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    plodmonster wrote (see)

    And if manage to follow this programme and I'm still not rock hard and a size 10 at the end of it I'm giving up running goddammit.

    I'm with you! lol

    susie po wrote (see)

     because i run alone I got one of those road id's.

    That sounds a good idea, where can I get one of those from?
  • Bola 

    Not sure exactly what you mean about one good leg and one bad can you explain it more.

    Road Id I just heard of it on another thread and found it in google. I got it from the states and cost £11.00 it has a metal disk and you can put what you want on it.

  • Hi Susie,

    I just started a thread ('Dodgy leg') in Health and Injury...

    Basically, since I started to add speed to my training, I'm noticing that my right leg is quite strong, but my left tires easily. I know it sounds strange but I can lift my right knee to pick up speed and add a few longer strides, but my left won't follow suit. Almost feels like its barely leaving the ground??

    Sounds odd doesn't it and I've never actually noticed it before - until the last few speed sessions! I know I've always led with my right and it must take the strain because its always my right knee that I have problems with. Any thoughts?

  • Have you had your gait checked? Maybe your legs are uneven, I have read  on other threads about visiting a podiatrist and getting inserts for your shoes but I am not really sure. Hopefully the new thread will help you.

  • oh dear. i feel like a fraud on this site today. instead of my scheduled run i'm eating ice cream out the tub with a glass of wine.... so much for the fantasy running schedule!

  • It's nice to have a day off and indulge.

    prefer big bag of crisps with my wine though.

    have you run to or from work then or does the new plan start tomorrow?

  • okay guys - really thick what is a road id - and what does it do......i am not saying i am gadget mad but i like it and i dont even know what it is!!!!!
  • It is just an arm band with your details on contact phone number DOB blood group any details you want really. "Google it"

  • i appear to have accidentally bought a garmin.

    the cheapo one though - not teh super super one.

    oops image

  • how can you accidently buy one......see we are all gadget mad really!  image

  • Hi all,

    Thanks for the feedback Susie - may go and get that checked.

    Plod - since I started running over 7miles each week on my long run I feel totally justified in eating whatever I wantimageThat's got to be the perk of it!

    Let us know what the (accidental) Garmin is like - I've always fancied one of those x

  • What a bunch of gadget freaks. No wonder we can't get under 10k we are weighted down carrying all the gadgets.

    Tell us all about the garmin accidental I don't think so.

    Had another terrible run tonight think its the night shifts just don't agree with me. (Sigh)

    Next week is another week. think I may go out on my bike tomorrow and try to find some different routes as getting bored running the same routes.

  • Plod - I love my garmin. I'm a gadget nerd image
  • me too and I wasn't a gadget nerd until I started running.

  • I keep toying with getting a Garmin.  However, I'm struggling to really justify it as I already have an HRM, and use mapmyrun to measure my routes.  Maybe for Christmas!

    A higher priority for me is a bladder belt so that I don't have to carry a bottle on my long runs.  I find I tense my shoulder when carrying a bottle image

    Was supposed to do a 3 mile fast run this morning, but felt too tired.  Having gone out last night I decided to have the extra hour in bed image  Might go out tonight, otherwise I WILL go tomorrow morning and just hope it doesn't affect my long run on Saturday too much.

  • was accidentally reading about them on the forum! accidentally found out the older cheaper versions are still pretty good! accidentally checked out prices on amazon! accidentally entered credit card details!

    now - here is the really sad bit. i could have waited 3-5 days for free delivery but i couldn't wait that long so paid the astronomical postage charge for next day delivery image.

    just picked up my nike 10k pack. mow i know why they want you to go into the store to pick it up - ended up spending 40 quid. my credit card really is taking a battering this week.

    i must have spent hundreds since i started running - trainers, ipod, garmin, shorts, itunes, race entries. no wonder my bank balance is looking so sorry for itself.

    running home from work for the first time tomorrow. and the garmin will get its first outing! 

  • Like I said it is supposed to be a cheap hobby but we are all obsessed.

    I gao a garmin for Christmas present felt a bit of a fraud as was only doing a run/walk schedule at the time but it really is a motivator.

    It is great for monitoring your pace so you can make the effort to speed up or slow down. You will love it.

     Good value on the older ones and just as good.

  • Sorry to butt in so late into the thread, but you guys are TALKING MY LANGUAGE!  I've done three 10ks at 1h12, 1h08 and 1h08.  I would love to duck under 60 mins but that last minute per mile that takes me from plodder to not-quite-so plodder is just beyond my reach.

    And like so many of you, I'm a not-so-young female with a bit of weight to lose.

    I've reached the point where the aim is not "just" to get round, (though it still is really about that!) but actually starting to look at my times.  I too feel like a fraud when I start thinking "real" runners'  thoughts about times and PBs.  I've done two half-marathons at plod-tastic 11.5 minute mile times but I can't get that mile time down, even over 5ks.

    So glad its not just me.  You guys are an inspiration to me.  And we WILL get there!

  • hello kaybee. seems there are plenty of us chasing that under the hour marker...

    i was encouraged this week by a treadmill session i had wednesday lunchtime. when i started out running i was going at 7.5kph and building up to 8kph seemed an enormous struggle and getting to 9kph a monumental task. on wednesday however, i found that 9kph was my 'easy' (ish) pace and managed to intersperse it with quite a few songs at 10kph and even 10.5!

    was dead chuffed image

    just goes to show we are getting faster even if it's not always that obvious.

  • Plodmonster - Go YOU!  If I put the treadmill on 9kph I would fly off the end in an embarrassing heap!
  • Well done Plod and welcome Kaybeeimage

    I was supposed to run this morning, but am moving it to tomorrow as am still a bit achy from yesterday. For those who are doing the human race next Sunday, how are you preparing in the last training sessions? Does this sound ok...

    Saturday (tomorrow) - 30minutes fartlek,

    Monday - 4-5miles (didn't want to go too long this week),

    Wednesday - 40minute (easy run),

    Friday - 20minutes (just to stretch legs!),

    Sunday - race (I KNOW it will be impossible, but I'm desperate to try for under the hourimage)

  • Hi Bola - my pre race programme is just kind of ignoring the fact i have a race:

    today - 6 miles home

    Sunday - long one. aiming for 9 miles! ha ha!

    tuesday - run home 6 miles

    weds - 30 min spin class

    thurs - 30 mins easy

    then 2 days rest.

    am also desperate for sub 60 i know it won't happen. i'm going to programme my virtual partner for 1.05 10k and try and overtake him in the last couple of k.

  • ok. the garmin is stooopid. ran all the way home, dead proud of self but the stupid machine only managed to get a gps signal about half a mile from the end of the run. on top of which in trying to fiddle about with it i turned off the stop watch without noticing so i don't even know long it took me. plod is not amused.

    anyone got a race this weekend?

  • Bad luck with your garmin mine has never lost the signal before.

    I did forget to turn it on after my walking warm up once and that was frustrating.

    No race for me on nights and can hardly run at all.

  • Welcome kaybee - no races for me this weekend - i am quite upset i quite like the challenge.....perhaps we could do our own online challenge on a set day.....just an idea????

    Yesterday had an hour aerobic followed by an hour run - loved it.  it was nearly dark once we finished (i say we - the running club i have joined!)

  • Did 3 miles this morning at 9:36 pace, which is the pace we need for a sub 60 10K.  Felt tough, but the route did have 2 hills (well one hill and a bridge image)
  • Well done Kelly you will be off to another thread soon.

  • Finally feel justified to be on this thread - I did my first 10k run today and it was at 62 minutes and 28 seconds, which by my calculaitons works out to be almost exactly a 10 minute mile pace and is way better than I'd anticipated, especially because it was hot.  Anyway, now I have my marker to work on and the confidence to enter an actual 10k race - hurrah!
  • Beanie - you are braver than me. Far too scared to join a running club! Tell me more about this online challenge...

    Josie - i'm fairly confident that if you run that time on on your own you can nail the sub 60 in a race. Have you entered one yet?

    Day off for me watching the athletics. Men's 5000m is later on - v exciting. They do it so fast! I think the most athletic thing i'll be doing this afternoon is pottering between kitchen and living room...

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