A new 10k in under 60 mins thread?



  • Wow.

    Super weekend of racing all round! I'll update the graph in the morning. Sounds like I need to!

  • Wow! Well done to Eeyore, Debbie and Ian and anyone else who raced today - brill times all!

    I went away for the weekend but with my half only three weeks away I took my kit and my sister planned me a fab (flat) route down the Thames in Reading.  Can I just say a HUGE thank you to the (much fitter and faster than me) lady runner who slowed down and chatted and ran with me for about a mile near Tesco on the canal - that has NEVER happened to me before and it made me super-happy!  I don't suppose she reads this as a non-newbie but thank you!

  • Just wanted to add my congratulations to Debbie, Eeyore and Ian - fabulous running. 

    I haven't done any proper running for a couple of weeks - trying to ignore the 10k for now and concentrate on the half marathon I've got planned at the end of October.

     Wll done everyone

  • RT which one are you doing and where are you at.

    I went out today and struggled went too fast and ended up running out of steam so ended up turning it into a speed session. That is what I am consoling myself with anyway.

  • gosh - lots of halfs going on, me included. we'll have to turn this into a '13.1 miles without collapsing halfway through' thread at this rate.

    am going to try and get a 10k in in october though - don't want to lose sight of my goal.

  • I have no intention of doing a half. I just get bored and think "can I stop soon?" after an hour and a bit.

    Going for a run would be a Good Thing, but I've been achey for the last few days. Tomorrow... maybe. 

  • Updated pb graph:


  • Well done Debbie and Chris on your times. I am insanely jealous but very very pleased for you both image
  • Just looking at new graph conpared to old graph (sheet 24) There are 11 of us under 60 now compared to 5. As a group that is a great achievement. There are 4 or 5 very close as well.

    This just shows what a support and great motivational forum we are.

    We will never catch Chris. 

    I can 496 th out of a field of 622 yesterday. I was pleased not to be in the 500s but a kid inone of  my classes at school came 144th in his first 10k at 44 mins. He is a great lad so I will let him off. 

  • Oh tahnks for doing the graph Yersinia, forgot to say. I love graphs
  • We will catch Chris. Even if it means tying his shoelaces together and putting superglue in his path!image

    I won't be joining the sub-60s for a while. I'm not doing a race until December, and I don't go full-tilt at that distance in training.

  • evenin folks,

    i am sure some of you will catch me! image

    i suppose i need to aim for sub-50mins now.........

    need to find a downhill 10k for that i think!

     keep at it folks! image

  • There's a sub 50 thread in the Training section Chris!

    Went to Runner's Need today to moan about my shoes and the previous service i'd received and how my shoes were wrong and my hip niggles i think being connected to the wrong shoes.

    Anyway, the lad who helped me was absolutely lovely, was a bit shocked at just how wrong my shoes were (not even the right size - apparently you should do half a size up from your normal shoe size. never knew that) tried me out on loads of different shoes, comapared them all to my old shoes, looked at the wear on the soles of old shoes, checked out the arches of my feet - the full works!

    AND the best bit, despite having no receipt, I didn't even have to pay for the new ones! They just did it as an exchange! So, now I have shiny new Saucony shoes. Very excited. Will try a treadmill run tomorrow and see how they are and put in a longer run on Wednesday - and I can't wait!

    My faith in Runners Need has been restored - just don't go to the Holborn branch. Go to Camden.

  • Hello all!

    blimey well done to you all - you have all done really well - feel almost embarrased to put my time up!

    i did a 10k in 66.28 - my last race was achieved in 64 image  Oh well i guess its my first race since my holiday.....went for another 5k run tonight as i think i need to step it up!  off to the running club tomorrow too. 

  • Pleased you have sorted the shoes Plod I hope it makes a difference to your hip in particular. Guy who runs at work had massive blisters (no pain just skin) on his insteps, got new shoes and is running like the wind now, blisters gone. I track my shoes been told to do 400miles (at 50-60 a month that will be a while).

    Getting a cold (as we speak) hope I can run tomorrow. Got a training schedule from Coach on this site. I have tailored it to what I can fit in and need to do a fast paced run tues, gentle run Thurs and long run on the weekend. Sniff!! Worried that if I don't run I will lose all the hard work, not been ill really since I started. 

  • You'd be surpised Debbie - the runs where I've felt the best have been when I haven't run for a week or so due to illness or holiday. I didn't run the whole week before my first 10k and was terrified i'd lost all my fitness and hard work - in fact i think the rest did me good!
  • Never mind, Beanie, you got round - I don't suppose anyone can get a pb every time.

    Make sure you don't fret yourself into overdoing it though - a 5K tonight and RC tomorrow sounds like hard work immediately after a race - hope you've got some good rest days planned!

  • plodmonster - that's "tapering", I guess!

    I've got a backache, and therefore haven't been running. I'm going to swim and cycle tomorrow though - neither will aggravate it as much as the more pounding motion of running would.

  • Hi all

     Beanie you can't really compare all races like for like it would be nice to get a pb everytime but with course differences hills wind heat so many things that can make it different from the last. Well done on your time it was good.

    I have only done one 10 k on the 10th aug but the way I am feeling I am not sure I could complete one never mind beat my time.

    I am also going to the running club it is really helping at the moment. I am sorry I went to a really tough circuits class last night and feel a bit sore.

    As soon as this half is over I don't want to run that far again as I think the pressure is getting to me.

    I will go back to running shorter distances and trying to improve that.

    Great about your shoes plod.  I get a blister on the instep of my right foot but the last couple of times with  my new socks it has been ok.

    Yersinia swimming and cycling is good to keep up your cardio if your back is aching.

  • My legs are sore today.....after my 10k sunday and 5k yesterday.  I have my running club tonight......i am umming and ahhing whether to go - but i know what my OH will say that i am not committed enough and i will never do the London Marathon (Not sure if i told you all this!) but then again i dont want to cause an injury - what to do, what to do.

    Glad you got your shoes sorted - it will make all the difference.

  • Maybe you need to listen to your body more than to your OH?

    Are you sore in a way that you think running will make worse, or will you just ache a bit tomorrow, and then be fine? 

    To me, running 5K the day after a 10K race, and then going to RC the next day, where you'll doubtless feel a bit of peer-pressure to be at your best, sounds like quite a heavy load.

    But then I'm judging by my own low standards - I'd have probably missed out the 5K yesterday.

  • I ran mon, tues and wed the other week and suffered too. After 2 days rest I did a 9.12 mile pace on my Friday run. Rest is important Beanie. Some would say we should always run every other day at our level.

    I have cold and it is throwing it down so no run for me today. Will aim for Thurs and see how I am then, this is not a competition it is a way of life. 

  • Hi all!

    Impressed by all your times and increasing dedication to the cause!  Some seriously impressive runs and improvements!  Running truly is addictive and just checking in on you guys sometimes is good for the motivation!  I did 6  miles on Sunday that although were not quick were comfortable - its pretty amazing really as when I started 2 miles were my limit - with a bit of a walk up the hill!!

     I am hoping to run in Liverpool on Sunday so hoping for an improvement on my first run - just over 65 mins.  Debbie - as I recall I was 3 minutes or so behind you on that one (Blackpool) - so I will definitely take that again  - being 3 mins behind your 58 minuter i mean - well impressed!!image.. Sadly am not sure my training been enough but good to get out there again!!

  • Hi - i took your advice and my bodys advice and didnt go tonight.  But will run tomorrow if only a steady 30mins.

    OH giving me a hardtime though - but hey its better than an injury.

    I am now going for a long soak in the bath to rest my muscles.....thank you for being my good conscience (I am not sure that is spelt right but you know what i mean!!!)

  • Beanie are you doing London 2009??
  • Hi Catherine - Just watch out for the km markers and try to keep under 6, 12 18 etc. Liverpool is flatish from what I have read. I found the km markers better to pace to than the miles. Once you get a steady pace in the first 2 or 3 km try to stick to it. If you drop behind on pace pick it up in the next km. YOU WILL come in under the hour, positive thinking on this one. Blackpool was flat but the initial wind was wearing, none of that in Liverpool. You should also have more runners which will be more uplifting. GO GIRL GO. Will be looking out for your posting to say how it went.

    Plod are you doing a marathon? Not sure I could bear running for 4 hours, I might get bored like Yersinia says. I might go for a half next year if the milage builds up as planned. I am still amazed at you guys for doing a half this year.

    Beanie - I had a cold bath once (by advice) to sooth muscle ache. It worked too. 

  • Plod - yes i am doing London 2009.....arghhhhh.  Are you doing the marathon?

    Oh - i have heard about the cold bath treatment - i might have a go at that.....i was only discussing that with a fellow runner yesterday!!

  • Did a speed session with the running club tonight and it went well so confidence back on track.

    What is the london 2009 or am I being a bit dim? 

  • Beanie - I was told to wrap a towel round my shoulders and drink a brew and it wasn't too bad after the initial shock.

  • I thought you were on about the marathon.......Beanies response makes me think otherwise
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