A new 10k in under 60 mins thread?



  • DM - Glum? I spent my Friday being jealous of my teacher friends who insisted on telling me their amazing plans for the next 6 weeks... Anyway, that's an awesome time for a training run!!!

    WM - Do you organise your own runs in your club?

    BB - Great race report and great effort too image

    Daveo - I sometimes run with my mate who is hugely faster than me so we just set a route and regrouping points where the one getting there first (her) come back for the slower one (me) which means that some of the route we run together and some of it in our individual pace...

    Matt - Its a brilliant time, especially after you saying you haven't ran much lately...

    Whoop whoop for everyone else running too imageimageimage

    8 miles in Kenilworth for me. Felt hard most of the way but I think its good to feel pushed out of my comfort zone. Maybe the whole holiday, blood giving still play a role too. Fingers crossed it will get better soon!!!

    And now for advice! I'm booked to do the Kenilworth Half on 04/09 and the Birmingham one on 23/10. There is also the Coventry one on 04/10 - shall I do that one as well? Is that too stupid to think about? Does it make sense? Discuss...


  • Hi All

    Some good running going on....

    Matt - Well done and as ShiYa says especially as you not been running much.....

    Daveo = Well done on the run. I run with a friend 3 times a week from work..... He is much faster than me but he'll run off in front and then come back for me - he says it's a way of adding mileage to his run..... and it pushes me to go faster too, I've greatly improved since running with him....

    Paul - Good run - good luck with speed session this week.

    FP - Well done with your run - its definitely harder in the heat isn't it.....

    BB - Well done on Park Run - You did well.... just keep remembering how far you have come in the last few months and at least you are now running regular - it can only get better for you.....

    HY4 - It's ok to adjust your goals for the year - as FP says training for a half will help your 10k time....

    ShiYa - I would book in for the Coventry one..... There's a few weeks between them.... go for it....

    I managed 19 miles on Saturday despite the fact I felt like I had a little bit of cold, can't work out if it's hayfever or a cold..... but I did an average of 11.05mm and finished in 3.30.34.... hopefully one of these long runs I may actually feel full of energy and surprise myself with times.... who knows..... Recovery run of 4 miles yesterday felt great.....

    JJJ - 134.15/140 

    I should hit target tonight..... with lots more to do before end of month.... if i hit all my planned runs I should get to around 170-180 miles this month.... Just under 6 weeks to the marathon now.....

  • I'm feeling out of sorts and grumpy today and so I want to go for a run, but it's not a 'run day' image  I think I might go anyway and just do a few slow km.  I suppose I should hit the gym instead...

    [edit] I gave in and hit the road.  I guess this means I have the bug! Pushed a little harder than yesterday, hit a pain barrier at about 20 mins, very out of puff when I stopped.  26:35 is a self-measured 5k pb, and I think I can bank that because googlemaps says the actual distance was about 5300m image [/edit]

  • I've done just the one 10K (Manchester on July 3rd) and I did 1h 1m 20s. I'd like to clear an hour but who knows - training is v hit and miss at the moment (kids etc)...

     I'm doing the Salford 10K in September and then the Great Manchester run (guess where I live yet?!) in May '12 so I am hopeful.

    I found I ran better with the crowd than I do when I run at home (on my own) - thats mainly due to a complete inability to pace. When I run alone I do the first two to three kilometres at around 4:30-5:00 min per KM. Then I'm knackered and slow right down.

    Maybe I need a running buddy?

  • Well done Matt on 10K.  Great time considering you haven't been running much lately.  Like most of the others, that is a time I can only dream of!

    ShiYa wrote (see)
    And now for advice! I'm booked to do the Kenilworth Half on 04/09 and the Birmingham one on 23/10. There is also the Coventry one on 04/10 - shall I do that one as well? Is that too stupid to think about? Does it make sense? Discuss...
    If it was me I'd probably go for it!  But before you do ask yourself how quickly do you recover from a half.  If it takes you 2 weeks then its probably not a good decision unless you treat one as a training run rather than a race.
    ShiYa wrote (see)

    WM - Do you organise your own runs in your club?

    We have a rota system through the month, which for the summer is; Week 1 - time trial, Week 2 - general run, Week 3 hills or speed, Week 4 "pub" run, and if there is a Week 5 - general run.  Normally one of the level 1 coaches will detail the session, but for the pub runs, anyone can propose the pub and routes.  The idea of these is to get everyone out to different locations and not stick to the same old routes as well as having a social drink and meal afterwards image 

    Well I'm just off out for my interval session.  5 lovely miles of mixed terrain with 6 x 400 m efforts in the middle. 
  • ShiYa,

    As much as I like Coventry (unless they've changed the course) I'd say don't do this one.  Give yourself chance to recover after the first one and prepare for the 2nd one.


    I know it makes sense to train for a half to kick @rse for a 10k but I don't think I'm in half shape yet. 


    Well done.


    Pacing is an art and it will come with time.

  • Back from my intervals.  Boy did that feel tough tonight.  400m splits were 2:06 2:15 2:06 2:13 2:15 2:16

    JJJ = 65.46 / 72 - should make this one easily image

  • Welcome Chris why don't you join a local club you'd get to run with peeps regularly and meet some running partners.

    JJJ  97/110 so should also make it this month.

    Tweaked my glute last week at a speed session so will give it a miss this week.

    ShiYa depends if you want to race them all hard if you do it will be tough but if you target one or 2 then just do one as a training run you should be ok.

  • Thanks for all the birthday wishes.  Had a lovely weekend - but without much running.  Went out with the running club tonight.  Then I planned to do a hill session tomorrow.  However, tonight's run included two hills, and I managed to run (slowly!) up both of them.  So I'm thinking I might do a normal run session tomorrow, rather than overdo it with hills.  I'm not sure my achilles can cope with too many hills.

    Lots of good running and training going on within the group.

    Chris Doyle - join a local running club.  I just my local fun runners club about a month ago and I try and go out with them at least once a week.  Not only is it nice to run with other people, but I'm learning some new routes too.

  • ChrissieT - it sounds as if you are doing great. You are already doing 19 miles and that's when you are not even on top form. That is amazing!!!!!! In any case you better saving the good run to the actual day, you earned a super duper wings on your trainers race day after the BBCHM image

    Daveo2011 - I love those runs that you just need to do and if nothing hurts you should always follow your heart, whatever the schedule says image

    Chris Doyles - as everyone said before me - a running club could be the answer!

    WM - your club sounds awesome! Mine is more geared towards the children with the adults side being just a group of us meeting for a run in the park... Do you meet just once a week though?

    Heather - always listen to your body and do as it says image

    Thank you for all your advice!!! I think I may just go for it. I saw on the Coventry website that if you booked to both Kenilworth and Coventry you got a discount so I will ask Sunday the Kenilworth people if I can still get it image

    I was suppose to have the gym running club session last night but the coach never came so one of the woman who is a very experienced runner took it instead...

  • Thanks ShiYa - I've never ran so much before...... I feel good for it, although tired some days...... I'm sure it will be worth it come 4th September.

    JJJ 140.65/140

  • Shiya - the club I belong to is an AC and therefore has multiple sessions covering track & field, cross-country and road runnng.  I only go along to the main road runners meet on a Thursday.  Occassionally groups of us will also get together for a long run at the weekend.
  • Hi folks,

    I started running in June whilst on hols in france and have kept it up since comimg home. I have yet to enter any races but there are two 10k races in september which are local to me. cardiff & Swansea. I have never run that distance in my life and i'm wondering if it would be unrealistic at such an early stage of my running.
    Yesterday i ran my longest run, which was 5.23 miles and did this in a time of 51.47. What are the prospects of me finishing the 10k and not having a heart attack in the process. By the way i am a 41 yr old male.

    Thanks for any advice.
  • ChrissieT - Is that the date of your marathon? What is the longest SLR you are planning?

    WM - do you only run with your club? What sort of training you do on your own? I do remember you teach aerobics so I suppose your cross training is covered image

    Andrew - If you run 5.2 miles now you will be able to run 10k, its only a mile more and in a race with all the adrenalin it will go by faster. You will love it image

    Almost 6 miles with my club in the park. I tried to run my hardest and recover while going back in the regrouping. The numbers on my Garmin were not in line with how hard I felt I was running though! Told myself all the excuses: it was a hot humid day, I did some efforts the night before,  etc but I know its just excuses... Boohoo image

  • Progress is still good - yesterday's run was 2x10 minutes with a rest in between, and I ran the second 10 minutes at around 5:00/km without getting much past an 'intermediate' amount of effort (but no way I could keep it up for 50 minutes!) image

    Andrew - I haven't run my first 10k race yet but FWIW I reckon you'll make it image  If you look at your run yesterday that's already just over 8km at about 62 minutes pace, and you have a good few weeks to go!  Maybe check out this programme here: http://www.runnersworld.co.uk/beginners/your-first-10k-five-easy-steps/6843-3.html and tweak it a little bit to fit in with the number of weeks you have available? 

  • Hi ShiYa - yep 4th of September is marathon day..... I aim to do around 23 miles as my longest run... with 21 this weekend. Next week is a cut back week to give me a little rest and then the hardest week will be from 8th of August. Then I start tapering...... not that far to go now......

    I know how you feel with Garmin numbers not tallying with how hard you feel it is......

    I have 7-8 planned tonight and then same again tomorrow....

    Andrew - As the others say you will be fine..... It's just another mile...... Go for it..... you still have some training time.

    Daveo2011 - Well done on last nights session

  • Welcome Andrew.  As the others have said, go for it! 10K should be well within your capabilities if you're already running 5 miles.

    Shiya, my normal weekly schedule looks like this:

    Mon - 5 miles either tempo or intervals on my own
    Tue - aerobics class
    Wed - aerobics class
    Thurs - club run - anything between 5K and 10 miles depending on session
    Fri - rest or occasionally resistance and stretching at home
    Sat - long run 8 - 14 miles either solo or with friend from running club sometimes incorporating park run!
    Sun - rest

  • Andrew,

    Go for it.  It's only going to be another 9-10 minutes more of running.


    Well done.  The heat/humidity can play a huge role at times.

  • Andrew - as others have said if you can run 5.2 miles already you will easily run 6.2 in September. Especially if you do the Swansea 10k as that is a very flat PB route.

    Good running everyone.

    I did my speedwork session yesterday. Still found it hard but unlike last week I didn't really ache afterwards so I must be doing something right. Have a 3 mile easy run planned for tomorrow.

    On another note I'm over the moon when I weighed myself this week and found I've lost 8 pounds this month image
  • Thanks for the advice. I have just gone out and completed my first ever 10k run. I completed the run in 61 mins & 8 secs. I'm well happy.
  • Andrew - you could be on for a sub 1 hour 10k if it's flat at Swansea..... race conditions, adrenaline - well done on completing your first 10k.

    WM - A good mix of a week for you.....

    Paul - well done on speed session, especially with the not aching afterwards. Also well done on weight loss.

    HY4 - how's the wedding plans coming on now.....

    8 miles for me last night - felt quite good for most of it.... bit tired towards the end. Another 8 tonight, my Thursday run is spent with a few others of mixed abilities. Trying to get them ready for a half in October. One guy ran just over 7 last week so we're trying to get him to eight this week. My boss runs with us too on Thursdays and we're trying to get her to 6 miles.....

    JJJ 148.65/140

  • ChrissieT - I'm running my next half on the day of your marathon so for at least half of it I will be with you in spirit. Moreover, if I dare to whinge I will remember you are running twice as far and order myself to man up image It sounds as if you have your own little running club image

    WM - Your week looks really balanced image

    Paul - Whoop whoop for the lost weight and the aches from running - Whoop Whoop imageimageimage

    Andrew - If you done 61 min in training you can most certainly do under an hour on the day!

    I did not run yesterday as my legs feel all weired. Chilled out Thai boxing instead and lots of food to give me energy. Im considering running both today and tomorrow. Today I will run from as soon as I can get to my club until 7pm when my presence is required. I would like to do 9 miles at least Friday, but I never ran two days one after the other... I may chicken out...

  • I'm supposed to do 2x 4 mins of hard running today, with warm up, middle, and warmdown jogs. I'm planning to stretch the duration of the jogs a bit and try out this sweet new route I've worked out - long way round to the west entrance to a nearby park, 2.5 laps of the field (where I can do the speed work), out the east exit and the short route home makes bang on exactly 10km.  Announcing here so I can't bottle it, will report back when I'm home!

    Go for it Shiya - I ran two days in a row for the first time at the weekend, the second day felt fine and I haven't had any more aches or pains than usual image

  • ShiYa - which half you doing on the 4th..... I will think of you running with me..... we start at 9.15.....

    Daveo2011 - We'll be checking to see how you get on.....

  • Well, the second 'hard' period took a lot of willpower and the pace of it was not particularly fast, but I did raise my level of effort for that period of time.  The last 3km were the longest of my life, and the last 500m even more so, but I made it - 10km in 55:13.  I think I've crossed the line into overdoing it today, need to rein myself in a bit, but on the bright side 10ks can only get easier from here on in, right image  Plus if it means my LSR can be >10k for a few weeks ahead of the race (knowing how my mind works) that will be a big psychological boost for me.  I don't think I should do too many at 'race pace' like today though! 

    So that's about 23km run this week, plus about 15km of walking... and.. I'm knackered!  Mmmmmm..baked potato with tuna mayo for tea...

  • Chrissie,

    They are coming along.  I've got to the stage where I've had enough orangising it and just want it to happen.


    Well done to everyone who's posted up their trainig.  4.09 miles done this morning ave pace of 10:52 with not too much in the niggle department protesting and a 10 min splash about in the pool afterwards.

  • Back from the club pub run.  Decided to cycle to the pub so that I could have a drink.  It was 2.3 miles to cycle through the woods.  If I'd driven it would have been 4 miles!  Had planned to do the 5 mile option, but my friend was struggling and so I did the 4 mile route with her.  We're going to start doing our weekend runs together again image so Saturday we are going to run the 2 miles from her house to Poole Park and then do the park run.  Depending on how she feels after we will either run, walk or phone for a lift back image

    JJJ = 69.39 / 72

  • ChrissieT - I am doing the Kenilworth HM and I think it starts at 10am so I will join you at around the 5 mile mark image

    Daveo2011 - Having a longer than 10k LSR is a good plan and a 10k in 55 min in training is amazing - you will fly it on the day!

    HY4 - When is the big day?

    WM - Whoop whoop for having a running buddy again imageimageimage

    Did 8.50 miles yesterday before training. Than we were running around the hall for warm up, when 15 min in one of the guy started teasing me that he thought I was good in the whole running thing and why aint Im running faster... I was not impressed! The rest of the class was really good with over 15 min sparring in the end.

    I brought my running stuff ready for my 9 miles today but I do feel super tired and lacking in energy!!! I will see how I feel in the afternoon!

  • ShiYa,

    Well done.  It's 28 January.

  • Well done on all the good training peeps.

    I've been back in the gym and doing the club sessions, really getting back into the swing of things.

    Have a few 10k's booked now in September and October and am now hoping to lose a stone or two before then.

    Off down the gym now, good luck to any races/runners this weekend.
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