives there. We are training apart but we are about the same ability although she ran a 10k in 57 today a 3 minute PB so she seems to have got ahead of my during the last few weeks so she will probably run away from me in the last few miles. I have only run 10 miles in training and don't plan to run more before just keep running with the club and do some speed work.

    Going out soon to do 10k.


  • Brilliant Debbie, great run, don't go we need your support.

    My km split times where all over the place, due to the undulating / hilly course.

    Best split at 9km 5 min 30 sec ( mostly down hill ) worst split at 5km 6 min 44 sec ! ( up hill ).

    Beat previous PB by about 45 sec. , best time by far this year did 1 hr 4 min. about 3 weeks ago.

    Well pleased with my time.

  • Any improvement is great, well done again eeyore.

    Susie - I have run 6.3 miles at the most, I wanted to be confident at one distance first.

    My goal for October is to do an  8.45 miles on the weekend, with 2 at 4 miles in the week. Found an 8 mile race in Wheelton on Nov 2nd I might aim for ( starts and finishes at a pub image and I think the guy running it is an old deputy head I used to work for). Figure I could do this in about 1.20 if I train for the distance.

    I have said it now so I must do it!!!!! 

  • Well done Eeyore and Debbie.

    I did a 5 miler today with the plan of increasing my pace each mile and finishing in under 48 minutes.  The first part of the plan failed with splits of 9:37,  9:44, 10:03 and 18:30 for the last 2 miles (there was no 4 mile marker or I missed it image)  I clocked my time as 47:55 although it was read out as 48:08 as I crossed the line, but I always start towards the back of the field so I stand by my time. 

    One thing though, other than in the first 500 yards or so, no one overtook me, but I overtook several especially in the last 2 miles image

  • this is making good reading, PBs all over the place!

    Eeyore - brilliant, sure you are looking at sub-60 next time out

    Debbie - fantastic time,  especially with all those hills to deal with, time to find a flatter course and go sub 55!

    I had a great run on a very flat course nead Spalding, only 12 ft difference between low and high points!  Ran a perfect race just as planned (best case scenario), and came in with a time of 56:25 - smashed my previous PB by over 11 minutes!!  and boy did it feel good!!

    ran the first K in 6 mins, then 5:45 for the next 7, then put the foot down for the last 2, did 5:15 and 5:00.

    pretty tired at the end, but still had a bit left in the legs, so looking to amend the plan and run a bit faster next time out, whenever that is.

    Home made flapjack at the end, and the local PTA cooking bacon sarnies made for a great apres-run, and then a pint afterwards of course.  perfick!! 

  • Oh my goodness. So much to say!

    Eyeore - congrats on your PB!

    Lisa Marie - when I hadn't run in 2 weeks my first one back (admitedly on treadmill) was actually one of the best runs i've ever had. Felt great. The rest really does do you good.

    Susie Po - Runner's Need in Holborn though I really think their sevice is shambolic.

    Debbie Mac - I am image with envy but massive congratulations on your sub 60. That's just fantastic. I am considering letting you stay in the thread as our inspiration - just let us catch up a bit before you get too much faster!

    Well, after my fat roast dinner and sticky toffee pudding I am now going to give my hangover the TLC it needs - a pot of tea, a tub of ben & jerrys and the repeat of X Factor on ITV2.

  • Oh my goodness Ian that's incredible! 11 minutes off your PB!
  • Where is Spalding? Sod the PB course I want flap jack and bacon butties. I got water and a banana (still in bag, opted to buy cake) Seriously Ian I am not worthy of a 56 min time. I am going to stick to the 8 mile October target, I need to catch up with you halfies in the distance front.

  • Oh...Yersinia queen of graphs where are you we need some serious PB graph updates PLEASE.
  • Oh my god Ian, just looked at the old graph and you have jumped up about a million places. WOW!
  • Hello. Would you mind if I joined this challenge please?

    I last did a 10k in October 2006 and completed it in 1hr 15 mins.

    I am currently in training for the Great South Run in 4 weeks but there's a 10k at the end of November I would like to try for a faster time on.

    I'm slowly working through the thread so looking forward to reading everybody's tips and achievements image



  • Go Kittycat, but you have to post your ups and downs of training  too. Have to say not sure I asked......can I join the tread please?
  • evenin' all,

    ran my 1st 10k race of the year this morning. it was the cancer research 10k at hopetoun house in edinburgh.

    came in at 53mins 52secs after fighting my way through at least 6km of mud! was a really tough route this year, although luckily alot of it was in the shade of the woods. un-luckily, the shade had done little to help the muddy trails dry out!

    still a good event though.

  • Chris you are toooooo fast for us.
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