A new 10k in under 60 mins thread?



  • Hiya Mick

    Can I put my head in?  Done 2 10ks - first in 1.33, second 1.12

    There is work to do image

  • Thanks susie,it was quite a hilly course.

    My next 10k is on the 7th Sept., The Bupa Great Yorkshire Run in Sheffield, hope to be a bit closer to an hour then.

  •  Eyeore,Exactly those hills are a killer.

    Barking big improvement!

  • Susiepo - would it be worth just giving yourself some shorter runs just to build your confidence again - or maybe something drastic like a three day rest free of anything build your health back up......  I know we all go through it - just stick with it.  It is easy for me to say as at the moment im on a high - but when i am low and you are on a high please say the same to me.

    Bola zudd - it is always gonna be difficult finding a day we can all do - but if its a success we may be doing many more time trials! (and hey you got bigger and better things to be concentrating on - hope to see you on the tele).image

    Welcome Yersinia - are you up for the 5th october time trial challenge......???  a second goal after your first race of 14th Sept????

    micknphil - i am ashamed of my moans and groans and easy excuses - you are an inspiration.

    Barking - thats an amazing jump - way to go.

    I also hate hills - grrrr!

    I have only been away for a day - so many posts - good to see us all fired up though. x

  • Thanks beanie Not sure what exactly I should do at the moment but will try something like you  suggest  and get back to basics.

    I may decide to go out for a few days on my bike to vary things. Wont do anything tomorrow as already 3/4 through a bottle of wine.

  • Hi all and thanks for the welcomes!

    I may be up for 5th October, but not sure. My mum's bday is the day before and I don't know what partying duties there will be.

    At the moment, I just need to make sure the distance is in my legs. I might try to do the full 10K for the first time tomorrow in suitably undulating parkland - but with no focus on speed.

    If that is ok, I would like to work a wee bit on speed in the next week or two. I have no real concept of how hard i can go out in a race. 

  • Eeyore - that's the time I'm aiming for in my race next Sunday (last 10k was 1:12:22 - July 20th). Hills are EVIL though.

    Susie - a few days off could help. I've had phases when running has just felt hard work and I've felt crap after each one. A 3 day rest break has usually sorted it out. The nights are probably messing with your training. A few days off to rest and recover could be a good thing maybe.

    Yersinia - Forgot to say welcome before. I've found doing one session of fartlek a week has helped my speed and endurance. It's really tiring, but it's my favourite running session of the week. The experts always say to get the distance first and then worry about the speed.

    I didn't run today, but I'm out tomorrow. Not going to to train overly hard this week as I've got a race on sunday. Two blokes from work are running it too, and we've got a bet on over who's going to win. I've trained the hardest, but I'm aware that they're tall blokes with longer legs than me. I'm quietly confident though.

  • You show them Lisa-Marie get plenty of rest and enjoy the race.

    Thanks for your words I know your right about the rest I was pushing too hard because of holidays coming 6th to 20th sept.

    I have emailed a local running club tonight about attending a beginners session and got a very welcome email to attend a couple of sessions try before joining so I am going to do that. Seemed very friendly.

    I never would have dreamt of joing a running club before.

    it will vary things for me.

  • i'm still sceptocal about joining a running club. partly because i can't find any that are terribly convenient for me and partly because a big chunk of the appeal of running to me is the tuning out of the world with my music and head space. wouldn't want to have to make small talk with strangers.

    saying that - i may change my mind when the evenings are dark and running around the park on my own in the evening is no longer an option. 

  • just trying to keep an open mind and vary things at the moment.

    It would only be 1/2 times a week and with my shift work I would miss a lot if on late shifts.

    Will let you know how I do. At least looking forward to it tonight and have been dreading running so thats a good thing.

  • Hi all,

    Welcome all newcomers, will try to stop my moaning now as some of you are putting me to shame. Anyway, woke up today and for the first time had no aches, pains or dizzy spellsimageThings are looking up! I'm looking forward to the race on Sunday now, but am still going to take it easy for the rest of this week, even if it does affect my time. Thanks to everyone on here for just chatting about your own problems and positive steps - its really keeping me motivated!

    Everyone seems to be doing really well and getting better times - even if they are only a few seconds quicker, its in the right direction!

    Special mention to Susie Po - xx chin up xx

  • Thanks Bola

    Feeling good today just been to the running club and ran 4 miles with a group and really enjoyed it. First enjoyable run for a while.

    There was a point if I had been on my own I would have stopped but it was really different. Friendly club confidence coming back.

    Have the option of going 1/2 times a week think it will be good for me.

  • Hi all!

    Running clubs - i would totally reommend it.  I joined a running club a couple of months ago -  was very nervous - but everyone is so nice.....a lot wait for me or run with me even though they could all run so much quicker than me.  I am still the last - there are 60 / 70 year olds lapping me it is so funny - but they all so kind.  They motivate me and i dont feel a fool.

    Saying that i didnt go tonight but that is because that horrible thing called work - ban it i say!

    when i go to races all the clubs know each other and it is so friendly......most places let you try before you buy so you go and see before joining - i managed to try for three weeks (6 sessions) i kept trying to give them money but they werent interested!

  • Same here they wouldn't hear of me paying and insisted I go for at least 3 weeks. I think it could be the making of me especially in the winter with the dark evenings.

  • Susie

    i've only just noticed Po LMAO- i like it

  • Hi all,

    Susie Po, I feel your pain, I'm exactly the same at the moment, three miles is killing me and yet a month ago I could do six without (too) much of a struggle.  Its terribly demotivating but I keep telling myself it will just magically come back.  Be kind to yourself.

    Yersinia - welcome - is your 10k on 14 Sept at Althorp?  I'm doing that one - there are a couple of nasty hills but its not too bad honest, I'm sure you'll do great.

    Meanwhile, tonight's tale of woe.  Nervous readers look away now - caution, contains chafing.

    Went to the gym tonight planning to do weights and not cardio but accidentally went on the treadmill instead (you know, like Plodmonster accidentally bought a Garmin image ) .  I'd worn my rubbish old shorts, cos I wasn't going to run, right?  After about 20 minutes I remembered why I stopped wearing those shorts.  They have a hole.  Indelicately placed.  Chafing.  Molto chafing.

    Walked home doing passable impression of John Wayne.  Inspection of damage to thigh would have made a forensic examiner blanch.

    Oooh.  Ow.

  • kaybee you feel my pain I feel your pain.That chafing doesn't sound pleasant.

    Think it will come back it can't just go away. I really feel so much more positive after experience with running club they really put themselves out to help all abilities. All week I had been stopping at mile 3 and today because of the company I made it to 4 so feeling good.

    Good luck with the 14th be with you in spirit as on holiday. God knows what I will be like after 2 weeks of a lazy holiday boozing etc then again maybe the rest will do me good.

    We shall see.

    Glad you like my po micknphil! I used to ride a motorcylce and had a Tinky winky ruck sack think I may have caused some accidents!!!!

  • i feel both your pain......

    i am with you on the holiday - not literally unless you are going to tunisia......i am looking forward to two weeks away from work.....but not looking forward to getting back to training......i just think that two weeks will knock me right back and will feel like i am starting from the beginning......

  • Ah, well the first one was on a illy course in strong winds

    The second one was a month later on a flat sheltered course in near perfect conditions

    I am off on another one end of September and am doubtful if I will get much more of that!

    Beanie - 2 weeks will knock you less than you think - I have had several gaps of about that in the last couple of months with exams and stuff - the fitness you have accumulated doesnt go that fast - it might feel hard the first run or two back, but it will come

  • BTW

    Hope you are all well

  • All good today,

    I was also worried about the 2 week holiday but it may recharge the batteries as sometimes we overdo it trying to improve.

    California here I come!

    Great improvement on the 10 k Barking. Just think by autumn with the weather cooler it will be even faster. 

  • thanks micknphil im well - how about you?

    barking - thanks for the reassurance - i was thinking of taking the running gear with me - you never know it maybe suitable for a little jog every day....if not i will be getting my swimming gear on!

  • Ohh me - little old git of 50 me  

     oh, i'm ok you know

     just a litle subdued and depressed - hoping tomorrow night to either run solo with club OR take phil for about 10 - 15 miles - we'll see  image

  • Dont be depressed.....

    10-15 miles with Phil - i feel pathetic with my piddly 6miles......

    Hope you dont mind me asking Mick - is Phil your son?

  • I just had a nose on your website.....i feel like i know you....you are an inspiration Mr Mick....how old is Phil?
  • Hi Beanie

    first of all - you feel free to ask anything you like - now i 've got that out of the way

    YES, Philip is my youngest -

    I love and cherish him so dearly

  • Philip will be 20 on Thursday

     something we never thought we'd see - one cos he's been so ill - and two, his care and illness nearly cost us our lives

  • Actually i think the only time we've really taken over 60 mins on a 10k distance wise, is when we've been in a longer race , and and had to just ease off the early mile pace

    when we've clocked our marathon pb's of 4.06 and 3 months later 4.03 - we went through 10k in around 52 mins

  • I work for a charity for and governed by disabled people.  Direct payments - not sure you have heard of it - in a nutshell disabled people are assessed by social services and get get a direct payment for care in their home and employ thier own carers......and we are a charity that supports disabled people to employ their own PAs by offering advice and a payroll service.....too much information.....not sure why i am telling you this.....apart from i love my job.......image
  • Beanie

    yeh, i know - but also yes, i very much appreicite your kindness

    you feel free to tell me what you like

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