A new 10k in under 60 mins thread?



  • Plodmonster - don't be too disheartened about not getting the 5k in under 30 minutes in training, it's a lot harder without the adrenaline of a race.  You also need to find out if the RFL you did was actually 5k, I was having the same problem as you, and then I found out that it hadn't been accurately measured, so I'd been trying to go further in the same amount of time.  You'll get there in the end though if you keep training.
  • Hi all,

    Plodmonster - you should definately try and find different routes for your long runs as it helps the miles go quicker. I've run down to Lambeth bridge before, but beyond that is a bit of a mystery and I'm actually looking forward to my Sunday run. I sometimes take a bus/tube to different places and find my way home (having already plotted the route on the gmap-pedometer). If you fancy trying the river run one weekend, let me know - although you do have to do it early in the day to avoid the tourists!!

    The Human Race (Nike 10k) - has anyone collected their t-shirt/chip yet? I was in Oxford Street today and didn't think of collecting it because I hadn't got my "its ready" email. Checked my mail tonight and yes, you guessed it, the email arrived. Can you believe it!image

  • I agree.

    I beat myself up after a run had gone badly and I felt I didn't achieve what I set out to do. Then for no good reason a couple of runs later had improved, we all have eratic patches.


    Why are you left out?

  • Susie - done a 10k trail in 44m07s (42 ish mins if the marshalling error is factored in - they sent us the wrong way) and aiming for a sub 40 min 10k on my next run.
  • No problem

    Just plod round your next one get lost again maybe start 20 mins after the rest and you will be one of us and won't feel left out.

    or maybe just do the next one in a pair of slippers or welly boots.

  • show off Matt image
  • susie b - 5 runs a week?? that is serious dedication!

    my sis rang me this eve and said "becky, in order to shift these last few pounds of baby weight i really need to scare myself sh*tless. so i'm entering a half mara, will you join me?". and i, like a fool, said yes. uh oh. i have 13 weeks to prepare. a half mara!! that's 10k - TWICE. arghhhh.

    bola - i haven't received any email about collecting shirt for nike 10k. maybe will pop in tomorrow anyway as work near oxford circus. 

    grast_girl - the RFL i did may not have been a full 5 k but a NABs (this weird media charity) 5k run i did was apparently a certified course (whatever that means) and that one i did in 30 mins.

    right - i'm off to look at half mara schedules on smart coach.


  • Hi Plod

    It's not dedication it's just the plan I am following.  It's the EDF intermediate half marathon plan and as I don't have a clue I just try to follow it. It did seem a lot of running but when I looked at others say 3 times a week the runs were a lot longer.

  • Josie - I'm 33 with 1st baby due in 4 weeks . It won't last long! image image
  • (waves to Matt image )

    Best wishes for 4 weeks time ,


  • Big apologies to Nike - got an email last night amending the first one! Collection of shirts etc is from Monday 18th to Sunday 24th August


  • Did my last training run this morning for my 10K race on Sunday.  Managed 3.05 miles in 29:40.  If I can keep that pace in the race I should get the sub 60 image  I'll let you know how I do.
  • You can go a bit slower than that and still nail under 60 mins!

    Good job i just checked this thread - saved me a wasted walk to the nike shop...

  • Can i join......image

    Loving the thread.....okay here goes started running April this year done two 10ks both exactly the same time of 67 minutes (Slow but consistent).  I have another 10k race this Sunday so hoping to do better.....

    My normal week......Tuesday is speed training with a local running club (although i continue to still go my one and only pace!).  Thursday again with the running club - 3 mile run plus circuit training, Friday a mini-me 2 mile run and Sunday my long run of about 6 miles.

    (I know i really need to start to increase the long run but i just cant manage it.......my body knows when the 6 is up and that is it!)

    Oh and i have a half marathon in November.......

    I would absolutly love to do under 60 - to be honest i would love to do under 65 they way i am going at the mo!

  • You sound a bit like me Beanie. One speed only!

    My one and only 10k was 1:08 4 weeks ago - i have my second this Saturday. Hoping to knock at least a minute off...

    Which half mara are you doing in November? I have accidentally agreed to do one in November - can't fully remember - Grand Union Canal HM - does that sound right?

  • Hi Kelly

    Looks like we will be losing you soon!! Dont go off too fast tho and run out of steam.

    Matt your times are even more impressive considering your 8 months gone.

    Good luck plod with your snd 10k

  • Would be even more impressive if it was Mrs Matt doing the running though!
  • Caught up in Olympic fever, I amused myself earlier looking up the world records for 5k and 10k.

    5k boys 12:37.35

    5k girls 14:11.15

    10k boys 26:17.53

    10k girls 29:31.78 

    Are these guys eating rocket fuel or something?? I had no idea it was quite that fast!!  Also - suddenly puts into context quite how fast Paula's 2:15 marathon is. A marathon is around 40k isn't it?

  • plod - i am doing the Norwich hm (Norfolk).

    Good luck for saturday let me know how you get on.

  • Great idea this thread! Count me in too - I am training for Dublin marathon and have done 2 10k races recently 70mins in June and 66.16 in July so miles away from breaking the hour yet - but very determined!! image

     Suzy x

  • Thansk for the welcomes, everyone!

     Bola : Re. the Birkenhead Cancer Research 10K not being quite 10K, I'm going off this thread: http://www.runnersworld.co.uk/forum/forummessages.asp?dt=4&utn=110969&last=1&V=1&SP=

    Several people ran it last year and their GPS devices calculated 9.5KM, and when I've done the Race For Life in Liverpool, several other runners have commented that their GPS was saying under 5KM. The only reason I can think is for ease of plotting the course and fitting in all the other things like the big finish line and stages/loos/food and such.

    Or maybe they're being slightly more sinister and trying to guarantee more crazed excitement, (and hence good photo ops,) at the finish line wheneveryone finishes in a shorter time than expected! But at least now I'm onto them...


  • I am running my first 10k on14th Sept, am a little nervous and am still a little overweight but I have set myself a target of 60min (although I might be a little optimistic!)
  • It's normal to be nervous I did my first last Sunday and I was getting silly with nerves. In my race I felt a bit like the tortoise and the hare as i plodded past a few who went off too quick and ended up walking.

    Try to enjoy it and not put too much presure on yourself.  What ever you get will be a PB and you learn a lot about yourself.

    I went out to do 40 mins easy today but went off too fast and turned it in to a 5k managed it in 29.00 which is the fastest I have run over that distance.

    Couldn't keep it up over 10k though.

  • Hi all,

    Kelly - well done on your time, I'm sure you'll do well on Sunday!

    Plod - sorry about the Nike thing, although I'm glad you checked on here first! I'lll be collecting mine on Monday. Are they all the same colour? Please do not say they are orange again - I ran in their last race (South Vs North) and the North had a lovely green. We had to wear orangeimage

    Anna - you would think if someone had noticed in in previous races it would have been changed by now?? Oh well, doing less and getting a good time will be great for your confidence - let us know how you get on.

    I went for a quick half hour plod around the park today. Went ok and felt justified in the big bag of pick-n-mix I had at the cinema this afternoon (Mamma-Mia - total girly flick!)

  • Bola - Mmm, I honestly have no idea. But I'm training on the assumption that I'm doing a 10K and will be aiming for under 57mins to compensate for the potential missing .5K. Still, annoying!

    Thank you, I'll definitely do so.

    Good luck with training and racing, everyone!

  • I think all the Nike shirts are red - but i have no idea where i got that from...

    Am really struggling with my feet at the moment. I haven't run since Tuesday or done a long run since Saturday and my feet really are not happy. Even walking causing twinges - some quite unpleasant. Am off to Runner's Needs at lunch time to get my gait re-assessed - am thinking perhaps my gait is not as neutral as they initially told me.

    What do people think about this? Have a 10k race tomorrow - if I buy news shoes today should I wear them tomorrow in the hope that they won't hurt my feet, or wear my old shoes (that are only 3 months old) that i KNOW are going to hurt my feet?   

  • I wouldn't wear  anything new in a race, you never know how you will feel. I am no expert but I wouldn't risk anything new.

    Maybe if your feet are sore it may be an idea to cancel the race. If it the shoes then you will have a chance to get used to the new shoes.

    It's interesting about your gait because I wear a stability asic shoe but I have heard that when your running improves your gait changes.

    When i started I was running i was doing 12 min miles. I ran 5k last night at 9.18 miles and thinking about it  my running and landing must be different I dare not get mine checked again though because I have bought 2 pairs of asics which i am rotating.

    If your not fit don't run you may be disappointed but not as disappointed as you will be if you can't complete the race.

    let us know what you decide.

  • I have to run with orthotic shoe inserts (slightly flat feet has led to an unstable right knee joint) but find them super comfy still. I do love Asics!
  • Hi Susie b, 

     Just wondered how long you have been running................ I am still at the 11 - 12 mmp after 4 months of training.  I did do a 10k in 1.06 which is more like 10.40 but can't imagine getting down to under 10 for any distance.  Inspire me!!!

     Suzy x

  • I can't sustain it for more than 5k.

    I started running last sept on a run/ walk schedule and by dec was running up to 45 mins but slowly.

    Then I injured my ITBS  in Janualy and didn't run again until May My first hour run was 11/12 min miles but I don't honesly know how I have got faster. My longer runs now are around the 10/10.30 mark.

    I just seem to have got faster. I did have a sore ankle and rested for a couple of days then after the rest I did a couple of 20 min runs to test it and as the distance wasn't daunting I went out fast ( well fast for me) and kept it going as I knew it wasn't for long.

    Last night I actually went out to run an easy 40 mins but noticed my speed was up so really tried to maintain it and ran 5k 2 mins faster than I had before.

    I am no expert but if you can speed up a bit on short  runs then slow yourself down over longer distances that is what I do.

    66 for a 10k is good and if you did 10.40 then your runs are improving it will happen if it's happening for me believe me it will happen for anyone.

    i am not a natural runner.

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