A new 10k in under 60 mins thread?



  • That men's Olympic record equates to roughly a 4 minute 10 second min per mile!!!!!!

    I was chuffed with 6m35s  mins/mile (on a trail run, not road)! 

  • But that is their job they do it full time.

    I am 46 years old work full time shif work which is tough on the body and I think considering I couldn't even run as a kid my times are just as impressive. (Well they are to me anyway)

    When I got my medal last sunday finishing 10k in 61 mins it was as good as an olympic gold to me and probably took just as much effort.

  • I agree Susie b - I was one of those people who avoided PE in school because I was overweight and useless. I do a race now and, even if I'm near the end of the pack, its like sticking two fingers up at all my old PE teachers as I cross the line and collect my medal !!

    Plod - why don't you ask the people at Runners Need what they think. I'm with Susie, I wouldn't wear new shoes in a race unless I'd given them a little test run beforehand. Perhaps you could do that today and decide from there. Good luck to you anyway - x

  • Really pleased to find this tread as I thought I was I was abnormal,

    Did my first 10k in June 77mins 59 seconds. Doing my Second on Sunday hope to get over the line a bit quicker this time.

    But just the fact that I'm going to get out of bed on a Sunday Morning and go RUNNING for enjoyment is unbelievable.

    Posh x

  • So - I just got back from Runners Needs and have decided that i really do not like that place.

    Explained to the woman, been running 3 months, had gait analysis, told was neutral bought shoes etc but now getting pain in feet and could i have gait analysed again please in case it had changed. The women was ridiculously snooty, made me feel about 3 foot high (i'm nearly 6 foot!) and informed me - TWICE - in most condescending manner possible that extremely unlikely that gait has changed. Felt like fool who was wasting her time and stuttered something about having read somewhere that maybe it can change.

    Got on treadmill and look - lo and behold surprise surprise i am indeed rolling in when i run. Whereupon she suddenly got a lot more helpful, got someone else over to check who confirmed this is the case. Thought I'd have to fork out for new ones but turns out if i can find the receipt or bank statement with the transaction on they'll give me new shoes! Hurrah! 

    She told me not to run though til i get new shoes but am still going to do my 10k tomorrow just super slow. My mate is running 10k for first time and aiming for 1:20 so will just stick with her and not try and break any world records...

  • Welcome poshpaws


    good luck with the race

    Like you bola I hated PE at school because I was chubby and self conscious.

  • Me too....i was a dab hand at forging my mums signature to get out of PE.  One teacher use to tell me PE was good as it helps you when you give birth......i was like i am 14 i dont want bloody kids!!!!!!

    But now like all you lot am doing it because i enjoy it........and the same as poshpaws getting up Sunday morning to race.....and hopefully do better than my consistent 67 mins!

  • Count me in, I have started running again after about 4 years off and i am running my first 10K at LEeds Castle on OCt 12th. So i am running 4.2 Miles (Measured by Friends Garmin Watch thing) in 40 minutes at the moment so i am hoping for less than 59.59 for this 10K image  I have just started doing a hill session once a week so hopefully that will help and also help with the extra 3 stone i am carrying.


  • PE !! The things I used to do to get out of that lesson...bunking off, writing sick notes, whacking my ankle with a ruler and saying that I'd hurt them in a fall....terrible isn't itimage

    I'm a teacher now and I would never make the children do some of the things my old teachers made me do (knowing I was overweight and embarassed). Sad thing is I actually enjoy lots of sports!

    Plod - I'm glad things worked out in the end. Good luck in your run and make sure you let us know how you did.image

  • Hi all,

     Been a bit lazy (Oh dear!!)!!  Nice holiday break and now it's hard to get back to it!!  First 10K race in 3 weeks tho so need to get moving!!

    Loving the olympics!  The times for the 5 and 10K were awesome!!  (Difficult to know whether to be inspired or depressed!! - went for the former!)  Like it has been said we all have our own goals and everyone's 'gold' is different.  Mine will be just to get first race under my belt and then that 60min barrier!!  

    Well done to all you guys!! Good luck with your upcoming runs image


    PS I am allowing myself to be distracted from going for a  run by watching the athletics - does any of that count as training?!!....

  • I think it must definitely count as training...!

    So, i did the Pride 10k today in London's Victoria Park. Luckily quite overcast so not too hot and not raining either. My previous and only 10k time was 01:08.26. This time, despite the dodgy foot, a wee break at 4k and a crippling double sided stitch for about 3k that actually slowed me to a walk for a bit I managed to knock 2 minutes off! Not a chip timed race and i forgot to check my stopwatch immediately when i passed the finish but it said 01:06.11 so I'm just going to call it 1 hour 6 image.

    Not sub 60 but heading in the right direction at least. Huzzah!  

  • Well done Plod - congrats on the new PB image Which Runners Need did you go to? I went to the Liverpool Street one and found them really helpful. Hope the foot is better soon.

    Went out for a 10k run today and did it in 1:10:48. Still nowhere near sub-60, but pretty pleased as I knocked 1 minute 30 off my previous PB from my race last month - and it was only a training run. Maybe I'll get to sub 60 eventually image

  • Well done plod getting close now!! If you were fully fit with an empty bladder who knows.

    I had to run for 1.30 today and think my 10k was near the 60 mark but not exactly sure.

    Well done Lisa all you can do is keep improving.

    Catherine I am enjoying the athletics munching a large bag of maltesers so much for the run this morning.

  • Well done Plod image fantastic result!
  • well done plod and lisa.....i have my 10k tomorrow - i am nervous already!image

    Last 10k was 67mins so would love to beat it.  Keep those fingers crossed.....will let you know how i get on. (Although i dont want to make excuses my back is really sore- did far too many squats on Wednesday and i still ache - i hope it doesnt hold me back! - sorry about the pun!!!!!)

  • Good luck Beanie image
  • Good luck beanie you will be ok, might loosen up your back.
  • Sorry to sound so excited - but i had to tell you guys....

    The 10k was very wet and seriously muddy (5 kms were off the road and on a track) but i did it in 64 mins 35.  Yay i am so chuffed (previously done it in 67).

    I feel like i have got gold - sorry that is really sad isnt it!!!!!image

  • Not sad - it's great!!   Well done image
  • Well done Beanie - that was a huge difference image
  •  Well done Beanie.  I also feel like I've won gold as I got a new PB in my 10K this morning 60:34 by my watch (I think the official time was 60:40). 

  • We will all have to watch out as getting close. Well done everyone!
  • Beanie - not sad, it's fantastic! That's a big difference!

    Kelly - well done to you too! That's soooo close, you'll be under 60 in no time!

    I love this thread - it's great for motivation image

  • well done Plod and Beanie and everyone else whose time is going in the right direction.   I have not got a 10k until 7th September and i feel inspired by you all.

    There only seems to be 5K near me at the moment and I have never run a 5K before.  I don't know  whether running one will help reduce my 10k speed or whether it will have the opposite effect.  Any ideas?

  • I am no expert have only entered one 10k but don't think it can do you any harm. I think it could help your speed.

  • thanks will give it a try and register before I wimp out

  • I started running in April and have been increasing my runs every week until today when I finally ran 10k.  Did i in 1hr 12, really pleased with it for my first attempt.  Doing 10k race in October, would love to do it in an hour but I just cant get the speed into my run.  I could plod on long enough but as soon as I go fast I flounder. 
  • Welcome facet

    You will start to speed up when your ready. It is easier to go faster on shorter runs.

  • Well done Kelly - that under 60 is in touching distance.

    Well done facet - for your first run 1hr 12 is good.  I have been running for around five months - last 4 really enjoyed even though very very slow, last month been really difficult almost felt like i was going backwards and then today happened and it has spurred me on further, so what i am trying to say is give it time as it will happen.  What kinda training do you do?

    Running tortoise - defo enter for the 5ks as this will help your speed training as you know you can go a little faster as you dont have so far to go......also gives you a feel of a race event and it certainly gives you motivation/inspiration.

  • hurrah! congrats beanie and kelly. it's been a weekend of inching ever closer to that sub 60!  

    kelly - i reckon in about a week's time you'll be looking for the sub 50 thread image

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