A new 10k in under 60 mins thread?



  • hi guys, can i join this thread too??

    Did my 1st 10k last month 1.13.47 - had to stop and walk twice (5k and 7.5k) as it was sooo hot and threw up everywhere at finish line (so embarrassing!!)

    I started running about 16 months ago but then had time off due to illness (I have endometriosis) and then after 4 weeks gentle training fell and broke 2 ribs, so had more time off - hence not really prepared for last month's race. 

    I've entered two more 10k's one in sept and one in oct - aiming to get time down to under the 60m.

    wondered if anyone else feels that they are slower in the heat - even when training i just don't do well when its hot, but give me rain, wind and cold and i can keep running at a better pace - is it just me??

  • Welcome Nicola

    No it's not just you the cooler weather is so much easier. Don't much like the wind but will take it over the heat.

    Hopefully it will be cooler in Sept and Oct and your times should get better if you pace yourself.

  • My first post here, so greetings and pleased to meet y'all.  Wanted to reply to Nicola that I too do much worse in the heat.  Was set to train at 10k today, but the 91F heat clobbered me.  I've got my training 5k down to 27 minutes, so this 10k in 60 min thread is right up my alley.  Looking forward to getting to know folks.



  • Hi Robert and Nicola - welcome!

    Yes i prefer the cold and wet - i think that was why my time yesterday was much better as the previous two races were very hot!  But i will take the PB and run with it!!!!!

    Nicola - what did you eat before you ran?????  I cant eat anything 2 hours before as i will do exactly the same and throw-up!

  • ooooh - my official result is up and it's 65.47! whoop whoop!
  • Thanks guys - glad to know its not just me.

    Beanie3 - I always have two slices of toast about 2 hours before I run, any sooner and i stitch up after about 10 mins.

     My training partner seemed to think it was more heat exhaustion that made me sick than anything i ate, although as it was so hot i think i may have taken in too much water on the way around?!

    well done plodmaster image image image 

  • Well I done my 2nd 10k, knock 3 mins of last months time, down to 74 min, and I didn't come last this time.

    Another one planned in four weeks time and I hope to knock may somemore off.image

  • Well done Nicola.  Thats a very respectable time for a 1st attempt especially if you had to walk some.

    Great time too Plod.  Oh, and Plod, I don't think I'll be abandoning you guys for a while.  I haven't got another 10K lined up until November image  Next race is a 5 miler, then its either a 10 miler or half mara image

    3 minutes off your PB is very impressive Poshpaws.  Keep it up.

  • Hi to everyone new to this thread image 

    Nicola - poor you! I had a similar experience at the British 10k last year - sooo hot! I'm definately better from September to May!

    I had a 8mile run planned yesterday, but only managed 7and a half because I just ran out of juice. My legs felt heavy and I just felt too tired - it was quite hot too! Should I be thinking about taking on board something other than water now as my time long run is around an hour and a half? Does anybody else use bars/gels in their run?

    Well done Plod and Poshpaws - everyone's moving in the right direction!

  • I think the problem with running in the heat is you feel that you should drink more even if your body wants it or not. I don't know if it ture or not but someone told me that a guy in the london marthon collapse due to drinking to much water during the race.

    I think its best to just take it easy and sip water on the way round rather than take big gulps when you get to the water stations, but again it like every thing with running, just cos it work for one person it doesn't mean it will work for everyone. its all just trial and error.

  • I'd like to join this thread too. I'm yet to do 10k but that is my next goal, I am currently doing 5k in 40mins - I woulkd really like to be faster.
  • Hi Xorro

    Big wave, 

     i too i'm quite new to running,  all the forum on here seem to be friendly and welcoming .

    Welcome to the mad world of running


  • lol - I've been on the forum since February  image but thanks for the welcome anyway
  • Beanie3, thanks for the welcome!

     I might actually have been doing this longer than some folks.  I started running casually years ago.  But I only ran my first race last April.

    Right now my training goal is the Los Angeles marathon in March next year.  Toward that goal I'm planning a half-marathon in Long Beach (near Los Angeles) in October.  And toward the October goal I am trying to get myself at least one 10k training day a week and one 13 mile training day every other week.

     I know that kind of schedule isn't routine.  The main book I'm using as a training guide is "Brain Training for Runners" by Matt Fitzgerald.  It's full of arguably less traditional advice.

     The biggest challenge I've had of late, besides wilting in the heat yesterday (and I suppose I must finally learn to convert temperatures to Celcius) is neck pain, which seems really counter-intuitive.  I get this pain up the right side of the back of my neck, not by the spine, but the tendon that connects behind the ear.  All my googling and asking around leads me to think it's really from my running posture, and in particular I'm beginning to think it's from a long term habit of carrying my left shoulder a little higher than my right.  At least I finally found, on the RW boards, a stretch that seems to help: simply rotating the neck with the chin held high.

     Do folks here tend to talk much about training times or just races?  I hope both, 'cause I really don't race much.

  • Hi All

    Well done to all the improved times.

    Bola since I started running up to 90 mins I bring an energy drink. Just one of those supermarket things. I find my mouth gets dry but these drinks have salt and carbs so I feel it does help me. I started to bring them because initially I found it hard to carry a drink when running but as I am training for a half I knew I would have to get used to it.

    It may be in my mind but even so I feel it  helps.

  • HA Ha , nice one, i ve only been on here for the last two weeks, Boy are my cheeks red, But big hello anyway.  mind you have been in the runners arms this afternoon...........tend to get to0 friendly with drinkimage


  • susie b - thanks, i have been doing some short runs in the vain hope!!

    beanie 3 - thanks, yeah i also have some bad days but i'm blaming the weather, i'm hopeless in the heat, and even when its not hot i need a breeze, seem to get all choked up on humid/foggy days too.  Currently I've been running 3 times a week one 5k where i try to go faster, when about 5/6k where i try and take in some hills cause I'm also not great at coping with hills and a long 10k run on the last day.  also started doing some speedwork sessions one day short sprints but i cant say i enjoy that at all!!


  • I concocted a training plan using smart coach this afternoon. The idea is to get to 10k in 4 weeks (double the distance of my usual 5k outings).

     For tonight it suggested a long run of 6 miles (isn't that 10k? - lol). I managed 4.3 miles which I guess is nearly a 50% increase on the usual. Next on the plan is a 2 miler on Weds, which should be nice and easy image

  • Well done plodmaster and poshpaws - havent we all done well this weekend - it must be the olympics spurring us on!!!!!

    I am currently following a 16 week half marathon plan as i have a half planned in november its on the realbuzz.com if you want to look.  Had a easy 30mins today but let me tell you it was bloody hard work after the 10k yesterday!

  • Bola Zudd wrote (see)
    I had a 8mile run planned yesterday, but only managed 7and a half because I just ran out of juice. My legs felt heavy and I just felt too tired - it was quite hot too! Should I be thinking about taking on board something other than water now as my time long run is around an hour and a half? Does anybody else use bars/gels in their run?
    If I know I'm going to be out for more than an hour I take a sports drink.  I use the Go range from SIS as it contains electrolytes as well as carbs, and as I'm a real sweaty betty I need to maintain my salt balance image
    At the moment I use a 'donut' bottle, but I'm thinking of getting a bladder belt as I find carrying the bottle unbalances me image
  • I think there is some sort of running god that puts you in your place. As soon as you think you have achieved a milestone and start believing you are doing better you go out and have a nightmare.

    I ran over 9 miles in 90 mins on Sunday felt ok and more optimistic for my half in October.

    Went out today admitedly started nights last night and feel sh**e and had a bad ear which is causing ringing and a feeling of wanting to decapitate myself but all excuses aside.

    21 mins and even without my brain having anything to do with it my legs just decided to stop.

    That's put me back in my place.

  • You had a good run on Sunday though - 10minute mile at that distance! It's no wonder you felt tired today!

    Have a rest day and I'm sure you'll be back on formimage

    Am going to try a sports drink on Sunday with my long run, thanks for the advice x

  • Wish I had taken my own advice this was the first time in ages i didn't bring a drink and missed it. Was really thirtsy.

  • 10 min miles for nine miles! that is v impressive - i can't maintain that speed for half a mile!
  • susie b - dont give yourself a hard-time (why do i feel i should listen to my own advice!)

     i only did 10k yesterday and seriously suffered today.....i dont know from a high you get thrown down......perhaps bola is right with a rest day. x

  • Your not too far off that speed with your 10k speed.

  • Last post was for plod.

    Thanks Beanie your right it's exactly what I would say to everyone else.

  • Thought I'd come and bore you all with my fantasy training programme in preparation for my first half mara in November. It's purely a fantasy and will prob never happen but hey - a girl's gotta dream...

    Monday: rest

    Tuesday: run to or from work (6 miles)

    Wednesday: lunchtime 30mins spin class

    Thursday: run to or from work (6 miles)

    Friday: 30 mins lunchtime on the tready - intervals/going faster etc

    Saturday: rest

    Sunday: long slow run (but they're all slow i hear you cry!). Currently can do 13k - building this up by 1k a week.

    And if manage to follow this programme and I'm still not rock hard and a size 10 at the end of it I'm giving up running goddammit.

  • it's good to have a plan plod.

    Something that has been on my mind thought I would share with you all.

    The reason I took up running was because the idea of just putting on your trainers and going was cheap didn't take much time and no hassle getting to the gym etc. Just get out there and run.

    As you start setting goals it seems to take longer and longer to get ready. First set the garmin or other gadget HRM if you have one. Tape up the blister spots. Just bought an Ipod arm band came in the post today.

    Prepare drink. and  because i run alone I got one of those road id's. So now it's not as quick as it once was getting out the door. Also because of previous injury I am now going to pilates/yoga 3 times a week for stretching  and not saving on the gym either.

    Don't get me wrong not complaining but from doing something that was not supposed to take up much time it hasn't worked out that way. When I am not running find myself admiring all the expensive running gear in the shops.

    Oh yes and also on the forum also.

    Just off to the gym now for yoga.

  • You both put me to shame - I barely manage 3x per week!

    Went for my 'fartlek' today - have just discovered that I have one good and one bad leg! My right leg is strong and even when I'm tired I can still raise it and plod on. My left leg is like its poor cousin - I can't get it moving and it feels heavy when i try to add any speed image This explains why my right knee has had a few problems!

    Anyone got any suggestions? I might start a thread on this and get some ideas.

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