A new 10k in under 60 mins thread?



  • Well me, my friend and her hubby ran the 2.5 miles to the park, did parkrun, then ran back.  Was really impressed with my friend.  On Thursday she said that the 4 miles we did was the furthest she'd run in 2 months and today we doubled that with a fast bit in the middle.  I got a new 5K PB - 26.52 by my watch.  Have to await the official timing.

    JJJ = 77.45 / 72

    Target for August is a measly 70 just to keep me on track for my 800 miles in 2011!

  • Westmoors,

    Well done.

  • Thanks HY4.

    Official time 26:59!  Really pleased as I had a severe stitch about the 4K mark.

  • Congrats Westmoors image
  • Quick 5k today in place of the LSR cos I overdid it on Thursday. No real ill effects, knees felt a bit like dry stone bricks for the first 1200m or so, started out slow but was able for once to really pick it up and run the last 500m hard, and finished only a few seconds slower than my best.
  • Well done on all the runs that people have done over the last few days, and congrats to those of you who hit your monthly target and / or got a new PB in the process.  Hello to any newbies - welcome!

    I did a 5 mile run on Thursday and that felt ok.  Today I did 5.7 miles.  I'll be building that up slowly over the next 12 weeks.  That's how long I've got till my 10 mile run (Great South Run - Portsmouth).  I'm running to time (today was 60 minutes) rather than speed / distance.  I'll worry about that nearer the event.

    I am definitely getting fitter though.  Today's route took me up a long slow hill that I have always had to walk up part of before.  Today I got all the way to the top by running.  A guy running down gave me some encouragement, telling me that I was over the steepest bit.  I then ran for about 5.1 miles without stopping.  I really felt like I found a nice pace today.

    I usually run with the fun runners' club on Mondays but I think I am going to swap to the Wednesday group.  I like to do a long run on a Sunday so I need to have Monday as a rest day.

    Happy running everyone!

  • Heather,

    I thought your 10 miler was just down the road for me.  Depending on what I'm up to I may come down & spectate.

  • Good morning peeps!

    Ran 9 miles Friday very slowly as my legs were so tired. Satuerday was off and I than went to Kenilworth Sunday for another 9 miles. I ran with the slow group and tried to stick to this guy and bar the last stretch managed it. In the last mile when we sprinted back (sprinting being a relative term) I felt my legs have nothing left in them so I just had to let him disappear into the distance...

    When I got back he was talking with the guy organising the faster group about us moving to their group. Eek!

    Dont understand me wrong, I would love to run faster, Im just scared I will be way too slow for the faster group and wont be able to keep up!!!! Im still doing over 10mm when running on my own and 9mm on my Garmin is an achievement - they are aiming at 8mm on the day...

    Having said that, running with this guy was ace! He was just fast enough to ensure I work hard! I really would like to keep training with him!

    We shall see what will happen next week...

  • I think a 10 k in 60 mins is looking dodgy for me.1st 10 k 1.14 2nd 10.k 1.12 . I did the 1st in June 2nd in York yesterday. I have no extra speed and 6.2 miles is the furthest I have run since starting running in February this year.

    Plan 1. Increase distance so that 10 k is not a struggle building up to a 10 mile LSR
    2. Speed training how often per week though..
    3. Practice faster 5k s at park run
    4. Spinning twice weekly
    5. Yoga three times weekly

    I was thinking of doing the Scarborough 10 k in October and would like to do a much better time how does my plan sound? My current steady pace is 11.30mm which is definitely down from the 14.50 mm I started with. I am definitely a plodding pixie not the prancing pixie I would like to be.

  • Pixie - your plan sounds great.... take care to increase your LSR slowly by no more than 10% a week.... Speed training should be done only once a week or alternate between speed training one week and then a tempo run the week after. Yoga is definitely good for you, it will ensure you are stretching well enough and will also help your core...... Most of all, give yourself time.....It took me 2 yrs of running to get under 1 hour 10k race..... As you say you have already improved from 14.50mm to 11.30mm so you are doing something right...... Stick around - we're always here for advice and motivation. It comes in handy especially when you lose your mojo.....

    Shiya - well done on all your runs..... whatever you decide to do on your group just make sure its good for you...... If you move up and you're not happy, you can always drop back until you are ready.....

    WM - Well done on your Park Run, to your friend too, seems like she's improving rapidly....

    HY4 - Hi..... January will be here before you know it.

    Heather - Sounds like you're doing really well..... You'll be ready for your 10 miler in no time....

    Matt S - Sounds like y ou have your mojo back....well done.

    Daveo2011 - Good run - sounds like you made right decision.

    I did my LSR on Saturday with an aim of 21 miles..... I only managed the 20.... I seem to be struggling with back ache on my LSR's..... I do take a Camelbak with me with 1.5 litres of water and wonder if this is what is causing the pain...... Saturday was mind bendingly bad..... was starting to hurt at 14 miles but by 18.5 miles I had to stop.... then had to run/walk the last mile and  half home..... I'm going to up my core training between now and the marathon to try to help the situation - I've been a bit slack with that side of my training..... managed 4.5 yesterday for my recovery run with no issues.

    July target 181.22/140

    August target 140......

  • Pixie p - Your plan sounds spot on. To answer you question, speedwork should only be once per week and make sure you have a rest day the day afterwards to avoid injury. Also try and have a rest day after the LSR for the same reasons. The combination of speedwork and LSR does wonders for your time, I saw very significant differences quite quickly when I introduced them to my training scheme.

    Well done to everyone else on their runs and their targets.

    I did a 5 mile LSR yesterday - really didn't fancy it before I started but forced myself out and was feeling good by the end of it and quite proud I didn't skip it image

    This week is going to be a tough week, according to my plan my speedwork session increases from 4x400 to 6x400 and my LSR increases from 5 miles easy to 7 miles steady.

    I'll edit my post later today with my August target.

  • Ok, August target 100km image
  • hmm can't edit my earlier post for some reason:

    August target: 80 miles
  • Ado.Ado. ✭✭✭
    Hi all. Not been on for a while. Lots going on, will try to catch up. Well done all!

    Ran 5 miles in 50 mins tonight, very hot, so I'm pleased. I need to follow a 5 week plan rigorously as I'm pacesetter for a friend who's doing her second ever 10k. I feel proud she trusts me enough, but I now feel a huge sense of responsibility! I'm sure that will help with sticking to the training plans (and help me lose a few pounds!)

    Weights tomorrow, then 4 miles on Wednesday.
  • Well what a great week you guys have had, taken me half an hour to read all the posts and some great times and great targets achieved for July.

    My JJJ final score was 35.55/50 so not too bad with DIY and hols.

    I ran twice in Spain 4 miles each first was a killer (43.24 mins) as it was too hot and the route I ran takes me down the mountain 2 miles and then back up 2 miles. when we checked out the maps its a drop of 130m down and back up, quiet a hill for just a 2 mile stretch of road at 28 degrees!!!! Second run was a cooler day and I changed my loop going down just 1.5 miles, back to house then into village and out for the last mile, its still hilly but doesnt have such long stretches of uphill. It was 26 degrees and overcast so much better (41.07 mins)

    Despite my efforts and not eating too much junk I am a disgraceful 5lb heavier this morning..........not good!!

    August is busy for me but I plan plenty of running, spinning and pilates plus some hill walking in Lakes with Hot date image AAA 50miles and I am determined to do it by hook or by crook!!!!

  • Pixiep - I think ChrissieT is advice is just right, but I think you should just enjoy the journey as well. You will get there sooner or later (hopefully sooner though) but until than don't get caught with time and forget why you started running - because its fun!

    ChrissieT - be careful with your back! I think some core work may be the answer but it can also be that this particular bag is no good for you. Check it out and don't let it develop into an injury especially as, despite your great efforts in hiding it, you are doing amazingly well image

    Paul - you are not suppose to increase your total weekly mileage by more than 10% from week to week or you are risking an injury so be careful.

    Ado - how cool of you to be a pacesetter for your friend!

    DM - you are so good running on holiday in the heat! I HATE running when its so so hot

    I did kb instead of running yesterday. My legs were still ouch so I decided to give running a miss. I so loved kb despite it being way too hot for anything. It is so annoying that I always have to choose image

  • HI Shiya - Thanks for the advice. Am working some core work into my training plans now.... I used this bag while training for London and didn't have any problems..... I can run all week with no issues including some difficult hills and then come anything longer than 12 miles I get an ache in the lower back so I'm tending to think I need to increase my core work but I don't think the extra weight of the water helps. I do have an MOT appointment with my physio on Thursday and will speak to him about while I'm there. Luckily I won't be taking my backpack on the marathon with me, there are plenty of water stops on the way round.... image

    Such a shame you have to choose between KB and running.

    Hi Ado - You will be fine as pacesetter - you will do well.....

    DM - Good running especially in the heat.

    AAA 6.64/140

  • All the hard work finally caught up with me yesterday I think - I was exhausted all day, fell asleep during the afternoon which is unheard of for me, and my legs were complaining like mad - stiff knees and ankles, tenderness around the knees and shins, and tighness in the thighs and hips.  I take it to be my body saying 'woah there speedy gonzales, lets take a couple of days to consolidate!'.. so I'm resting up today and delaying my tuesday run til tomorrow.
  • Shiya - I'd read about not increasing by more that 10% too which was why I was surprised by the increase but it is the Runners World half marathon 2.15 plan I'm following. I looked into it a bit more and other sources say not to increase by more than 10% or 2-3 miles whichever is the greater so I suppose it falls into that scenario.

    Daveo - Listen to your body, it is usually correct. Rest up and apply some ice to those tender spots.

    Did my speed session today before work - I wasn't sure I would be able to do it since the reps increased from 4x400 to 6x400 and I really felt it in the last interval but so proud of myself that I completed them all image

    AAA 4.2/80
  • Hi, I would like to join you on this thread please. I did my first 10k race on Sunday (on the beach), it was the first time that I have run 10k without walking any at all (I have run up to 9 miles talking a little walk here and there) and I took 1:09:43, with the first 5k in 31:45. I would love to do a 10k under an hour sometime.
  • Hey Lottie Louise - Stick around - you'll get a lot of motivation from everyone on here. I'm sure with a little more time and training under your belt you'll be under that 1 hour mark..... each time you race and there's an improvement it is a huge motivation boost..... remember to enjoy what you do and keep a constant plan together..... You will become faster and fitter as time goes on....

    Paul - that's really good as the intervals are designed to make you feel it in the last one..... seems you have dealt with the increase incredibly well. Well done.

    Daveo - Agree with Paul, listen to your body.... I'm sure you'll be raring to go tomorrow... image

  • Heh I'm kinda raring to go now.. But I will abstain, and keep my feet up until tomorrow image

    Congrats on the intervals Paul image

    Welcome Lottie image 

  • ShiYa,

    If you move up good luck.


    You'll get there.


    Hope so.  I'm in the process of sending invites out and should do some of them tonight.  But instead am catching up on some TV.  Well done on your run.


    Well done.


    That sounds tough well done.

  • Hello Lottie well done on beach run

    Shiya -any training is good for you as long as you enjoy it.

    Paul -the only intervals I do are on the treadmill, been reading about speed work etc in RW mag so going to try some new stuff soon.

    Ado -I might just take you up on Leicester half, lets see what the next few weeks holds first.

    Chrissie - my back goes on long ones, my pilates guy says the hip flexors and your pelvic girdle which includes lower back (he describes it as a pair of knickers made of muscle) often compensate for week abdomen muscles. Hence my hip flexors do work in pilates my abs should do etc. That princile may be at play with you. Are you slouching when tireder on longer runs???

    Daveo - resto so you don't overdo.....I often have a great run after a few days off.

    Training for this week is planned as:

    Wed 5miles

    Thurs 4 miles am/ spinning pm

    Friday 8mile LSR

    Sat kids so rest

    Sun 5 miles

    Mon spinning pm

    Tues gym (3mile dready)

    Wed 3 mile dready then pilates class

    (28 miles by 10th then away till 15th)

  • Evening all and welcome Lottie Louise.

    My training plan for this week is:

    Monday - I rested after a long run (60 mins) on Sunday

    Tuesday - cross-training - I went to the gym before work this morning

    Wednesday - 9km time trial with the running club

    Thursday - cross-training / gym work, including personal training session

    Friday and Saturday - rest days, as my sister is visiting (we'll be watching the athletics at Crystal Palace - it will be a good motivator to train harder!)

    Sunday - long run of 60 mins

    I'll let you know on Sunday how I get on this week!!

  • Daveo2011 - Good on you listening to your body! Hope you are all good as new today image

    Paul - Well done on the new harder intervals but be careful nonetheless. Listen to your body and all that...

    Lottielouise123 - Welcome on and well done on your race. If you keep running you will keep improving image

    ChrissieT - I'm sure some core strength will do the trick than. Do you do any particular exercise? Pilates is awesome for core strength and so is yoga. Make sure you work on the whole band as opposed to just the tummy as you will run the risk of creating imbalances...

    HY4 - It must be so exciting, all that planning...

    DM and Heather - now you put your plans here you must stick to them image

    I ran 5.6 with my club. It was last week all over again. Working all hard to get exactly the same result. It was stupidly hot though. Even the fast people slacked a bit. Which meant that in one point I was running behind 3 old, but really fast, men who are normally so fast I dont even see them. They were talking about their marathon days. They were telling me about wiered and wonderful marathons and general racing... They all stopped doing marathons when they got slow and neared 3 hours. They picked at around 2.30ish!!!! Jealous? Me?

     AAA - 5.60/100

  • Well done Lottie Lou !

    ShiYa 5.6 in that heat! I did speed intervals yesterday morning and it was hot then.
    I'm jealous of two things the any time near 3 hrs for a marathon and talking while running.

    Where's these emoticons things to put in?
  • Horrible run today image  Felt like my granny for the first 10 minutes until I'd stopped and stretched out again - couldn't find a comfortable gait, very stiff knees.  Next was '10 minutes hard' and though the pain in the knees had gone, I didn't feel like I had the strength to run properly 'hard'.  I was too up in my head all the way round.  Anyway, I think I can take solace that (apart from the knees which are a bit of a concern), the fatigue is generalized over my whole legs (i.e. it's tiredness, not an injury!), and I am coming back from some big runs in the last 7 days so I suppose I just take it easyish and wait it out. 

    If anyone has any recommendations for how to warm up my knees before I leave the house I'd appreciate it image

    Anyway, it was 4.65km in 25 minutes.

    AAA 4.65/100 (km)

  • Pixiep - Lol! I know exactly what you mean. I find it incredulous when I'm trying to concentrate on staying alive while the person next to me is chatting casually away...

    Daveo2011 - Be careful and rest your body! I find that if I have recovery drinks after my runs I don't get as fatigued. As for the knees, you can try knee support when you run and see if that helps...

  • Daveo - the knee thing was an issue for me only when I increased my distances. My first 7 miler left me limping and my first half marathon had me in knee suports for a couple of weeks when running. I did weight machines at the gym to strengthen them but I think from what your saying you should power walk half a mile and then stretch at the start of every run until they strengthen themselves through running more. Stick to the same distance until that distance is comfortable with the knees. This training is not a race we are all very different and have to do things differently.

    I managed a 4.2miler yesterday and although it was warm after spain the heat was nothing. Was going to spend today gardening as kids are with their dad for 2 days but its rained and is still spitting. So had my tea and toast and going to do my LSR today (sack spinning later) then do shorter run tomorrow.

    AAA 4.2/50

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