A new 10k in under 60 mins thread?



  • Hi all,

    Excellent time Josie - your next race will be interesting!

    Plod - thanks for the feedback on the training and sorry you had a bad time with your garminimage am having to have a day off myself today as i'm still aching from playing football on Thursday - I can barely walk as my leg muscles are really painful! I am now trying not to panic....race next sunday...need to do a long run...image

  • Maybe a swim to loosen up those muscles followed by a nice long strech?
  • Hi all,

              Just got back from my hols. , a week in the Lake District. Didn't do much running but plenty of hill walking.

    Racing on Monday (Grimsthorpe 10k), undulating / hilly course will be happy to get under 65 min. to beat last years time.

  • plod -  i dont know have an agreed day say a Sunday - we all go out and do a 10k - hopefully the thought of having to post your time will be enough motivation to feel like a real race???  What do you think???

    Had a sponsored walk today - 7 1/4 miles so a nice relaxing day - going for a run tomorrow before i am am going to my mums for roast pork yummy!

  •  Beanie, Plod :

    Good idea to all go out and run a time trial / online challenge on the same day, could always do different distances 3k , 5k  etc..

  • Well done Josie.  Get that race entry in.  You'll run faster in a race...all that adrenaline and other competitors.

    Good luck with your race Eeyore.  Don't forget to tell us how it went. 

  • beanie - I like the idea of an agreed day where we all do a 10k run and post our time. I always do my long run (currently 6-7 miles) on a Saturday, but could always rearrange it. Or just post my time a day later. Ran for an hour exactly today and ended up doing 5.65 miles, so I've got a long way to go for a sub 60 10k yet. Though this time 6 months ago, the idea of running a single mile was a huge goal for me, so I think it's doable.

    Good luck to anyone racing tomorrow image

  • I would be interested in doing a 5 k or 10k on the same day as you all.

    Good luck with all your races tomorrow.

    I have had a really bad week got out 4 times but struggled maintaining distance. Maybe an arranged day would motivate me to push myself on.

  • I love the idea of a load of us all out doing 10k at the same time - sounds like a great idea.

    I'm going to enter the candleford canter on 26th October, which will be my first race...

  • just got back from my first ever 9 miler. took 1 hour 45. now mainlining jelly babies. feel whacked.

  • Well done plod! I'd probably have collapsed from exhaustion if I tried that image
  • Yes, well done Plod, very similar time to me. Been a few weeks since I've done a long run though, would be well pleased with that time.
  • Well done plod.I am attempting a 10 miler tomorrow 9.24 best so far

    . just finished night shift so have really struggled this week.

    have been out 4 times and haven't even managed 4 miles hope I can do it tomorrow after rest today.

    let you all know.

  • well done plod.....

    so many of us think its a good idea - shall we set a day.....just to dampen things i am off for a two week holiday a week on Tuesday......so if you want perhaps set one in say last Sept / Early Oct so everyone who needs to can prepare for it - and it will give me some time to get rid of my post holiday lack of fitness????

    Someone say a day???? image

    How did the peeps that had a race today get on????

  • I am also on hols 6th sept to 20th so end sept early oct is good for me too.
  • last weekend in Sep I'm on a rugby bender in Dublin, so will need to get back on track once I get home - best for me would be 4th / 5th Oct.
  • 5th October would be good for me as it's 3 weeks before my half. 

  • 5th October is good for me too - shall we go for that weekend?  oh what fun.image

    susie po - 3 weeks before your half - you should beable to walk it (is that the saying - to say it should be easy? - not literally advising to walk it - tehe!)

  • I wish that were true I have hit a wall this week with my running and even 10 mins in have been struggling.

    Going out tomorrow and really nervous have been on nights this week and it does take it out of you also had a dodgy ear but not looking forward to my attempt at a long run tomorrow.

    Hope this is a temporary thing!

  • Hi all,

    Would love to join the 'timed10k' with you all, but am doing the GNR on the 5th October - please don't worry about changing the day, I'm not sure I'll be too good before/afterimageI'm having a gloomy because my running is not going well at all! Have barely managed 3 runs this week because of sore leg muscles and now am having dizzy spells!! I'm joining Susie po - though I haven't got the excuse of working a night shift, which must be very difficult indeed.

    Plod - I did 8.5 miles in the same time as you did just over 9! I really need to get movingimage

  • I know how you feel. Went to bed last night and couldn't sleep. Was still awake at 4 got up at 7.30 to attempt long run.

    Only managed 30 mins and my legs stopped. That is 5 in a row bad runs. I am now seriously losing confidence and dreading my runs.

    I know I shouldn't have gone this morning but just wanted it done. Really not enjoying myself. not sure if I should try another hour later feel like everything I do will be failure at the moment.

    I wouldn't worry so much but have 2 weeks holidays coming then only 5 weeks to my half.

    And a week of nights before the half. i am not sure if it is mental or physical part both I think.

  • hi all.

    susie po - that sounds rough, but is probably becoming psychological now as much as physical. though the nights can't be helping either.

    my legs were dead after 3 miles yesterday. so, so close to stopping (especially as my route took me right back past my front door at the 3 mile point) and after that every single half mile was this mental battle of bribing myself and forcing myself and trying not to think about making the run a long one - just half a mile at a time and bringing the pace waaaay back plus i had prob 3 short walk breaks plus a stop at an ice cream van to buy water. but it was a huge battle from the off and one of my least enjoyable runs ever - despite being the longest to date.

    try not to put that pressure on yourself when you set off, take it easy and give yourself short goals all the way through.

    does anyone know anything about 'recovery' runs. seems like an oxymoron to me but just wondered if my poor battered legs would benefit from a gentle trot in the park or if they would be happier propped up in front of E4 with a cup of tea...

  • Can I join in?

    I've got my first running race on 14th September. An "undulating" 10K on forest tracks, mostly. I think the furthest I've run so far is about 9K, so I need to make sure I do a few good runs over the next couple of weeks.

    I'd like to break the hour, and I think I'd have a chance if it was a flat road race, but I expect I'll be slightly over that on this terrain. Still, it should give me a nice slow beatable PB for future races.

  • Just to say to you all - hoping it will inspire you

    we ( me pushing Phil in his wheelchair ) have just done in the space of 8 days

    Wednesday 6 August - Tough hilly and wet 10k in 59 mins - followed by Saturday 9 August  a Hillish HM 3 days later in 2.05

    followed by Wednesday 13 August a 10k flatish with some small inclines in 49 spot on

    i'd like to crack our pb of 46.30, but now i'm turned 50 and Phil's top heavy and 20 this week, i don't see it happening

    but for ALL of you - yes go for it !! 

  • Plod, I believe a recovery run is a short run at LSR pace.  Currently my schedule is:

    Tues: Recovery run, 2 miles at 11:20 pace
    Thurs: Tempo run, 3 miles at 10:00 pace or intervals
    Sat: Long run, 7 miles at 11:20 pace

    I am useless at pacing, and more often than not I run faster than I'm supposed to image

  • Mick - you were right, that did inspire me. If you can do it that fast pushing a wheelchair, there has to be hope for me image

  • Welcome yersinia, Good luck with the undulating that term always makes me feel nervous.

    Micknphil, you make me feel ashamed of my rough week. I will try to think  of you next time I go out. and dig a bit deeper.

    Thanks plod all good advice and I would be saying the same to you but just struggling at the mo having said that it is only last Sat I had my best run 9.24 in 90 mins so I have to focus on that it's not like I have lost it in a week.

    i know its probably the 7 night shifts and have had an ear infection but don't want to go down the rd of making excuses.

    Bola we will wait for you for the run maybe it will be better some time in November when we are all wishing the good weather back and struggling to get out in the cold.

    I won't give up I am not lacking motivation.

  • Hi all,

             A little disappointed with my time for the 10k I ran today, about 1 hr 7 min, that's 2 min slower than last years time. Still waiting for my official time to be posted.

    5Th Oct. OK with me for our 10k time trial.

  • Eyeore 

    Don't be too down over it it was warm today. Be pleased you finished it. I would have given anything to have been able to run 10k today.

    There are so many differences in the courses weather etc that it is difficult to compare each race.

    well done for getting out there.

  • i just wrote a whole post but somehow lost it and really can't be bothered to re do the whole lot...

    so will instead just say hello to Mick and welcome to Yersinia image.

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